Does Dunham’s Fill CO2 Tanks? (The Truth!)

Does Dunham's Fill CO2 Tanks

Do you know if Dunham´s fills CO2 tanks? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Dunham’s does not refill CO2 tanks. They sell a paintball kit that includes a CO2 cartridge, but if you are looking to refill a CO2 tank, Dunham’s is not the location for that.

Dunham’s does offer many other supplies for sports, including paintball, so if you are low on other paintball supplies they may have what you need.

What is Dunham’s?

Dunham’s is a Sporting Goods Store founded in the United States of America. Most Dunham’s stores are located in the Midwestern or Southeastern states.

Dunham’s sells athletic attire, sports equipment, shoes, drones, and more. They have supplies for all kinds of activities for a variety of ages.

What CO2 Options Does Dunham’s Offer?

Dunham’s does not sell CO2 tanks or cartridges on their own. They do sell a few products that use CO2 cartridges that may come with one full cartridge during purchase.

Most of those products are related to airsoft guns or paintball guns.

Tippman Cronus Power Pack

One of the CO2-powered paintball options that Dunham’s offers is the Tippman Cronus Power Pack. It includes one Cronus Marker paintball gun, a set of Raptor Goggles, a 200 round Hopper, and a 90-gram CO2 tank.

The CO2 tank included in the Tippman Cronus Power Pack will fit the Cronus Marker paintball gun.

The Cronus Marker is a great introductory paintball gun. It does not require a lot of maintenance, and it is easy to learn to use. Plus the CO2 system is comfortable to refill.

The Raptor Goggles are designed to offer protection and to prevent fogging, so you can keep enjoying your paintball game as long as you want.

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Crossman C11 CO2 Semi-Automatic Pistol .177 BB Synthetic Black

The Crossman C11 is another CO2-powered option that Dunham’s offers. It is an air pistol that shoots BB guns and is powered by CO2.

It fires 6-millimeter BBs at up to 400 feet per second. It weighs around .59 pounds and is popular for those looking for a realistic-looking option.

How do You Check for Leaks in a CO2 Tank?

A leaky CO2 tank can cause many problems. You will run out of CO2 sooner and you will not be able to maintain the usage you need.

Learning to recognize leaks early can save you from this hassle. If you are concerned that your CO2 tank is leaking, there are several things you can do to test for a leak.

One thing you can do is purchase a monitor for your CO2 tank. At night, record how much CO2 is in your tank.

Check the next day and if the amount of CO2 has gone down without you using the tank, chances are you leak.

If you hear air hissing out of your CO2 tank, you probably leak. This hissing sound is usually caused by a large leak or insufficient closure of the tank. Make sure your tank is properly sealed and then listen for the hissing sound again.

You can also test for leaks by using the soapy water test. This is a test that can also help you locate where the leak is coming from.

To conduct the soapy water test, you spray a mixture of soap and water onto your tank on any section that you suspect may leak.

If there is a leak in that area, it will cause the soapy mixture to bubble as the gas bubbles through it. If you see bubbles, you have found the leak.

It can help to regularly check the O-rings located at the valve of your tank. O-rings can fail and this is a common cause of CO2 tank leaks.

Check your O-rings for cracks and holes. If you suspect your O-ring is the source of the leak, you can conduct the soapy water test near the valve.

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How to Know if a CO2 Tank Needs Refilled?

Staying on top of your CO2 usage can help you stock up and refill before you run out. This means you can keep having fun without needing to make an emergency run to the store.

The easiest way to manage your CO2 usage and get ahead of an empty tank is to buy a CO2 monitor.

Some monitors fit a variety of tanks.

There are digital monitors as well as simple dials that can indicate the amount of CO2 left in a tank. Be sure to check your monitor after each usage so you know when you need more.

If you do not have a CO2 monitor, you can watch for when the efficiency of your tank starts to drop. Take note, though, that this method will not give you as much time to plan a refill as a CO2 monitor does.

With this method, you will have to notice when you are not getting as much power from your CO2 as you want.

With a paintball gun, this may only happen when the cartridge is empty. If you are using CO2 to carbonate drinks, you may notice the carbonation not lasting as long when you are running low on CO2.

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Where Can You Get a CO2 Tank Refilled?

Dunham’s does not offer CO2 tank refills. If you want to purchase a new tank or refill your current tank, these locations offer CO2 refills or tank purchases.

  • Welding Supply Stores- CO2 is commonly used in welding, so most welding supply stores will refill your CO2 tanks. They also may have Co2 tanks for purchase. Contact your local welding supply store for availability.
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods- Dick’s Sporting Goods offers CO2 tank refills. As a sporting goods store, they primarily specialize in CO2 tanks used for recreational activities like paintball.
  • Home Depot– Home Depot does not offer CO2 cartridge refills. However, if you use a Soda Stream to carbonate beverages, they do offer an exchange program where you can trade in your used tank for a new, full one.

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