Does Ingles Sell Amazon Gift Cards (Best Tips Explained!)

Does Ingles Sell Amazon Gift Cards

Have you ever wondered if Ingles sells Amazon gift cards? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

With more than 200 locations in the United States, Canada, and Latin America, Ingles Markets is a popular supermarket chain founded in 1963 by Robert P.

Ingle in Asheville, North Carolina, Today, Ingles Markets offers a wide variety of groceries and other products, making it a convenient one-stop shopping destination for families.

So, does Ingles sells Amazon gift cards? Yes, Ingles Markets sell a variety of third-party brand gift cards, including Amazon. If you are looking for a quick gift for a last-minute party, Amazon gift cards are a popular choice and easy to obtain at your local Ingles store.

If you are looking for more information on Ingles’s gift card options, the types of Amazon cards you can buy, or how to get an Amazon gift card from the grocery keep on reading.

Does Ingles Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Yes, you can pick up an Amazon gift card from Ingles grocery stores in a number of different styles, designs, and denominations.

Typically, you can find these options located on displays at the front of your local store or near the cash registers.

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Does Ingles Sell Amazon Gift Cards Online?

Although Ingles does offer their local customers the option to pick up Amazon cards in stores, you can not order these items online. Ingles doesn’t offer the option to purchase any third-party gift cards from their website. 

What types of payments are accepted at Ingles?

Ingles accepts all credit and debit cards, pre-paid credit cards, cash, and gift cards for in-store and online purchases. These methods can also be used with their curbside service as well.

You can pay for your Amazon gift card with any of these options except the Ingles gift cards; these are only good for products and services provided by the brand.

Can You Return or Exchange an Amazon Gift Card at Ingles?

There are no options for returns or exchanges on Amazon gift cards once the transaction is completed. If you are having difficulties with your Amazon card, you are advised to reach out to that company for additional help. This goes for all third-party store brand gift cards sold by Ingles markets.

If you bought an Amazon gift card from Ingles and the activation process did not go through, this can be taken care of by the location you picked the card up from, but you do need to have the receipt present for additional help.

How to Use an Amazon Gift Card online?

If you purchased an Amazon gift card from an Ingles store, it should already be activated for use once you leave.

To use your Amazon gift card, all you have to do is enter the PIN provided on the back of the card (after you scratch off the protective seal) into the area provided when checking out.

 Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase any product or services the company provides, including books, movies, music, apps, etc.

Does Ingles Have Their Own Gift Cards Available for Shoppers?

Yes, you can buy an Ingles gift card from any of their physical store locations. You can also order these gift cards online, by phone, or by mail.

When ordering gift cards, you will have to wait a few days for them to arrive in the mail. All card purchases go out the business day after the transaction is complete.

Ingles does not provide eGift cards to customers at this time.

What can you buy with an Ingles gift card?

Ingles gift cards are the perfect gift because they give the user the option to buy nearly any item sold in-store or online.

You can choose from grocery items, and household products, and even pick up your prescription medication. The only things that are not approved purchases are gift cards, fuel, etc.

If you have an Ingles Advantage card, you can use these to purchase anything, anywhere MasterCard is accepted. The Advantage Card is a great way to purchase necessary daily items while supporting the local community. 

The advantage card provides you with loyalty discounts and weekly sales when you buy any of the products marked specifically for savings.

This will give you a discount on many items on your grocery list, and doubled up with coupons can help you save additional money to use elsewhere. 

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When you use the Ingles Advantage card and sign up for their “tools for schools” program, a portion of the sales made by the store is donated to a school of your choice. 

Signing up is easy, and every month you can visit the Ingles website to see how much money was donated to each school through the program. 

With the economy today, who couldn’t benefit from amazing discounts, weekly sales items, and donating to a great cause that you otherwise may not be able to afford.

How Do You Use an Ingles Gift Card in Stores and Online?

Ingles gift cards can be used like any traditional credit or debit card when you are shopping at your local grocery store.

After you have finished picking up your item and scanned everything, you will insert your Ingles gift card into the credit/debit card reader to pay for your products.

Here you can also check the balance of your gift cards and add money to them as well. 

At this time, you can not use a gift card to buy items on the Ingles website; this is a curbside to-go service or can be used with Instacard deliveries, and there are no items online that can be shipped to your home.

Summing Things Up

Amazon gift cards are the ideal present for any occasion. These cards give the recipient the ability to purchase items they want or need and don’t put the gift-giver in the position of delivering an unwanted or unfavorable product.

If you are looking for an Amazon to give to a family member or friend, pick one up at your local Ingles Market location today.

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