Does Walmart Sell Refrigerators? (Quality, Review + More)

Does walmart Sell Refrigerators

Walmart is the one-stop shop for many customers looking to grab their groceries, home essentials, toys, sporting equipment, and just about anything else in one store. But do you know whether they sell refrigerators or not?

Walmart does sell refrigerators, and you can find all of their make, models, and prices on their website. These refrigerators ship for free and come with a 90-day return or exchange policy.

If you are looking for a fridge to spruce up your man cave, need something to keep your favorite wine chilled, or want an updated full-size fridge for your kitchen, Walmart is a good place to go.

Does Walmart Sell Refrigerators? 

Walmart is known for selling just about anything under the sun, so why wouldn’t they sell refrigerators, right?

Walmart does sell refrigerators. They provide a pretty big list of makes and models too. Walmart offers customers an array of styles, colors, and high-tech options, giving you the ability to add whatever fridge works best with your current decor.

You can also pick up a mini-fridge for travel or a commercial-sized fridge for larger capacity.

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What Brands of Refrigerators Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart sells a wide array of refrigerators, with the option available online, offering more than 100 different brands.

While there are way too many to list, here are some of the more popular options being provided to customers online today.

All of the options below are brands that sell full-size refrigerators and other appliances

  • Frigidaire
  • GE Appliances
  • LG
  • Whirlpool
  • Bosch
  • Cafe Appliances
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Honeywell
  • Kitchen Basics 101
  • Magic Chef
  • Maytag
  • RCA

While these may be the most popular brands, they are by far the only options you can choose from when shopping for a refrigerator at

BEST Budget
Our Pick
BEST Overall
  • 1000 Combination Cabinet Saftey Lock
  • No Damage Freezer Lock
  • Easy for Adults Not for Protected
  • Life Time Warranty
  • Convertible Drawer with Soft Freeze
  • LED Light Wall
  • Double Crispers for better Humidity Controller.
  • Freezing and super cooling function, energy saving with inverter compressor

BEST Budget
  • 1000 Combination Cabinet Saftey Lock
  • No Damage Freezer Lock
  • Easy for Adults Not for Protected
  • Life Time Warranty
Our Pick
  • Convertible Drawer with Soft Freeze
  • LED Light Wall
BEST Overall
  • Double Crispers for better Humidity Controller.
  • Freezing and super cooling function, energy saving with inverter compressor

Can You Buy a Refrigerator From Walmart In-Stores?

If you hate ordering large appliances online, and many people do, you would probably prefer to grab your refrigerator from a Walmart store.

Unfortunately, unless you are looking for something small such as a mini-fridge or a travel option, you won’t find many brick-and-mortar locations around that carry these appliances. 

What Types of Refrigerators Does Walmart Sell?

Like almost everything else Walmart has to offer, they sell various types and styles of refrigerators. You can purchase something small and basic or go for gold with a high-tech smart fridge. 

You can choose from,

  • Mini-fridges- A compact fridge you can set up in small spaces; they are typically between.7 to 4.5 cubic feet.
  • Full-size fridges- A full-size fridge will stand roughly 62 to 72 inches tall and is what you see in most residential kitchens.
  • Commercial fridges- These refrigerators are larger than standard full-size fridges and are used in a commercial setting such as restaurants, hospital cafeterias, and schools
  • Wine fridges- These are very small compact refrigerators used to hold bottles of wine and can vary in size and capacity.
  • Beverage fridges– Many people will put these smaller beverage refrigerators in their garages or rec rooms; they are small and can be pretty useful. (Walmart even sells Coca-Cola-style beverage refrigerators.)
  • Retro-fridges- Retro appliances are very popular; you can purchase one in full-size or in a mini-fridge version. 
  • Kegerators- Yes, you can even get a kegerator from Walmart. These small refrigerators are used to hold entire kegs of beer for easy dispensing. 

What About Styles?

So, you know what type of refrigerator you are looking for, but now you need to choose between all the style options out there.

While there are many different looks, there are only a few actual categories to choose from.

  • Top-freezer
  • Bottom-freezer
  • Freezerless
  • French doors
  • Side-by-side

Refrigerators with top freezers are the most common option, especially when you are looking for a basic style at an affordable price.

However, side-by-sides are becoming one of the most popular styles to buy.

What Else Should You Consider When Buying a Refridgerator From Walmart?

When looking for the right fridge for your home, you should consider the color, price, and functionality.

Sometimes the most basic options are all you really need, while other homes can benefit from more space or smart settings.

Color options:

  • White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Stainless steel
  • Pink
  • Red


  • Energy saving
  • Smart tech
  • Ice dispenser
  • Double freezer

Price (Average):

  • Full-size: $400-$3000
  • Mini: $30-$350
  • Beverage fridge: $170- $1800
  • Wine Fridge: $100- $2200

As you can tell from above, there is literally a fridge for everyone at Walmart. You can shop from a wide array of styles, designs, and sizes, all while staying within your budget. 

How Can You Buy a Refrigerator From Walmart?

If you have made a final decision regarding the refrigerator, you want to buy from Walmart, ordering it is pretty easy.

All you have to do is log into your account (or create an account, then log in), select the item you want to purchase, then follow the prompts to enter your method of payment and personal information, including where the appliance should be shipped to.

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know when to expect the item to ship, along with a tracking number.

It is very important someone is around to accept the package when it arrives at your home. 

Can You Return a Refrigerator to Walmart?

If you purchased a refrigerator from Walmart, you have 90-days to decide whether or not it is right for your home.

If you decide you don’t like it, you can send it back. Not all returns will offer a refund on the original shipping price. However, your return shipping is free and covered through Walmart

To return a refrigerator to Walmart, you can log onto the Walmart website, click the refrigerator in your order history and go through the return process, or you can contact the customer service number.

Are Walmart Refrigerators Good?

Because Walmart sells such an extensive line of refrigerators, complete with tons of different brands, it is hard to say specifically if Walmart refrigerators are all “good.”

What we can tell you is that the website provides customers with ratings and reviews on all of the products they sell.

You can also go online and search the make and model of the refrigerator you plan on purchasing to see what others have to say about it before handing over the cash.

Should You Buy a Refrigerator From Walmart?

Honestly, we can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t grab your next refrigerator, or any appliance for that matter, from Walmart.

They provide tons of options at various prices and, unlike many other retailers, are willing to take it back if you decide you don’t like it. (Even if you already filled it with food and used it for weeks.)

Shipping is free, and returns are free, making Walmart a good way to go when looking for a quality fridge.

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Summing Things Up

If you are on the hunt for a new refrigerator for your home, business, or pretty much anywhere else, Walmart has you covered.

You can easily choose from every product they have to offer from the comfort of your own home, and they will deliver it to your door in as little as 24-48 hours, what’s not to love?



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