Does Swarovski Sell Real Diamonds? (Are They Fake or Not)

Does Swarovski Sell Real Diamonds

Swarovski is one of the most popular creators of fine jewelry in the world. They have both expensive and more affordable options available because they offer a variety of products.

Their affordable options make some question the authenticity of Swarovski’s diamonds.

Swarovski sells real diamonds. They contain the same composition as natural diamonds, though most Swarovski diamonds are created in a lab, rather than in nature.

Swarovski also offers crystals in many of its jewelry collections. These crystals give the appearance of a diamond, but they use different compositions, so they are less valuable and expensive.

Does Swarovski Sell Real Diamonds?

Swarovski offers real diamonds in their “Created Diamonds Collection.” These diamonds are the same as natural diamonds, but they are created in a lab, not in mines.

Swarovski-created diamonds are created in a lab that simulates the pressure and heat required to manufacture diamonds naturally.

Because they are made under the same conditions as mined diamonds, they are compositionally the same. This means they are “real” diamonds. Lab-made diamonds usually have fewer impurities and flaws than mined diamonds.

Swarovski also marks their lab-created diamonds, so they can be identified with the right visual amplification.

Does Swarovski Sell Imitation Diamonds?

Swarovski is very clear about which gems they use in their jewelry, so if you are purchasing something marketed as a diamond, it will be a true diamond, even if it was created in a lab.

If you are interested in purchasing something that gives the appearance of a diamond without the cost, they do have their signature crystals. These crystals give the shine and sparkle of diamonds, but they are compositionally different.

The Swarovski crystals are not as hard as diamonds, and since they are made of different resources, they are not as valuable.

This means you can find sparkling Swarovski crystal jewelry for much less money than a true diamond set of jewelry would cost.

Swarovski crystals are particularly popular in cocktail jewelry sets.

You can also find the Swarovski crystal sets in a variety of colors. This means that the crystals can substitute many precious gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, topaz, and rubies.

Swarovski crystals are cut like diamonds to enhance their shine and to create stunning angles that suit the jewelry style well.

How is Swarovski Crystal Made?

Swarovski has not revealed all of their process for making crystals, because they need to protect their intellectual property.

However, it is known that the crystals are man-made glass that is composed of quartz sand and minerals. It also includes a small concentration of lead to add extra brilliance.

After the Swarovski crystals are made, using a similar process to manufacturing glass, the crystals are cut to give their gem-like appearance.

The cutting process creates angles to allow for light refraction that makes the crystals sparkle in the light.

Once the crystals are cut to optimize refraction, they are polished to make them glisten. Swarovski uses special coatings in some of its gems to add color or shine.

This can make the light refract in particular colors, like the rainbow spectrum.

Is the Lead in Swarovski Crystals Dangerous?

The lead concentration in Swarovski crystals is very low. It is considered within the safe parameters, and it is manufactured in a way that you do not need to be concerned for your health while wearing Swarovski crystal jewelry.

How Do I Know if my Swarovski is Real?

Swarovski has created and protected its crystal manufacturing process. Their crystals and lab-made diamonds are high-quality and sought after by many people.

Because Swarovski has become such a household name, many people have attempted to replicate the products.

It is common for scammers to fake the jewelry made by Swarovski through a much less thorough process. Though the scam jewelry is of lesser quality, the scammers sell it for similar to the Swarovski prices.

If you are concerned about the authenticity of your Swarovski products, there are several things you can do to confirm the source of your jewelry.

First, before you have opened the packaging, you can examine it to see if your product is authentic. All Swarovski products will come packaged in Swarovski packaging.

It will all feature the true Swarovski logo, which is a swan facing to the left. If the logo looks off or is missing, it may be an imitation Swarovski product.

Next, when you open your jewelry, it should include an authenticity card. The card will also feature the Swarovski logo, and it will certify that the product is genuine.

You can also examine the jewelry yourself to see if it is real. It may be helpful to use a jeweler’s loop to examine the jewelry, but this is not necessary if you are examining the crystals.

Swarovski is very particular about the quality of their crystals. If you notice any air bubbles within the crystal of your jewelry, it is not a genuine Swarovski product, as it would not pass certification.

You can also know that the jewelry is not truly from Swarovski if it causes any discoloration on your skin.

What is the Difference Between Swarovski Crystals and Diamonds?

Swarovski crystals and diamonds are very similar in appearance to the naked eye. However, they are made of different materials, and they have different important traits.

Swarovski crystals are made of glass. The glass is made of quartz sand and minerals that are heated and melted into glass. Then the glass is cut to refract light in imitation of a diamond.

Diamonds, on the other hand, are made from carbon that is subjected to extreme heat and pressure until it forms a diamond. In the case of mined diamonds, the heat and pressure come from the depths of the Earth.

In the case of Swarovski’s created diamonds, the heat and pressure conditions are simulated using laboratory equipment.


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Swarovski does sell real diamonds. These diamonds are, however, created in a lab, not in nature. They are compositionally the same as diamonds found in nature, but they have fewer imperfections and impurities.

Swarovski also sells crystals that imitate the appearance of diamonds. These crystals are closer in composition to glass than diamonds and they are not as valuable as diamonds.

However, Swarovski still has a high-quality process to ensure the value of their crystals.



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