Coach Christmas Return Policy (All You Need To Know)

Coach Christmas Return Policy

Coach is a luxury brand that sells top-rated clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. Because it is a luxury brand, Coach products are high-quality, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking prematurely. However, you may change your mind and simply want to return the product.

It’s helpful to know the Coach return policy so you can return the product.

Especially during the holiday season, you need to be aware of both the Christmas return policy and the regular return policy so you can return Coach items accordingly.

Below, learn about both the Coach Christmas return policy and the regular Coach return policy.


Coach Christmas Return Policy

During the holiday season, Coach offers an extended return policy on almost all of its products.

The exact dates change from year to year, but Coach generally offers a deadline for products purchased from October through December that is extended until the middle of January.

For example, the holiday shopping season for Coach in 2021 was October 1st through December 18th. Any item purchased during this window was eligible for holiday returns. These items need to be returned by January 17th, 2022.

This extended Christmas return policy is generally the same every year, but the days may alternate slightly.

For this reason, you will want to research the exact day the purchase is due each year you purchase Coach.

Regular Coach Return Policy

Even if you only purchase Coach during the holiday season, it’s still a good idea to know the specifics of the regular return policy.

After all, the specifics of the Christmas and regular return policies are the same, with the exception of the return window.

Under the regular return policy, Coach items are required to be returned within 30 days of their purchase. You will be refunded in full to the payment method used.

In order for the refund to be approved, the item must be in its original form and be unworn and unused. All tags, accessories, and parts must be included as well.

If you want the refund to be added to the payment method used to pay for the product, you need the receipt or some proof of purchase.

If you do not have the receipt, Coach will still issue a refund, but you will only be refunded in the form of store credit, and the amount given will match the lowest selling price of that item within the last month.

After your refund has been received by either a store or mail-in location, you need to wait between five and seven business days for the item to be processed.

After that, you can expect to see the refund hit your account.

Items Not Eligible for Return

Unfortunately, not all items are eligible for a return, though. Most notably, customized items, made-to-order items, leather care products, and fragrances are all final sales.

These items are simply not eligible for return.

If you are not happy with a customized Coach Create piece, you can bring it to a Coach store that offers customization services.

There, Coach will change the embellishments for free, but they cannot issue a refund.

Returning Coach to Third-Party Sellers

It’s important to point out that the return policies mentioned above apply to, Coach retail locations, and Coach outlets. They do not apply to third-party sellers who happen to sell Coach.

If you purchased a Coach product through a third-party seller, you would need to check with that seller’s Christmas return and regular return policy instead.

For example, let’s say that you bought a Coach purse at Belk during the holiday season. In this scenario, you purchased Coach through the third-party seller Belk.

As a result, you will have to check Belk’s return policy to learn when you can return the product.


How to Return Coach Products

You can return Coach products in one of two ways: at a Coach retail store or online.

In-store returns are available for both in-store and online purchases, but online returns are only available for online purchases.

In-Store Returns

If you purchase the Coach item at a retail store, you will need to return it to a retail store within 30 days. You can return online purchases at a retail location as well.

Bring your original receipt, the item, and all items included in the packaging for the return. The workers at the retail location will help you complete the return.

For online orders, the in-store return option is the cheapest. It is completely free to return a Coach product in-store, but you will have to pay to ship if you return it via the mail.

Online Returns

If you purchased a Coach item through, you could mail the item in for a return. What you’ll need to do is log into the account used to purchase the item.

After that, issue a return. Another way you can issue an online return is to fill out the return form that came with the order.

Fill out this form and put it with your package:

You will need to issue the package out to:

CSI Returns

One Coach Way

Jacksonville, FL 32218

For best results, ship the package through UPS, USPS, or FedEx. That way, the package is traceable.

Unfortunately, you will have to pay for shipping charges associated with the return. If you want to avoid this charge, return the product in-store instead.

Coach Return Policy FAQs

Does Coach accept returns after 30 days?

Unless there is a special extended warranty on your product, Coach will not accept returns after the initial 30-day window.

Can you return to Coach Outlet without a receipt?

Coach recommends that you bring the original receipt, e-mail confirmation, or packing slip whenever you wish to return an item.

However, Coach sometimes issues refunds in the form of store credit if the original receipt has been lost.

Can I return an online order in-store in Coach?

Yes. Online orders can be returned via mail or in-store location. The in-store location is actually the most convenient because you don’t have to pay for return shipping like you would with the mailing option.

Can I return Coach at a different store?

It depends. You must return a Coach product to a store that is equivalent to the store you purchased the product from.

For example, you cannot return an item purchased from a Coach outlet to a Coach store, but you can return that product to any outlet store. So, return Coach products to Coach but Coach outlet to Coach outlet.

Note that you cannot return Coach products that were purchased from a third-party vendor to Coach. Instead, you must return the Coach product to the store you purchased it from.


Coach offers an extended Christmas return policy. Most years, this policy extends from October to December, allowing you to return Coach products until January.

The exact dates vary from year to year. Research the dates right before October to learn when the holiday season begins and ends for Coach.

Understand that this return policy only applies to products purchased through Coach. If you purchase a Coach product through another vendor, this return policy does not apply.

Instead, that vendor’s policy is what you should research.



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