Does Burger King Accept EBT in Ohio? (Food Stamps + More)   

Does Burger King Accept EBT in Ohio

Lindsey, do you know if Burger King accepts EBT in Ohio? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

You may be cruising around the Buckeye State and hungry for a bite to eat. Can you pay for your impromptu Burger King lunch with your EBT card?

In Ohio, Burger King does not accept EBT payments for any of its menu items. If an EBT card is presented at checkout, it will be rejected, and a different form of payment will be required.

In this article, we will discuss why Burger King in Ohio doesn’t accept EBT and what food retailers in Ohio do. Additionally, we will address whether or not Burger King will ever accept EBT in Ohio and in what states Burger King does accept EBT.

Why Doesn’t Burger King Accept EBT in Ohio?

In order for a restaurant or fast food place to accept EBT payments, the state that it operates in must be a participating member of the Restaurant Meals Program. Currently, Ohio does not participate in the Restaurant Meals Program despite having a statewide SNAP program for food stamps and other EBT benefits.

The Restaurant Meals Program was initiated to encourage states to allow EBT recipients to use their food stamps and SNAP benefits to purchase hot meals.

This will not only help the people receiving meals but also the restaurant industry build back after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, the Restaurant Meals Program only applies to disabled, elderly, and homeless recipients of EBT funds.

At this time, only six states are participating in the program, but perhaps Ohio may join them in the future if they deem it’s a program worth investing in.

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What Food Retailers Do Accept EBT in Ohio?

Although fast food chains and restaurants do not accept EBT in Ohio, there are plenty of food retailers that do.

Large national chain grocery stores like Walmart, IGA, and Dollar General and small local grocery stores like Shawnee Grocery and Peebles Food Mart accept EBT payments for qualifying food products.

In fact, almost 900 different food retailers will allow you to use EBT funds in the state of Ohio. However, you need to make sure that the items in your grocery cart comply with the SNAP rules.

For example, hot foods, alcohol, and tobacco products are prohibited from purchase with your EBT card.

You can, however, buy fresh and frozen produce, dairy products, cereal and grains, meat including fish, poultry, and red meat, and nonalcoholic drinks.

As long as these are the only items in your cart and you have sufficient funds in your account, your Ohio EBT card should cover the bill.

Will Burger King Ever Accept EBT in Ohio? 

It is unclear whether or not Ohio is considering joining the Restaurant Meals Program. In fact, the entire state doesn’t have to join – singular counties can join the program, although this scenario is less likely to occur. It is quite possible that Ohio could join the ranks of the half dozen other states who already participate.

The Restaurant Meals Program is a great way to boost a state’s economy, especially in the restaurant industry which had taken a hard hit during the recent pandemic.

The neighboring states of Illinois and Michigan are currently participants, so perhaps Ohio legislators will wait to see how successful the program is with these states.

While no one can predict the future, Ohio’s ability to have its Burger King locations accept EBT remains unclear. If you want to advocate for the Restaurant Meals Program to be active in Ohio, write to your state representative to tell them what you think.

You never know, it could happen within the year, could take decades, or it could never be an option. Only time will tell.

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Where Does Burger King Accept EBT?

Out of the six states that are a part of the Restaurant Meals Program, only two of them currently list Burger King as one of the participating fast food chains.

Branches of Burger King in California and Arizona will accept EBT funds as payment. However, Maryland, Illinois, Rhode Island, and Michigan have not yet sanctioned Burger King to join the Restaurant Meals Program.

In order for Burger King to be eligible, it has to be approved by the state’s SNAP office. The entire state of Arizona participates in the Restaurant Meals Program, while only the most populated counties in California do.

Before you plan on buying your Burger King meal with your EBT card, check with that specific location to see if they accept EBT as payment.

Keep checking in with local state laws as well because the Restaurant Meals Program is gaining popularity and more states are considering jumping onboard.

Ohio could be one of the next states to offer EBT payments at restaurants including Burger King.


While Ohio doesn’t currently accept EBT payments at Burger King, that could change in the future.

 Ohio is not a current participant in the Restaurant Meals Program which is the state approved program that allows certain EBT recipients to use their EBT funds at participating restaurants and fast food joints.

As of now, Burger Kings in Arizona and California are the only branches that will accept EBT payments. However, the other participating states may change that soon.

Ohio will accept EBT at most grocery stores; however, they may decide in the near or distant future to join the Restaurant Meals Program and allow Burger King to join the list of acceptable EBT stores.



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