Does Napa Take Used Oil For Free? (You´ll Be Surprised!)

Does Napa Take Used Oil For Free

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if Napa takes used oil for free? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Did you know that improperly disposing of just a single gallon of motor oil could ruin up to 1,000,000 gallons of water? Furthermore, it is estimated that around 200 million gallons of oil are improperly disposed of in the US alone.

So that you are not contributing to the problem, it’s important to find used oil recycling centers for disposing of your vehicle oil.

So, does Napa takes used oil for free? Yes, NAPA accepts used oil for free and will repurpose it so that the oil can be used for other purposes as well. Not all NAPA locations accept used oil though, which means you need to call your local store beforehand to confirm.

If you are interested in learning more about NAPA and their used oil recycling program, keep reading.

Does NAPA Take Used Oil For Free?

Because of how dangerous oil is when disposed of improperly, many automobile shops have begun oil recycling programs. NAPA, for example, is one store that accepts used oil and repurposes the oil so that it is recycled and used for other purposes.

Even though NAPA as a company is open to oil recycling, not all locations offer this service. Certain local and state regulations prohibit oil recycling.

If you live in one of these communities, your local NAPA storefront location will not accept used oil as a result.

If you live in an area that allows oil recycling programs, your NAPA locations will likely accept them too. Better yet, NAPA accepts most vehicle oil types, and they accept them for free.

Just make sure the oil is sealed properly and not contaminated before drop-off.

Because not all NAPA locations take used oil, call up the storefront before you drop off any oil. That way, you can figure out all of the technicalities and specifics beforehand.

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What Types Of Oil Does NAPA Accept?

NAPA will accept the most types of non-contaminated motor oil. Once again, we recommend calling the NAPA location before you drop off the oil to make sure there are no technicalities or rules for your specific location.

Most locations do not have many limitations on the oil types accepted.

That being said, oil that has been contaminated by other fluids cannot be accepted at NAPA or any other oil recycling program.

Contaminated oil may be contaminated with fluids from your transmission or antifreeze. Because contaminated oil cannot be accepted, be careful when removing the oil and sealing it before drop-off.

As long as the oil is not contaminated and you live in an area where there are no laws against oil recycling programs, NAPA will accept most types of oil for convenience and safety.

How Much Oil Will NAPA Accept?

All oil recycling programs have limits on how much oil they will accept per person per day. The reason for this is that most local and state regulations actually set the oil limitations for the companies.

In other words, it is the government that sets these limits, not the shop.

In most locations, the oil acceptance limit is 5 gallons per person per day. So, you can bring the whole lot if you have less than 5 gallons to dispose of. However, you will have to stop by the NAPA location on two different days if you have 10 gallons.

Although it is inconvenient that there is an oil limit, NAPA can’t do anything about this since it is most often set by local and state regulations.

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What Does NAPA Do With Donated Oil?

NAPA has an oil recycling program. As a recycling program, NAPA will provide the oil to other agencies and companies so that the oil will be put to good use.

For example, recycled oil is often used to heat furnaces in the community, act as a marine fuel, and for other similar purposes.

In some cases, oil can actually be refined so that it can be put back into vehicles.

Thus, the oil you don’t have use for anymore will get a second chance at life, helping to conserve our natural oil resources.

How Do You Recycle Used Oil At NAPA?

If you are interested in recycling used oil at NAPA, we first recommend calling ahead. Calling ahead ensures that your location accepts used oil.

It also gives you an opportunity to find out the oil limit and any other information you need to know for that location specifically.

Make sure that the oil is sealed properly as well. The last thing you want is to spill the oil in the process. It’s best to use the container the oil came in since this container can be properly sealed and contain the oil safely.

If you don’t have that container anymore, another sealable polyethylene container will work.

Whenever you are removing the oil and transporting it to the closest NAPA location, ensure that it is not contaminated by any other fluids.

If it is contaminated, it cannot be accepted. If you do these few things, NAPA will likely accept your used oil without any issues.

Final Thoughts

NAPA is an auto shop that often accepts used oil for its oil recycling programs. The issue is that some states and local governments prohibit oil recycling. Call your local NAPA location up to see if they accept used oil.

If they do, make sure to store your oil in a sealable container so it isn’t spilled or contaminated. Remember, contaminated oil cannot be used and recycled for new purposes. So, be diligent in extracting and transporting the oil.

Once the oil is donated, it can be recycled for other purposes. Who knows, perhaps the oil is even helping to heat furnaces in your local community.

Even if NAPA does not accept oil for oil recycling purposes, make sure to dispose of the oil properly.

NAPA will be more than happy to give you advice for disposing of the oil to ensure our communities and environment are protected.

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