Does Wegmans Grind Coffee? (The Truth!)

Does Wegmans Grind Coffee

Wegmans has a fair selection of coffee from which to choose. They have options for whole bean or ground. If you like the whole bean coffee and you don’t have a grinder at home, you’ll have to get the beans ground in order to make a decent brew.

But, does Wegmans grind coffee? In truth, the answer is a straight “maybe.” If you’re looking to grind a bag of whole beans, some locations do have coffee grinders you can use in their bulk coffee section. However, they do not grind their private label coffees.

Also, some locations with a Café Bar will grind beans for you or allow you to rent a NutriSonic grinder for a nominal fee. But, truthfully speaking, buying a $20 grinder might be better instead of hunting around for a place that will grind coffee for free.

Who Grinds Wegmans Private Label Coffee?

Whoever makes the particular private label coffee and offers a ground version is the one who grinds the beans. Wegmans is not part of that process. Therefore, it’s entirely likely the Mother Parkers, a likely supplier, grinds it for the east coast grocery chain.

How Do You Rent a Grinder from Wegmans?

It’s unclear how you go about renting a grinder from Wegmans. People do state that you can rent a NutriSonic grinder for a small fee. But this information is not available on their website. However, if there is a Café Bar at your local Wegmans, you can ask the baristas there about renting a grinder.

Alternatively, you could ask them to grind beans for you if renting a grinder isn’t available. While it’s not a guarantee they’ll say yes, you can always just inquire to see if they will.

In some cases, you may not want to buy a grinder due to the lack of space in your living quarters. But, you should consider biting the bullet and buying one for around $20. There are many on the market and most Wegmans will have a Cuisinart one for sale.

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Can You Use Wegmans’ Grinders in the Bulk Coffee Section?

If your local Wegmans has a bulk coffee section, there should be a grinder there for you to use. However, since the lockdown measure for SARS-COV-2, Wegmans has closed down many of their self-service options and some of their in-store restaurants. Therefore, you should call ahead to see if they have a grinder available for public use.

Where Else Can You Get Beans Ground for Free?

If you can’t buy a grinder, use one at Wegmans or have the Café Bar grind beans for you, there are plenty of other places with a public grinder you can use for free. These include:

  • Wal-Mart
  • Costco
  • Whole Foods
  • Kroger (at select locations)
  • Harvest Market
  • Starbucks (but you must buy their beans)
  • Local Coffee Shops (usually request you buy their beans)
  • Trader Joe’s

How Can You Grind Beans without a Coffee Grinder?

As a last ditch effort to grind beans without an actual grinder, there are some innovative and resourceful ways in which you can do this. They are by no means perfect, but they’ll do in a pinch. Also, you should do this when you bring the beans home rather than every time you want to brew some coffee; it will make things much easier.

  • Mortar ; Pestle: This is the old school way for grinding herbs and spices. It’s a stone or ceramic vessel with a matching but separate handle. You’ve probably seen this synonymous with 17th and 18th century pharmacists, alchemists and herbalists.
  • Blender: If you have a blender with strong blades, you can grind your coffee beans with it. Start it on the lowest setting and slowly build up to the fastest mode. However, if you doubt the durability of the blades, avoid using your blender.
  • Rolling Pin: If you have a bag or flexible type of container, you can use a rolling pin on your beans. But, you want to make sure you have an area where you can contain any flying shrapnel and debris easily. Simply roll the pin over the beans along with smashing the pin into the beans until you get the size you like.
  • Hammer: You could use a hammer. Like the rolling pin, ensure you contain the area to control flying coffee pieces. Gently tap the beans until they are the consistency you like.
  • Food Processor: A food processor might work. It depends on the blades though. If the processor is manual or has circular blades in the center of a bowl/vessel, avoid using it. But, if it chops and minces food automatically, it might work beautifully.
  • Meat Tenderizer: As with a hammer and rolling pin, you can use a meat tenderizer to grind coffee beans. Find a way to contain the coffee so it doesn’t shoot projectiles everywhere as you hit the beans.
  • Manual Mincer: Some handheld mincers work well to grind coffee. However, you will have to inspect the blades beforehand. If they are flexible or bend in any way, avoid using it or the beans destroy the blades.


Your local Wegmans might have a grinder you can use by their bulk coffee section. However, if there’s a Café Bar, they will grind beans or you can rent a NutriSonic. Otherwise, you can go to another grocery store or coffee shop and ask them for help.

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