Does Walmart Pay for Old Batteries? (All You Need To Know)

Does Walmart Pay for Old Batteries

Walmart is well-known for taking in even the most outrageous returns, no matter what the item might be.  Most Walmart locations are even willing to accept your old car batteries, but the big question is, “does Walmart pay for old batteries?”

Walmart centers that have auto centers will take your old car batteries when you purchase a new one from them as a core charge, giving you credit towards the new product. Most Walmart centers will also take any old batteries and recycle them for you free of charge.

Collecting an excessive amount of car batteries in your garage, barn, or basement happens a lot more often than you think, especially if the members of your household change batteries in your vehicles on their own. Here is how to easily rid yourself of the clutter with the help of your local Walmart stores

Does Walmart Pay for Old Car Batteries?

While Walmart isn’t in the business of buying any old random car batteries that come through their doors, they are a regular recycling center that is willing to take your drop-offs so they can recycle them for you.

Now, on the other hand, if you are going to Walmart to purchase a new battery because the old one died or stopped working, Walmart will give you a core charge fee for the old battery to put towards the new one; this is typically around $12.

The core charge isn’t very much, and it won’t cover the cost of the new battery by any means, but it is helpful by knocking down the price.

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Does Walmart Install Batteries?

Yes, if you go to a Walmart with an auto center onsite, you can take your vehicle in for service, where they will remove the old battery for you and install the new one for free, as long as you purchased your new battery from their store.

It is important to keep in mind that not all Walmarts have auto centers on-site; this is only an option for those who go to Walmart SuperCenters.

If your Walmart doesn’t haven’t an auto center, you can change the battery out yourself and then return the old one to get your core charge back.

What is a Core Charge on Car Batteries?

A core charge is similar to a pop bottle return. You pay the core fee upfront when you purchase a battery; you receive that money back once you bring your old battery back in, thus ensuring the battery is properly recycled. 

Does Walmart Recycle Car Batteries?

Many Walmart stores are involved in a recycling program in which they will accept your old car batteries in order to ensure they are taken care of properly. 

However, you will not make any money off of this program, this is simply put in place to recycle old batteries, and Walmart will not pay you at all.

Walmart isn’t the only retailer that is part of the battery recycling program; you can also return your old batteries to:

  • Home depot
  • Auto Zone
  • Advanced Auto Parts
  • Napa
  • Costco

Where Can I Sell My Old Car Battery?

If you are trying to make any money off of your old car battery, Walmart isn’t the place to go. While you will get your core charge back, that is it, and that will go towards the new battery. 

Although you won’t make any money from Walmart, you aren’t exactly out of luck. There are actually quite a few different ways you can make money off of your old car batteries.

If Your Batteries Doesn’t Work

If your batteries no longer hold a charge, you can still make a few bucks off of them in a few different ways.

You can take them to a metal recycling center, where you will get a good price for them, or you can take them to a junkyard, where you will get a scrap price.

If Your Battery Does Work

You can get a little more money per battery if they are in working condition. You can sell these batteries a few different ways in order to try and get the best dollar amount. 

Some different options you have includes:

  • Selling to auto mechanic shops
  • Selling online through eBay or Facebook Marketplace
  • Taking them to a Pawn Shop
  • Selling them at a yard sale

While it is possible to sell your old, non-working batteries in a few of these ways, chances are it will be a lot more work, and you won’t see very much money for them.

Does Walmart Replace Batteries for Free?

Walmart sells a few different batteries in-store, and each of them does come with a warranty, making them eligible to exchange, return, or replace for free. 

The three main options include:

  • Value Power- You will receive a free replacement within one year of purchase
  • EverStart Plus- you will receive a free replacement within two years of purchase
  • EverStart Maxx- you will receive a free replacement within three years of purchase and can be prorated up to 5 years; there will be no replacement after 5 years. 

If the battery you purchased falls under any of these categories, they are eligible for a free and easy replacement.

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Summing Things Up

While Walmart stores do not pay you for your old car batteries, you will be able to use the core charge to reduce the price of a new battery, and the installation will be free at any Super Center location.



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