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Do you know what Costco’s clothing return policy is or how can you return an item purchased in a Costco Warehouse? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Costco has a “risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee,” which means you can return clothing for a full refund at any time, without the receipt, even if the tags are removed or clothing is worn. You will need to be a Costco member in order to make returns. If the clothing was a gift, the recipient will need the original purchaser’s membership number. 

Costco has one of the most liberal return policies of any big retailer. While many impose a time limit or require tags to be on and clothing to be unworn, Costco really will let you return almost any item without too much hassle.

(Exceptions to this policy include alcohol, cigarettes, diamonds, and custom-made items, among others.)

Clothing bought at Costco can be returned for any reason for no reason other than that you just changed your mind.

Read on for some information on returning clothing to Costco. 

Can I Return Clothing in Any Condition?

Costco wants you to be totally happy with your purchase, which means they will accept clothing that has been worn (and with tags removed). After all, how do you know if you like something until you have worn it? 

It has been reported that Costco may not accept returns of clothing that is completely worn out or has excessive wear and tear.

This will depend on the store manager’s discretion. (If you are abusing the return policy, your account may be flagged.) Clothing that is in decent condition should be accepted for return. 

You will not need the original packaging, though it’s good if you have all the original pieces. For example, both the top and bottom of a bathing suit. 

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Is There a Time Limit for Returns?

Costco imposes a 90-day window on some items (electronics, mostly) though the window does not apply for clothing. This means that you can return clothing to Costco even years after you purchased it. 

Do I Need a Receipt?

No. You can return any item without a receipt, though you will need to have all the components/pieces/garments that were originally included in the purchase. 

You will also need your membership card, so they can look up your original purchase. You still need to be a member to make a return.

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What if it’s a Gift Return?

Gifts can also be returned to Costco, even by the recipient of the gift. The recipient doesn’t need to be a Costco member to make a return, though the original purchaser must still be a member. If you are returning a gift you will need the membership number of the original purchaser. 

In the case of a gift, it’s a good idea to include the original receipt or a gift receipt, if possible.

If the original purchaser is no longer a Costco member, you will be out of luck. 

What if I Make a Lot of Returns?

Costco tracks everything you buy back to your membership, which means they also track everything you return. 

If you are abusing the return policy, your account may be flagged for abuse of Costco policies. It has been reported that Costco may discontinue your membership for making too many returns. 

Keep in mind that we all want to keep this broad return policy, and if many people abuse it, Costco will ultimately have to change the policy. (This actually happened with electronics, which is why Costco now imposes a 90-day return limit on some purchases.)

What if I Used a Debit Card?

You won’t necessarily get cash back if you return a purchase made with a debit card. You may receive a Costco cash card instead of cash.

Keep this in mind if you are purchasing gifts with a debit card–your recipient may not be able to return the gifts for cash. 

For other payment methods, the amount is returned to the original method of payment. 

What if I Bought Clothing Online?

You can return online purchases back to the store and get an immediate refund, or you can return them via the Costco online returns website.

You will get a return label or schedule a pick-up if available. You will not need to pay return shipping charges. 

Keep in mind that while clothing is returnable online, not all products are (this includes some jewelry purchases). 

Can I Make a Costco Return for Someone Else?

Probably not. Unless something is a gift, the original purchaser will have to make the return. And keep in mind the original purchaser must still be a member to get a refund. 

Does Costco Allow Exchanges?

No. Costco’s liberal return policy means you will need to bring back one item and purchase another item in the correct size/color/etc.

The advantage of such a wide return policy is you can repurchase a new item knowing you will most likely get your money back for the original purchase. 

Can I Return Shoes to Costco?

Yes, shoes have the same return policy as other apparel items. So, even if you wore the shoes and realized they just really hurt your feet, you can still return them for a refund. 

What Happens to Clothing Returned to Costco?

It depends on the condition of the clothing. Clothing that hasn’t been worn, with tags on, may still be sold or transferred to a liquidator for sale. 

Clothing that has been worn will be disposed of. 


Costco wants you to be happy with your purchases, even after you get them home and look at them in your home mirror, realize you already have too many shirts, or get blisters from your running shoes.

Their belief is that consumers will be more likely to make purchases if they know they can change their minds. 

In part, Costco can do this because they track everything you buy and return with your membership number–so they know when the system is being abused and by whom. 

Rest assured if you make a purchase and change your mind, you can probably get your money back. 



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