Does Big Lots Sell Air Conditioners? (Are They Good?)

Does Big Lots Sell Air Conditioners

Do you know if Big Lots sells air conditioners? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Big Lots is known for being a great place to buy household essentials at bargain prices, sometimes, the availability of certain items can be variable. While some items are in stock year-round, others, like A/C units, are more seasonal and may or may not be available at a given time.

Big Lots often stocks its shelves ‘overstock’ and off-season items from other retailers, or discontinued items that manufacturers are trying to clear out of their warehouses. This means they’re less likely to carry items that are in frequent demand, like Air Conditioners.

This article explores the cooling options offered by Big Lots, including their price and their value.

Does Big Lots Sell Air Conditioners?

While Big Lots might have air conditioners at some times of the year, they don’t have much to offer in this area during the summer months, when A/C Units are a big seller for other retailers.

According to the official store website, Big Lots has plenty of fans available at affordable prices, but not very many Air Conditioners.

What Types Of Air Conditioners Can I Buy at Big Lots?

Big Lots doesn’t list anything on the inventory for Air Conditioning Units, at least not during the summer months, but they do have two items that might be considered close cousins:

Arctic Air Personal Air Chiller

Arctic Air Ultra Fan

Both of these are portable units that offer cooling services for any room in the house, at an affordable price.

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What Type of Unit is Arctic Air Personal Air Chiller?

The Arctic Air Personal Air Chiller boasts 3 speeds and air that’s not only colder but purified and humidified.

Plug in and supply water, and the Arctic Air Personal Air Chiller is reputed to offer up to 10 hours of quiet cooling breezes.

What Does An Arctic Air Personal Air Chiller Cost?

Big Lots offers this small, portable cooling unit for a low price of $39.99

What Kind of Reviews Does the Arctic Air Chiller Have?

The Arctic Air Personal Chiller doesn’t have the best of ratings, coming in at 2.0 stars.

Best Rating:

The 4-star ratings offered on the official Big Lots site say that the Arctic Air Personal Air Chiller is better than nothing in extreme temperatures and situations.

It can also provide a little more oomph than a regular fan in an enclosed area, according to some consumers.

Worst Rating:

Many consumers say that it doesn’t work for cooling more than the smallest of spaces, while others report that they’ve had issues with leakages creating wet spots inside the home.

Others claim that it doesn’t last for long, breaking down too soon to get your money’s worth.

Bottom Line:

It’s a cheap unit that might give you a little bit of relief, but it seems just as likely to give you problems.

What Type of Unit is the Arctic Air Ultra Fan?

The Arctic Air Ultra Fan is very similar in design to the Personal Air Chiller. It has 3 speeds, and offers cooling, humidifying, and purifying for your air.

It’s meant to be used indoors as well and is portable so that the cool air can follow you, reducing the impact on your electric bill.

According to the Advertisements, just add water, and it’ll do the rest, with 10 hours before it needs a refill.

How Much Does an Arctic Air Ultra Fan Cost?

Big Lots advertises these units for $39.99

What Kind of Reviews Does the Arctic Air Ultra Fan Have?

Sadly, this fan doesn’t have the best reputation, and is rated at only 1.8 stars with the majority of reviews being 1 star criticisms.

Best Rating:

One 5 star review says it works great in close quarters, and provides not only cooling breezes, but fresher air to alleviate the conditions of extreme heat.

Worst Rating:

Many consumers have offered a 1 star rating saying the product doesn’t work without being in close quarters, and often leaks onto furniture, creating a large mess that isn’t worth the hassle.

In fact, some people have even said that a plain box fan is a better bargain for your buck than this unit.

Bottom Line:

The general impression left by reviewers is that this unit might do all right in close quarters, but you’ll have to watch out for puddles, and it’s not that helpful for larger spaces.

Can I Buy Window Units At Big Lots?

If you’re looking for an Air Conditioner specifically, then you’re not likely to find anything at Big Lots, at least not during the summer season. That includes window units.

If you really want to purchase some form of climate control from Big Lots, you can look into Fans or Humidifiers.

Big Lots does offer box fans and 9 inch window fans, with prices ranging from $19.99 to $49.99, depending on which item you purchase.

What Brands of Air Conditioners Are Sold at Big Lots?

In the current inventory, there aren’t any A/C units being offered. However, there are several brands of other cooling units. However, when it comes to cooling appliances in general, there are several brands being offered.

Arctic Air (Evaporative Coolers)

Bytech (LED Cooling Fan)

Black and Decker (Humidifiers)

Lasko (Power Fans in several sizes)

Lakewood (Box Fans)

Riverside (Oscillating Fan)

Best Overall
Black + Decker BPACT10WT Portable RV Air Conditioner

If you’re looking for a portable RV air conditioning unit that walks the perfect line between performance and affordability, the best portable A/C for RV is the Black + Decker BPACT10WT Portable Air Conditioner. 

What Does an Air Conditioner From Big Lots Cost?

With A/C unit demand at its peak for the summer season, Big Lots isn’t stocking A/C units, at least not consistently. So, there’s no telling what kind of price you would find a unit at.

If you’re looking into general cooling technologies at Big Lots:

– Basic Fans start out at less than $10 and move up in price $60 for a high powered oscillating tower fan.

– Humidifiers are more expensive, ranging from $55 for a smaller unit to $245 for some of the larger and more versatile units.

Does Big Lots Offer a Warranty on Their AC Units?

Big Lots offers the opportunity to make a warranty claim within 30 days of purchase for any of their items, including cooling units of all kinds.

In some cases, you can also get an additional warranty through the manufacturer.

Big Lots may not be stocking A/C units at the moment, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of affordable options to help you cool down.



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