Burlington Christmas Return Policy (All You Need To Know)

Burlington Christmas Return Policy

Do you know what Burlington’s return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If you’re thinking of doing some of your holiday shopping at Burlington this year, then you are probably wondering: is there a Burlington Christmas return policy? Well, you’re in the right place to find the answer!

Usually, any purchases made between October 14 and December 6 can be returned up until January 5, and Loyalty members have until January 20 to make returns. Updates to this policy are posted on the website each year.

Read ahead to discover all you need to know about the Burlington return policy and how it might be slightly different around the holidays.

What Is Burlington?

Before we get into all of the specifics about the return policy that Burlington has, we should investigate the company a little bit and discover more about what they do.

Burlington is a national US-based off-price department store that is a division of the Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation.

The concept began as a way for founders Henrietta and Monroe Milstein to sell coats and jackets wholesale from inside a factory building, and it has since expanded to become one of the largest department store chains in America.

They are known for providing a wide variety of products at great value, particularly clothing and home décor. There are now around 1000 different Burlington locations in the United States and the company employs about 40,000 people, with a reported revenue in 2021 of over $9 billion.

Since their business model is so heavily focused on providing value and encouraging loyalty, it’s no surprise that they have a reasonably generous return policy around the holiday period.

What Christmas Gifts Can You Buy At Burlington?

If you’re looking for somewhere with a lot of different gift options, then Burlington is certainly a great place to shop.

They have a lot of different products on sale at very competitive prices, so you’re bound to find something to suit whomever you are shopping for.

At Burlington, you can buy:

  • Clothing
  • Activewear
  • Handbags
  • Accessories
  • Shoes
  • Home Décor
  • Beauty
  • And more…

There’s a lot to choose from in their stores. When you’re shopping for clothing as a gift, though, it can be a bit of a gamble, so you want to know that there is a decent return policy in place in case you end up choosing the wrong size or style.

What Is The Burlington Christmas Return Policy?

Shopping for the holidays can be really tricky because you want to pick something up as early as possible, but that means the window for getting a return or an exchange can run out before the person you’re giving it to even has a chance to open the package.

This is particularly a problem with clothing, as the best size and fit can be so hard to judge.

Fortunately, many retailers have extended return policies around Christmastime for just this reason.

Practically every year, Burlington puts a Christmas return policy in place, and it is usually very generous! Generally, anything that you buy between October 14 and December 6 can be returned on any date up until January 5, and Loyalty members are allowed until January 20 to make returns.

The exact dates for their Christmas policy can change yearly, so it’s worth checking the Burlington website to see if there has been any news.

It’s certainly a great extension, but it does mean you need to be a little bit organized to make the most of it. Last-minute Christmas purchases, made after December 7, will simply have the standard 30 days for returns (which works out to be the same window), and you do need to get your return in pretty quickly once the holidays are over.

What Is The Standard Burlington Return Policy?

To understand more about what you are getting with the Christmas return policy at Burlington we also need to know how the standard policy works, what you are covered for, and how you can make a claim.

For most of the year, you have 30 days to return any item purchased at Burlington for a refund or an exchange. Any valid returns made after that time period will receive a merchandise credit for the lowest selling price.

It’s pretty standard for the industry, although it is certainly less time than you get around the holidays.

What Is Covered By The Burlington Return Policy?

Nothing is explicitly excluded from the return policy at Burlington, which is great, but there are some stipulations.

For your item to be eligible for a full refund or exchange, you need to return it in new condition – which means unused and unwashed – and it needs to be in its original packaging.

The fact that it needs to be in “new condition” is common for any company that sells clothing, and it generally means that you are still covered for a gift that is only tried on once or twice to see if it fits.

Bringing back the item in all of its original packaging, though, might be a slight issue when it comes to returning a gift, but you tend to find that there is a bit of leeway in that area.

What Is The Return Policy For Burlington Loyalty Members?

The Loyalty scheme at Burlington gives a number of benefits, one of the most significant of which is an extension to the return period.

Loyalty members have 45 days from the date of purchase to make a return, rather than the standard 30 days.

Other benefits of being a Loyalty member include early notification of new arrivals and markdowns, e-receipts for your purchases, and bonus credit options for layaway transactions.

How Do You Make A Return At Burlington?

If you do want to make a return at Burlington, the process is pretty straightforward.

Simply take your items directly to a store, and bring your original receipt with you if you can.

If you don’t have the original receipt, then you will need to present a valid form of photo ID (driver’s license, state-issued non-driver ID, passport, or military ID). Without a receipt, you will receive a merchandise credit for the lowest selling price rather than a standard refund.

If you are eligible for a refund, it will be issued to the original form of payment, which might be a little tricky for a Christmas gift.

They also make sure to note that all returns at Burlington are subject to a third-party verification process.

Can You Buy A Gift Card For Burlington?

If you’re thinking that buying something specific from Burlington might be too much of a risk, you can always opt for a gift card to the store instead.

Burlington sells gift cards that can be used for any merchandise in any of their stores, which definitely gives more flexibility to the person that you are buying for.

It might be less personal, but you know that you won’t get the wrong size or style!


So, does Burlington have a Christmas return policy? Usually, yes! Although it can change on a yearly basis, so can check their website for the newest version of the holiday return policy that they have in place.

Usually, items purchased at Burlington between October 14 and December 6 can be returned all the way up until January 5, and Loyalty members have until January 15.

It’s definitely a great policy for organized Christmas shoppers, but you do need to make sure that any returned items are brought back in new condition – unwashed and unused.




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