Does Club Soda Have an Expiration Date? (The Truth!)

Does Club Soda Have an Expiration Date

Do you know if Club Soda has an expiration date or is club soda good after the expiration date? these are the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

You crack open a can of your favorite beverage – club soda. But as your gulp, you realize that you bought that can of club soda months ago. Is it even still good?

It tastes alright, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t expired. You begin searching the can for an expiration date. Will you find one?

So, does Club Soda have an expiration date? Yes, Club soda does have an expiration date and it is typically located on the bottom of aluminum cans or on the bottle or cap of plastic bottles. If you have trouble locating the expiration date, you can follow the general rule that club soda will expire nine months from the date of manufacture.

In this article, we will help you figure out how to read the expiration date on club soda as well as advise you on whether or not refrigeration will prevent expiration.

Additionally, we will inform if it is safe to drink expired club soda, if expired club soda goes flat, and whether or not club soda can go bad.

How Do You Read the Expiration Date on Club Soda?

 For some club soda brands, especially those sold in plastic bottles, the expiration date may be labeled with EXP followed by a date in MMDDYY format.

Some other club soda cans or bottles may not be explicitly labeled EXP and instead say “Best When Used By” or “Best Before.”

Sometimes club soda bottles or cans may not give an expiration date at all but provide a manufacture date. In this case, you will have to do a little math to figure out the expiration date.

Simply add nine months to the stamped manufacture date.

For example, if the manufacture date is April 27, 2022, then you can assume the expiration date will be sometime around January 27, 2023.

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Is It Okay to Drink Club Soda After It Has Expired?

As long as the can or bottle of club soda has not been opened, it is perfectly safe to drink club soda after the expiration date. It may not be as fresh as it could be but the drink itself will be okay.

Club soda that has expired generally loses some of its mineral flavors and may also go a little flat because the carbonation decreases.

Make sure to check that the can or bottle is still sealed. If you try to open a bottle or can of expired club soda and you don’t hear the signature sound of air escaping, the club soda may not be safe to drink.

As long as the seal is still in place, expired club soda is okay to drink; it may just taste a little less fresh.

Does Club Soda Ever Expire or Can Club Soda Go Bad

Does club soda ever expire Club? Yes, club soda can go bad if the seal has been tampered with or compromised. If your club soda smells weird or gross or it does not fizz when you open it, throw it away.

The cans and bottles that club soda come in are meant to be airtight. If air gets in through holes made by mishandling, defective manufacturing, or on purpose, other things can get in as well.

Club soda that is not sealed can allow bacteria to contaminate the drink and make it unsafe to consume. While this is not a common occurrence, it is better to be safe than sorry.

You don’t want to expose yourself to potentially harmful conditions, so if you suspect that your club soda isn’t good, just throw it away.

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Will Expired Club Soda Go Flat?

Expired club soda may taste a little flat because over time the carbonation will begin to decrease. If you open expired club soda and don’t consume it all right away, it will probably go flat faster than fresh club soda.

While flat club soda isn’t bad for you, it doesn’t taste that great.

Flat club soda tastes slightly sour because it loses its carbonation but not all of the carbon escapes the system.

Some of it stays behind and is converted to carbonic acid which causes the sour flavor. That’s why expired club soda can have a hint of a sour flavor if it has started to go flat.

Should I Refrigerate Club Soda to Prevent It from Expiring?

Refrigerating club soda won’t prevent it from expiring. In fact, if you buy club soda from the store at room temperature, it’s best to keep it at room temperature until you plan to drink it.

Pop it in the fridge a day before you want to drink your club soda for a cool refreshing taste.

Otherwise, leave it in the pantry where it will have a longer shelf life. Don’t put already refrigerated club soda back into the pantry because this could shorten the shelf life.

The best way to prevent your club soda from expiring is to drink it as soon as you buy it so you can enjoy the freshest taste.


Club soda does expire but you can store it in your pantry for months before having to worry about it. Most club sodas do come with an expiration stamped on them, but some simply have a manufacture date.

In that case, just add nine months to get the expiration date.

Club soda is still okay to drink if it has expired but it may taste slightly flat or lose some of its original flavor. Club soda can go bad, however, but there are telltale signs of that.

If the seal on your club soda bottle or can is broken, throw it away because bacteria or other harmful materials may have contaminated the drink.

Expired club soda will go flat faster than fresh club soda if left out for a long period of time. While refrigeration will not prevent your club soda from expiring, it can help it taste fresh.

Keep your club soda in the pantry to extend the shelf life.

The best advice for avoiding expired club soda altogether is to drink it as soon as your purchase it!

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