Does Fleet Farm Take Deer Hides? (Yes, Do This Now!)

Does Fleet Farm Take Deer Hides

People ask, does Fleet Farm take deer hides?

Have you been hunting deer in the Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, or Dakota areas and are wondering what to do with the remaining deer hides?

Fleet Farm is an outdoor retailer with over 47 stores across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Fleet Farm provides merchandise and services for outdoor, active, hunting, fishing, and farming communities.

But does Fleet Farm take deer hides? Yes, Fleet Farm takes deer hides. Between 31 October 2021 and 31 January 2022, Fleet Farm were accepting deer hides for a $5 in-store coupon for each. There is a limit of 10 deer hides per customer.

Read on to find out more information on when Fleet Farm takes deer hides, how many, and for how much. Also, find out more about preserving deer hides and the deer hunting supplies at Fleet Farm.

What is Fleet Farm?

Fleet Farm is an outdoor retailer with over 47 stores across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Fleet Farm has been serving generations of Midwestern families since 1955. Its stores range from smaller hardware stores to larger stores with a car wash and auto service center.

Fleet Farm provides merchandise and services for outdoor, active, hunting, fishing, and farming communities. Fleet Farm exclusive brands and national brands are on offer.

Products include hunting equipment, fishing equipment, farm and pet supplies, household goods, auto parts, clothing and footwear, food, sporting goods, and tools.

Does Fleet Farm Accept Deer Hides?

Fleet Farm does accept deer hides. In the 2021 to 2022 hunting season Fleet Farm stated that they were accepting deer hides from October 31 2021 until January 31, 2022.

Where Should Deer Hides Be Taken to at Fleet Farm?

Fleet Farm states that any deer hide should be brought to the Fleet Farm Yard entrance, the yard gate, or lumber yard west of the store. Customers should inform a team member that they have deer hides.

Here a team member will examine the hide to ensure it is thawed and is of average or larger size. The hide will be spread out over a piece of plywood to be measured and to ensure it is of sufficient size and quality.

If it is of sufficient quality, it will be salted and placed into a box.

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How Much Do Fleet Farm Pay for Deer Hides?

Fleet Farm pays a $5 in-store coupon for each deer hide they take. After they have accepted the deer hide, the team member will print off the $5 Fleet Farm credit for the customer.

This store credit can be used to purchase deer hunting gear and equipment for the next season’s hunt.

How Many Hides Does Fleet Farm Take from Each Hunter?

Fleet Farm state that there is a limit of 10 hides per customer, equaling a limit of $50 on each in-store coupon offered for deer hides.

Yet customers may be able to return at a separate time with up to 10 more deer hides to receive a separate coupon from Fleet Farm.

Will Fleet Farm Be Accepting Deer Hides for Current Deer Hunting Season?

It is yet to be publicly announced by Fleet Farm as to whether they will be accepting deer hides again during the current deer hunting season from October to January, as with 2021’s season.

As it is a successful endeavor for both the business and local community, creating a circular economy and preventing waste, the company is likely to participate in this offer again, with more word being announced in October 2022.

What is the Benefit of Giving Deer Hides to Fleet Farm?

Businesses such as Fleet Farm accepting deer hides from local hunters is beneficial for both the hunter and the company and creates a circular economy.

This is good news for hunters who may not know how else to dispose of their deer hides or have nowhere to store them.

Any waste from the hunt is prevented as more parts of the animal can be used by Fleet Farm.

Customers can get everything they need for a hunt at Fleet Farm, and then by bringing deer hides after the hunt, they can get a coupon for their next hunt.

By offering store credit in exchange for deer hides, Fleet Farm can ensure return customers.

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What Can Deer Hides Be Used For?

Deer hides can be tanned to keep as home décor to place on a wall along with a taxidermized deer head or turned into the leather to use for many different clothing or materials.

If hunters have multiple deer hides that they are unsure what to do with, or have nowhere to store them, it is a great help for businesses such as Fleet Farm to purchase them to put them to use and give the hunter something in return.

How Are Deer Hides Preserved?

Deer hides can be preserved through freezing, and by salting them once they are thawed. Salt keeps the hide from rotting, stops the hair from falling out, and repels insects such as flies from getting to the skin.

A deer hide should be salted or frozen as quickly as possible to keep its quality fresh.

Are Deer Hides Worth Money?

Deer hides are common, especially as hunters may have many each during hunting season, so they are not worth a lot of money.

Yet hunters can get paid from businesses which will take them, such as Fleet Farm, though it will not be a large amount.

What Deer Hunting Supplies Does Fleet Farm Sell?

Fleet Farm is a one-stop shop for everything you might need to equip yourself for deer hunting season.

Fleet Farm provide clothing in camouflage, footwear, food such as hunting mix, backpacks, propane cylinders, binoculars, shoe dryers, deer smell attractant, body warmers, beanies, portable heaters, swivel chairs, eye and ear protection, hunting blinds, parkas.

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