How Long Does It Take To Get a Duplicate Title In PA? (FACTS!)

How Long Does It Take To Get a Duplicate Title In PA

Have you ever wondered how long does it take to get a duplicate title in PA? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

Pennsylvania DMV trips are always a blast, especially when you need important documentation that can’t wait. Unfortunately, it’s also been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic with restricted DMV access, appointment-only policies, and special considerations for the elderly. 

So, how long does it take to get a duplicate title in PA? You can get a “same-day” duplicate title by showing up to a Pennsylvania DMV with the appropriate documentation and money for the fees. You can also file online and will generally receive a duplicate title in the mail in 4 to 6 weeks. 

Thankfully, the Pennsylvania DMV doesn’t have a convoluted process for acquiring a duplicate title.

There’s one form to fill out unless there are extenuating circumstances, and the submission process is straightforward, whether by mail, online or in person.

What Documentation Is Needed To Get A Duplicate Title In PA?

To start the process, you’ll need to fill out and submit the Duplicate Certificate of Title by Owner (MV-380) form. When you arrive at the Pennsylvania DMV, you’ll need to bring:

  • Driver’s License or State issued Identification Card
  • The original title
  • $53.00 to pay the Duplicate Title fee
  • Passport (optional and/or if applicable)

When you bring your documentation in, the addresses have to match. For instance, the address on your Driver’s License has to match the address on your vehicle’s title or passport.

If you are providing a passport or State issued ID card, it also needs to match the vehicle’s title. 

The $53.00 covers just the title and no other fees are necessary to apply. 

If you are submitting the MV-380 form by mail, you’ll have to provide proof of your identification and a check or money order made out to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the amount of $53.00. Send the documentation to: 

PA Department of Transportation

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

P.O. Box 68593

Harrisburg, PA 17106

According to PennDot and Senator Fontana, the fee for submitting the application MV-380 and processing for a duplicate title is $22.40, while the official form states that the fee is $58.00 and Pennsylvania DMV Connect says $53.00

With that level of conflicting fees, it’s best to contact your local DMV and find out exactly what the processing fee is before you mail it in or show up at the DMV.

It is also a requirement that you get form MV-380 notarized.

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What If The Original Title Is Defaced?

The Pennsylvania DMV has a pretty straightforward procedure for ordering a new, duplicate title when the original is defaced. What the DMV considers as defaced is spelled out clearly:

  • Any sign of something being erased
  • Whiteout
  • Correction tape
  • Any degradation of the odometer, VIN (vehicle identification number), or personal info
  • Alteration of information on the back of the title
  • Information in the wrong spaces

If any of these applies to your title, it needs to be replaced with a duplicate. There are no additional steps necessary for replacing a defaced title.

All you have to do is fill out and submit the MV-380 form via an in-person visit to the DMV or through the mail.

Of course, as in the situations listed above, you’ll have to get the MV-380 form notarized by a certified notary and pay the requisite fees when you submit the form.

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Lienholder Application For A Duplicate Title

The normal process still applies except that the lienholder will fill out a different form than the MV-380. For lienholder applications, the appropriate form is the MV-38L.

This form constitutes more than just an application for a duplicate title.

When the lienholder fills out the MV-38L form, there are numerous reasons to do so:

  • Record a lien
  • Renew a lien
  • Satisfy a lien
  • Change or correction of lienholder’s name
  • Change of lienholder’s address with a replacement title
  • Change of lienholder’s address without a replacement title
  • Duplicate title by the lienholder

All of these options apply to the same form and are only filled out by the lienholder. Requesting a duplicate title in this way costs the same fees as the MV-380 form and is done by mail with the check payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Dealer Application For A Duplicate Title

Pennsylvania loves to make different forms for every single category of person or business who may find it necessary to apply for a duplicate title. Dealerships are no different and the form they have to fill out is the MV-38D.

A Pennsylvania dealer can only fill out the MV-38D form if the vehicle was previously titled in-state. Vehicles that are currently titled out-of-state require the current dealer/owner to file for a duplicate title in that state only. 

A dealer also has to deal with a variety of fees when filing for a duplicate title, which is referenced on form MV-70S.

The fees for the application can range anywhere from $84.00 to $1,668.00 and most of that revolves around the seating capacity of the vehicle.

There is also a section for fees on motor homes and another section with fees related to just about anything that a human being can get in and ride on more than one wheel.

Is A Duplicate Title Required For A Name Or Address Change?

Rather than a duplicate title (the name implying an exact copy of the original) this would be more along the lines of a replacement title. There are two reasons to get another title without going the duplicate title route:

  • Name change (Divorce/Death/Legal name change
  • Corrections

Any kind of change that occurs in your life that directly impacts the validity of the information on your current title should be changed with the Pennsylvania DMV by getting a new title that reflects only accurate information.

If you are recently divorced, you can run into a lot of confusion and possible legal problems if your name doesn’t match your vehicle’s title and registration information, especially if you’re not carrying around any kind of proof of the change.

To make a change to your personal information, you’ll have to fill out an MV-41A form. With this form you have two options:

  • Change of registration information without a new certificate of title (Side A)
  • Change of registration information with a new certificate of title (Side B)

Side A presents you with multiple options/reasons for your name change:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Pending Divorce
  • Other (Explain)

There are no fees associated with Side A as you’ll be changing your name or correcting information for your registration only while eschewing the new title.

Filling out Side A is usually done when the vehicle isn’t owned and the lienholder still has possession of the title.

Side B will change both the information for your registration and request a duplicate title, voiding the original.

Here you will have five options:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Pending divorce
  • Court Order
  • Other (Explain)

Once you’ve filled out this form, the name change will apply to the registration and you will receive a new and updated certificate of title.

If a lien is recorded on the title, you’ll also have to get it notarized in addition to paying the applicable fees.

How To Get A PA Duplicate Title If The Vehicle Was Titled In Another State

Unless the lien is removed and the vehicle is paid off, most lienholders will not surrender a lien to another state to get a certificate of title in Pennsylvania. The best option is to apply after the vehicle is paid off.

Once it’s paid off, or if there was no lienholder, to begin with, form MV-1 (Application for Certificate of Title) has to be filled out and submitted along with surrendering the current, out-of-state title to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Once all of the lienholder information, refinancing information with a new lienholder, and/or release information from the current lienholder is satisfied, you’ll pay the fees associated with the new title and registration along with sales tax.

Your vehicle information, such as the VIN#, Gross vehicle weight, and gross axle weight will be recorded and matched with the year, make, and model.

You’ll also have to provide the appropriate identification (with the understanding that your ID address and name must match the information you filled out on MV-1), pay the fees for a new plate, and provide proof of insurance. 

Once all of that is said and done, you’ll receive a tag, registration paperwork, and certificate of title. 

Final Thoughts

It’s a lot of information to absorb but, at the same time, it’s not an overly complicated process. Thankfully, the Pennsylvania DMV provides a lot of important info across their website along with forms well-defined for their purpose. 

The above links will take you exactly where you need to go. If all you need is a duplicate title, you simply show up at a local, Pennsylvania DMV with the appropriate documentation and identification, fill out the paperwork and walk out with a duplicate title in hand.

The only complications reside with out-of-state certificates of titles that need to be converted.

There’s a lot of fees associated with the process, but that’s not any different from any other State DMV when you first move there.


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