What Is The Difference Between a Dry Bath And A Wet Bath In An RV or Camper?

Difference Between a Dry Bath and a Wet Bath in an RV or Camper

When buying an RV or camper, one of the more confusing options you might have to choose between is having a dry bath or wet bath.  Although it may seem trivial, choosing the right bathroom setup is important. 

What is the difference between a dry bath and a wet bath in an RV or Camper? A dry bath is like your normal bathroom, where you have a separate shower, toilet, and sink. Wet baths, on the other hand, combine the toiler, shower, and sink all into one compact area. 

The bathroom you have will be important, especially when you are spending several days or weeks in the RV. 

So, it is vital to be aware of the differences between the two options so that your bathroom is as comfortable as possible for those long road trips.

The Differences Between Dry Baths and Wet Baths

Choosing between dry and wet baths can be a bit confusing, especially if you are new to campers and RVs. 

Dry baths have a shower stall that is separate from the sink and toilet area. Like the name states, this keeps the rest of your bathroom dry when you are showering.

RV Dry Bath

A wet bath, on the other hand, has the shower and showerhead in the same small space as the toilet and sink, so you actually shower directly next to the other bathroom appliances.

Pros of a Dry RV Bathroom

Having a dry bathroom in your RV or camper can be pretty nice, and they offer many advantages.

One of the biggest advantages that dry bathrooms offer is the home bathroom feel.  The shower, toilet, and sink are all separate from each other. 

Even though it is much smaller than a traditional bathroom, many people will be more comfortable with it since this setup is what they are used to.

Another advantage you get is that you can have two morning routines going at once.  For example, one person can use the shower while the other brushes their teeth.  And, again, this gives you that home bathroom experience that you are used to. 

Dry bathrooms will also give you storage space, which is something you can never have too much of on an RV or camper.

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Cons of a Dry RV or Camper Bathroom

There are some disadvantages that come with dry bathrooms, and, for some, it may be enough to seek another option.

The biggest con of dry bathrooms is the space they take up.  Since all the bathroom appliances are separated in the room, more space will be taken up. 

That means you will be sacrificing space in your bedroom, sitting room/galley, etc.

Another disadvantage is that, just like with a normal bathroom, you will have to regularly dust the surfaces and maintain the cabinets, sweep the floors, and wipe down the toilet.

Also, the shower in dry bathrooms is usually very small.  But, this is, unfortunately, the case for most RV bathrooms, wet or dry.

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Advantages of a Wet Bathroom in Your Camper

The biggest advantage of the wet bathroom design is the extra space that you get.  In wet bathrooms, all the bathroom appliances are relegated to one small space. 

So, your toilet and sink are in the same small space as your shower.  As a result, you get much more space in the other areas of your RV or camper.

Another big advantage is that it does not need to be cleaned as often since the water and soap from your showers will clean stuff off.

RV Wet Bath

It is still a good idea to clean it about every two weeks or so, just so that it stays looking and smelling nice.

Another advantage you have is that you have a place to sit while showering since you have the toilet in there with you.  Some of y’all may scoff at this, but it is a surprisingly nice option to have!

The final advantage is that, in some cases, the bathrooms can actually be roomy. So, when you are taking a shower, you won’t be crammed as small space as in a dry bathroom.

Disadvantages of a Wet Bathroom In Your RV

One con of the wet bathroom is that they can be small.  Ok, I know I just said that they can be roomy, but this is not always the case. 

Especially in smaller campers and RVs, wet bathrooms can be pretty tight since there is less space to work with. 

Another disadvantage is that you need to wipe down the shower after each use.  Typically, you need to squeegee it and wipe it down with a towel.  

This helps to prevent mold and mildew from growing in your camper or RV. 

Top 5 Tips for Showering in Your RV Wet Bath >> Check out the video below:


The good thing though is that it is easier to do this than it is to do a full clean of the bathroom every week.

Also, you will need to cover up your toilet paper and anything else you don’t want to get wet.  This could be stored outside of the bathroom during the shower or, if kept in the bathroom, it needs to be under or in something to keep it dry. 

For example, you could use an umbrella bag that they hand out in stores.

The last disadvantage is that you cannot double up on your morning routines like you can in a dry bathroom.

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Don’t Knock Wet Bathrooms

So, now that you know more about your two options, you are probably coming close to making a decision.  Either is a great option.

Many are probably leaning towards the dry bath since it offers the comfort of home. 

But, don’t knock a wet bath.  I know there were a few more cons that came with it, but lots of that stuff is pretty minuscule and you will eventually get into a rhythm and won’t notice too big of a difference.

But, don’t knock a wet bath.  I know there were a few more cons that came with it, but lots of that stuff is pretty minuscule and you will eventually get into a rhythm and won’t notice too big of a difference.

Additionally, the extra space that they can give you is a huge advantage, especially for smaller RVs and campers. 

After all, how much time will you spend in the bathroom anyway?  Having more space outside the bathroom will be worth it to some.

How Should I Use A Wet Bath?

As you can see, wet baths are quite different from your normal bathroom.  And, as a result, there are some things that you should have to make sure that the bathroom experience is as comfortable as possible. 

So, if this is the option you go for, here are items that I recommend:

  • Low-flow showerhead with good pressure and an on-off switch, so that showering is as easy as possible.
  • Quick-dry body towels, so that your towels can dry quickly and easily.
  • Wooden bath mat, to make sure your feet don’t get wet from excess water.
  • Small heater, so that you stay warm when you walk out of the shower.

The video also has a quick tutorial on how to quickly and easily set up and tear down your wet bath. 

The setup and tear down he demonstrates is actually pretty easy.  It really just adds five to ten minutes to your shower routine.


Having an accommodating bathroom is pretty important to most people.  So, choosing the right bathroom for your RV or camper is a big decision.

A dry bathroom, unfortunately, takes up lots of space.  But, many people choose it because they are most comfortable with having that at-home feel while on the road. 

On the other hand, some people will not mind having a compact bathroom in order to maximize the space in their vehicle.  

When it comes to making a decision, study the options, mull it over, and choose what you think will be best for you or you and your family.

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