Farm Bureau Roof Replacement Policy (Coverage, Filing Claims)

Farm Bureau Roof Replacement Policy

Do you know what Farm Bureau Roof replacement policy is? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

If you are in the agriculture industry and looking for a well-established and reputable insurance company that will offer a decent roof replacement policy on your home or barns, Farm Bureau is the one for you.

Farm Burau offers roof replacement coverage with their homeowner’s insurance policies and their “other property” replacement policy. This insurance provides owners with actual cash value for roofs rather than complete replacement coverage. 

So, what does Farm Bureau insurance actually do in the event of roof damage? Let’s take a look. 

Who Is Farm Bureau?

Farm Bureau is an agricultural insurance agency that opened its doors in Broom County, NY, back in 1911. A graduate of Cornell Cooperative worked as an agent for farmers as part of the Chamber of Commerce of Binghamton, New York. 

The project was financed by the US Department of Agriculture and the Lackawanna Railroad.

In 1915, congress agreed to assist the states in funding all programs providing services to farmers. In 1915, the first state-wide insurance company was created and had since spread throughout the entire US. 

Farm Bureau Roof Replacement Policy

In the past, Farm Bureau would cover the cost of a full roof replacement if the damage was due to weather-related issues, typically hail and heavy winds. 

As these damages continued to increase and more money was dispersed to contractors, the company changed its policy in 2011, offering owners actual cash value (ACV) for their damaged roofs rather than covering the repairs. 

What is Actual Cash Value?

Actual cash value is when the insurance company only pays you for what your roof was worth at the time of the incident rather than paying out the entire cost of a new roof or repairs.

The insurance company itself has its own ways of calculating how much your roof was worth, factoring in the age of the roof and the condition it was in before the incident took place.

Why Did Farm Bureau Change Their Policy? 

Many insurance companies have had to make changes to their roof coverage in insurance plans due to the increase in hail storms and wind damage throughout the country.

The change wasn’t a welcomed one by many customers; however, the company still has it in place to this day.

A brand new roof can cost between 5,000-25,000 dollars after all is said and done, which is a lot of money, especially if the roof wasn’t in the best conditions before the storm.

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How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

As soon as a severe storm has passed, it is imperative you get on your roof to inspect for damage. The sooner you report any issues, the better.

Unfortunately, we know all too well that it isn’t that simple, and sometimes the damage can’t be seen right away.

Maybe you won’t notice until shingles begin to slip off or the ceiling in your kitchen begins to leak. Nevertheless, as long as you report the issue within one year, you are covered.

How Do You File a Claim?

Filing a claim through a Farm Bureau agent is similar to pretty much any other insurance company you come across.

You can contact them 24/7 to file a claim by phone or online. You can also file a claim through the company in person at one of their local buildings during business hours.

How to File a Claim Over the Phone?

To file a claim over the phone, you should call their customer service claims department at 1-822-876-2222.

You will be asked for your personal information such as name, address, and phone number, your insurance policy number, and detailed information regarding the damage, including when the incident took place and the type of damage your roof endured.

How to File a Claim Online?

In order to file a claim online, you will be required to set up an online account through the company’s website. Once you have registered for an account, a list of insurance policies will pop up on the screen.

Click on the policy you want to file a claim on and follow the prompts.

Should You Take Pictures of the Damage?

Absolutely. As long as it is safe to access the roof, try to take as many pictures as possible for proof of damage.

Getting pictures as soon as possible is extremely helpful when filing a claim and when you get a quote for a replacement. 

Can Replacing Your Roof Impact Your Insurance Premiums?

According to Farm Bureau, the condition of your current roof can have a significant impact on how much you pay for your homeowner’s insurance.

A new roof is much more capable of withstanding strong weather conditions keeping your home and property better protected. 

Before you opt into a new roof for your home, barns, etc., contact your Farm Bureau agent to understand what to look for that can help save you the most money on your premium. 

Things to Consider When Filing a Claim with Farm Bureau for a Roof Replacement

While Farm Bureau is an insurance company available to customers to assist in damages that are outside of your control, they are not looking for reasons to spend money. In fact, most agents will try to find any reason possible to take money away from your ACV rather than offering you a decent lump sum. 

No matter how nice your agent is, they work for a business, and businesses are in the industry to make money, not hand it out.

Never hand over your claim and forget about it, letting the agent take care of everything. Make sure you keep detailed records of everything from the types of damage to repair costs and even any activity that has happened since the date of the incident.

It is also crucial to never try to repair your roof in any way on your own. Once the damage is done, leave it as is until a professional can take a look.

If you or someone you know tries to fix it, even temporarily, the insurance company can put some of the blame on you for damage that occurred after the fact.

Sadly, it is better to leave the house for a short period of time instead of going up there and doing any patchwork if you are looking to get the best value possible.

Does Farm Bureaus Have Fair Rates?

Yes, Farm Bureau offers some very affordable rates when it comes to homeowners insurance and roof coverage.

These rates are even better when you choose to bundle them with other policies such as car insurance or life insurance. The more policies you add to your account, the more discounts you are going to receive. 

What’s Even Better? (Combined Deductible)

If you have multiple insurance policies with Farm Bureau and a single incident damages different property, you are only required to pay one deductible.

For example, a bad storm rips through your area and damages your home and car. Instead of paying two deductibles, one will cover everything. 

Summing Things Up

Farm Bureau is a reliable and reputable insurance agency that is dedicated to providing the best coverage possible to its customers.

While they may be a great company, they are still a business, so when filing a claim for roof replacements, always be sure to take as many pictures and get as much proof and documentation as possible to obtain the most cash value.



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