Does Pizza Hut Accept EBT in California? (Food Stamps + More)

Does Starbucks Accept EBT in California

Are you wondering if you can use your California EBT card to order food from Pizza Hut? We have the scoop on if you can and what may be included!

Yes, Pizza Hut does accept EBT in California through the state’s SNAP CalFresh Restaurant Meals program (RMP). The program is now statewide, and available to the homeless, elderly, and those with disabilities. All menu items and non-alcoholic drinks can be ordered through RMP.

The following article answers all that you need to know about using your EBT card at Pizza hut in California, including where it is available, and what the limits are.

Where in California can I use the Restaurant Meals Program card?

The Restaurant Meals Program is available in all 58 California counties. All vendors that were previously approved in the first 12 California counties are now automatically approved to begin accepting RMP payments at their other locations across the state.

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What is the Restaurant Meals Program (RMP)?

This program allows California residents with an approved EBT card to buy food at designated SNAP-approved locations across California.

This gives EBT users the opportunity to buy hot prepared food that would not usually be offered at grocery stores.

There are also delis that participate in the program, allowing people to use EBT to buy hot food straight from the deli counter.

Who qualifies for the Restaurant Meals Program?

This program helps many people that are in danger of chronic hunger, especially those without regular access to hot meals like the homeless, people with disabilities, and the elderly.

Many people that would otherwise not have access to hot food rely on this program to receive meals that would otherwise be difficult to prepare themselves. 

How do I receive the money from the program?

First, you will apply through the state’s Department of Health and Human Services, and if granted the requested resources, then the monetary amount will be automatically loaded onto an EBT card that you will be able to use at all participating restaurants.

How do I use my EBT at pizza hut?

Make sure that the Pizza Hut that you are in takes your EBT card before you order.

Once they are asking for a payment, then just swipe your card and it will cover the bill for your food and non-alcoholic drinks.

The money will be automatically deducted from the total balance on your CalFresh EBT card.

How do I know that the Pizza Hut I’m at takes EBT?

If you are in the RMP program, then you will need to find a pizza hut that participates in the program.

They will have a sign posted in the front window that indicated that they took payments through the EBT card, so look for that sign so that there won’t be any confusion from the beginning.

Is this program available in any other states?

Yes, RMP is available in Illinois, Arizona, Maryland, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Michigan. Other states, like New York and South Dakota, are also looking to adopt the federal program, or at least, set up the ability for county social services to apply for the program.

What other locations accepts EBT cards?

There are several other popular restaurants besides pizza hut in California that participate in the Restaurant Meals Program, including the following:

  • Burger king
  • Carl’s Jr
  • Chutney Restaurant
  • Taqueria El Torero
  • Jamba Juice
  • Subway
  • KFC
  • Denny’s
  • Domino’s Pizza

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Is Pizza hut considered fast food?

In the eyes of the Restaurant Meals Program the Pizza Hut chain is fast food.

They do however offer several much healthier options than traditional fast-food options, including pastas, salads, and family style dishes.

What can be purchased with my EBT at Pizza hut?

At participating locations, you can purchase anything on their menu with your EBT card, including family meals with multiple courses.

You do not need to order from a special menu to use your EBT card. Although, you can order alcoholic drinks of course.

Can I use my CalFresh EBT outside of my county?

Yes, you can now use your EBT CalFresh balance to buy food at participating vendors statewide.

You do not need to stay within the county to take advantage of the program.

This is a new development that will those on the program to gain access to food wherever they are in the state.

Can I buy pizza hut with an approved RMP EBT card from another state?

No, at this time, you can only buy food at pizza huts that are within the state in which it was issued.

For example, a California resident with a California EBT card that is approved for RMP cannot buy food at a pizza hut in Arizona, even though their state participates in the program as well.


If you live in a state that participates in the Restaurant Meals Program through SNAP benefits, and you qualify as homeless, elderly, or disabled, then you will be able to buy hot meals at participating restaurants like pizza hut using your EBT card.

You will be able to order anything off the menu and pay for it by swiping your EBT card just like you would with a credit or debit card.

There are several other restaurants that participate in the program, and the program is in several other states as well, with more states opting into the program all the time.



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