Costa Sunglasses Repair Policy (Do They Have One + More) 

Costa Sunglasses Repair Policy

Do you know what Costa Sunglasses’ repair policy is? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

If you have purchased a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses you may be wondering how long they will last, if they can be returned, and if they can be exchanged or repaired.

Read on to find out more about Costa’s policies.

Costa Del Mar offers a variety of high-quality sunglasses, including prescription sunglasses.

But what is Costa sunglasses repair policy? Costa offers a repair program for their sunglasses, as well as returns and various limited warranties. Costa’s returns policy states that sunglasses can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, shipping back to Costa with a pre-paid returns label for free. Costa offers a repairs program, where sunglasses are assessed for damage, and if they are defective will be repaired.

Costa’s limited warranties state that if the sunglasses are defective in materials or manufacturing they will be repaired or replaced.

The following will explore Costa’s repair and returns policies, and limited warranties, in further detail.

What Sunglasses Do Costa Del Mar Sell?

Most of Costa sunglasses are made by hand in the U.S, and are examined by at least eight people to ensure they are of high quality and can meet the limited warranty.

Costa offers sunglasses of various sizes, colors, and designs. Each sunglass style is available in a narrow, regular, or wide fit. Measurements are available online, but if the sunglasses do not fit they can be returned.

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What Is Costa Sunglasses Repair Policy?

Costa sunglasses can be sent in for repair if they are damaged.

  1. Visit Costa’s Customer Care Service and begin the Limited Warranty or Repair Program process.
  2. A shipping label will be sent which should be printed and attached to a package.
  3. Ship the sunglasses back to Costa.
  4. Costa will assess the sunglasses for damage within 5 business days.
  5. If the frame can be repaired it will be repaired under the Repair Program, but if it cannot be repaired due to component parts not being available, a replacement frame can be offered instead that is either identical or at the same price and style.
  6. It can take three weeks for the glasses to be repaired and returned.
  7. Repair costs vary depending on the repairs needed.
  8. Customers will be charged for shipping and handling of sunglasses repairs.

What Is Costa Sunglasses Returns Policy?

Costa Del Mar sunglasses can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Returns are free for all U.S states except Alaska and Hawaii.

Sunglasses can be returned if they do not fit, or if the customer is not 100% satisfied with the purchase.

Conditions of the returns policy are:

  • Sunglasses must be in the original condition, original packaging, and in new and sellable condition.
  • Sale items are not eligible for returns.
  • Items cannot be exchanged, but refunded and repurchased.
  • Items must be shipped back to Costa within 30 days of the date the item was received.

How to return items to Costa:

  1. Complete the online return request form.
  2. A pre-paid return label will be sent through email within 1 business day of the return request.
  3. Print the label and attach it to the box.
  4. Take the box to the nearest UPS location to ship it back.
  5. Once the return has been received and processed a confirmation email will be sent informing you that the refund has been processed. This could take up to 15 business days and once the email is sent it can take 5 business days for the refund to appear in your account.

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What Is Costa Sunglasses Warranty Policy?

Costa have a variety of limited warranties in place, including:

  • Limited Warranty
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Prescription (Rx) Sunglass Limited Warranty

All limited warranties apply to U.S, Canada, and the U.S Special Territories only.

Limited Warranty – If the Costa sunglasses have a defect in materials or manufacturing they will be repaired or replaced.

Limited Lifetime Warranty – Warrants Costa sunglasses against defects in materials or manufacturing for the product’s lifetime.
Any product determined to have a manufacturer’s defect will be repaired or replaced.
This warranty does not cover wear and tear, scratches, broken hinges, accidental damage, or damage due to misuse.

Prescription (Rx) Sunglass Limited Warranty – Warrants Costa Prescription (Rx) sunglass lenses and frames against defects in materials and manufacturing for two years from the purchase date.

Warrants Costa Prescription (Rx) sunglass lenses against scratches for one year from the purchase date.
Any prescription lenses or frames determined to have a manufacturers fault will be repaired or replaced. Lenses determined to have scratches will be replaced one time.

Conditions of Costa’s limited warranties:

  • Requires proof of purchase.
    Must be returned to the Eye Care Practitioner.
  • The customer is responsible for shipping and handling costs.

Costa’s warranty process:

  1. Visit Costa’s Customer Care Service and begin the Limited Warranty process.
  2. Fill in the correct details of which warranty you require.
  3. A shipping label will be provided.
  4. Send the glasses back to the Eye Care Practitioner.
  5. Costa will assess the glasses and lenses and will determine within 5 business days if the product meets the terms of the appropriate warranty and can be repaired or replaced.

What Is Costa Sunglasses Care Recommendations?

  • Use lens cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth to clean the sunglasses.
  • Keep the sunglasses away from extreme weather when not wearing, and keep them stored in the protective case.
  • Frames can be maintained through regular tightening of the hinge screws.

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