Does Trader Joe’s Hire Felons (Best Tips!)

Does Trader Joe's Hire Felons

Do you know if Trader Joe´s hires felons? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

The Trader Joe’s supermarket chain has been known for a long time for its unconventional way of bringing products to customers.

With special Trader Joe’s brands and employees who have their own way of doing things, Trader Joe’s poses an exciting opportunity for job seekers on the market. 

But some want to know just how intense the hiring and application process is to work at Trader Joe’s. Is there a background check required of Trader Joe’s applicants? And further, what does this background check entail (what kinds of felonies prohibit an applicant from getting hired at Trader Joe’s)?

So, does Trader joe’s hire felons? Yes, trader Joe´s hires felons. However, Trader Joe’s does require applicants to undergo a background check. While you can get hired to work at Trader Joe’s with a past felony, there may be certain felonies on your record that could prevent you from getting a job with them.

In this article, we’ll look at the specifics of the Trader Joe’s background check and regard to applicants with felonies, according to information from past applicants.

Read on to learn more. 

Trader Joe’s Hiring Process

The Trader Joe’s Hiring Process does not exclude individuals who have criminal records or past felonies.

According to Trader Joe’s executives, the company is an official equal opportunity employer. This means that they do not discriminate among potential employees, regardless of whether you have a criminal record or not. 

Everyone who applies to work at Trader Joe’s, however, may be subject to different background check requirements.

Past applicants have vouched for the Trader Joe’s application process online, saying different things about the background check component of the process. 

Some say that a standard background check is required of applicants, while others say that they never had to undergo a background check when applying.

What this reveal is that background check requirements may be subject to change depending on your locality or the state where you live. 

One thing remains consistent among applicant stories, though – you can get hired at Trader Joe’s even if you have a felony. 

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Things to Know About State Background Checks

If you do end up getting put through a standard background check when applying to Trader Joe’s, you should prepare for all possible scenarios.

Since different states have different laws about employer background checks, your record will be examined differently in different states. 

State-Based Background Check Rules

In some states, employers who run background checks don’t actually look at non-guilty charges on your record. These states include New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii, California, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, and Alaska.

In other states, like Nevada, New Hampshire, Texas, and others, employers won’t look further than seven years back on your record when conducting a background check. 

In other states, however, the background check laws are a bit more extensive. For example, in most states, employers will examine both your guilty and non-guilty charges when doing a background check. 

Each of these conditions is good to consider if you have a felony and wish to be considered for a job at Trader Joe’s.

While it seems likely that they will hire even those with guilty convictions on their records, you never know what could happen in the application process. 

Felonies That May Be Treated Differently

While the chances are still high of getting hired with a felony at Trader Joe’s, note that certain felony charges are seen differently by potential employers.

There are multiple aspects of working at a grocery store like Trader Joe’s that make it nearly impossible to work without being in proximity of the public. 

Trader Joe’s employees spend ample time around senior citizens, children, and various other individuals.

Because of this, having past felony charges on your record related to sexual or violent crimes may prevent you from getting hired at this company.

While Trader Joe’s is an equal opportunity employer, certain felonies may be treated with different weights. 

The same is true of any felony charges related to drugs or theft activities. Think of it this way – you are going to be handling products on a daily basis, and the company doesn’t want to jeopardize their assets.

The idea of a drug-related felony charge has the potential to hurt your chances, as well, since you are in close proximity to the public, children, etc. 

Each of these aspects of your felony charge should be considered when applying for a job at Trader Joe’s. 

What About Misdemeanors?

Some individuals also want to know about where this company stands on misdemeanors. It’s good to note that Trader Joe’s also doesn’t discriminate against applicants with misdemeanors on their records.

You should still be able to apply to work at the company, even if you have multiple misdemeanors on your record. 


Trader Joe’s is a company that has consistently provided customers and employees alike with a unique grocery store experience.

The company’s aim is to making supermarket shopping a fun experience that puts customer service at the forefront. 

Because of the benefits of working there, many people find that the chance to apply is one they can’t pass up.

It’s good to know, also, that individuals with felonies on their criminal records do not have to worry about exclusion from the hiring process.

Trader Joe’s is an equal opportunity employer that does not overlook those with criminal records.

 Depending on the state where you live, you might have to do a background check. Keep this in mind when applying to work at Trader Joe’s. 

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