Catalina Crunch Nutrition Facts (Cookies + Snacks)

Catalina Crunch Nutrition Facts

Do you know what are Catalina Crunch’s nutrition facts? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Catalina crunch company has a total of 3 purely vegan, keto-friendly snacks, the most popular of them being the Catalina crunch cereal. Catalina crunch products are keto-friendly, made of all vegan and natural ingredients, gluten free, grain free, sugar free, and non-GMO.

The nutritional blend of Catalina Crunch products is a blend of all natural ingredients packed with nutrients.

In this article, we’ll cover the nutritional aspects of Catalina Crunch breakfast snacks, their pros, and cons, as well as any additional information that may be of help to you.

What is Catalina Crunch?

Catalina crunch cereal and other snacks were created as healthier alternatives to normal snacks which offer nothing but sugar and empty carbs.

The cereal in specific has all the properties necessary for it to be declared a healthy cereal perfect for snacking on or eating in breakfast if you’re diabetic, calorie conscious, or want to eat healthier without compromising on the taste.

Currently, the cereal comes in 8 different flavors; fruity, dark chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate banana, maple waffle, mint chocolate chip, cinnamon toast, and honey graham, also available to be bought in variety bundles on their official website.

Because of their particular nature and method of manufacture, the snacks lie on the more expensive end of the spectrum, however, people claim the cereal is well worth it.

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What is Catalina Crunch made of?

Before getting into the detail of each ingredient present in Catalina Crunch, let’s first list them (note that the amount of ingredients may vary minimally depending on the cereal flavor, here the nutritional facts for the flavor fruity are listed).

Calories and nutrients

·        Total fat 7g (saturated fat 0.5g)

·        Sodium 110mg

·        Total carbohydrates 14g (dietary fiber 9g)

·        Protein 11g

·        Calcium 50mg

·        Iron 1.6mg

·        Potassium 30mg


·        Catalina flour

·        Pea protein

·        Potato fiber, corn fiber, chicory root fiber

·        Guar gum

·        Tapioca flour

·        Organic high oleic sunflower oil

·        Baking powder

·        Natural flavors

·        Fruit and vegetable juice

·        Calcium carbonate

·        Stevia extract

All Catalina Crunch cereals are made of keto approved ingredients, with absolutely no added sugar or gluten.

Compared to other low carb cereals, Catalina Crunch is made from pea-proteins instead of a starch base and are well packed with fibers and healthy nutrients.

The cereals also contain 7 proteins and fibers, including resistant starches (the ones that the body cannot digest and thus have no glycemic effects).

A stark contrast to other keto-friendly cereal brands, the high fiber content present within the Catalina Crunch cereals gives you a fuller feeling throughout the day, so you don’t get as hungry as usual. Along with that, the fiber content also helps with your stomach’s digestive capabilities, helping you avoid digestive problems and anomalies.

The proteins used in this cereal are completely plant based, making it not only keto approved, but also vegan, catering to a larger and more specific audience than normal cereals would. The high protein content fulfills your body’s nutrient needs as well as provides you with the necessary amino acids needed for bodily functions.

The potato fiber, pea fiber, and corn fiber present in the cereals are refined versions of the fiber present in plants through processing, to be turned into low carb fibers and proteins, healthier for consumption.

While this adds to the total carb content, most of it is just fiber, leaving behind less net calories, perfect for remaining in ketosis.

The cereals are baked hence the need for baking powder within the ingredients. The vegetable and fruit juices are only added to give the cereals its flavoring as well as some saturated fats, whereas the stevia extracts help add some sweetening flavor to the cereals.

Another important fact about this cereal is that, it does not contain the following; cholesterol, GMO ingredients, gluten, grains, nuts, sugar, sugar based alcohols, dairy (making it vegan), and artificial sweeteners or ingredients. The cereals also don’t contain any animal products apart from the Honey Graham flavor.

Texture wise, Catalina Crunch cereals are just that; crunchy. Being so, they help you lose a lot of calories because of the added benefit of having to chew a lot, getting you the exercise and the sharp jawline you so desire.

The crunchy texture also helps you feel fuller throughout the day, compared to other similar cereal brands.

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What’s the nutritional value of one serving of Catalina Crunch cereal?

For a 36 gram serving size (or half cup), the serving contains a total of 14g total carbs and 9g fiber, equating to 5g net carbs, which is significantly less than normal cereals packed with carbs and sugary contents. Each serving constitutes:

·        0 sugar

·        110 calories

·        11g proteins

·        6g fat

Is Catalina Crunch cereal worth it?

The main benefit of purchasing and incorporating Catalina Crunch within your diet is that it’s suitable for almost all kinds of diets except paleo.

The cereals are suitable for keto, gluten free, low carb, and vegan diets as well as for people who have medical conditions such as diabetes preventing them from consuming real sugars.

In this sense, this cereal provides a relief, a sense of joy, and a nostalgic taste for those on a diet or with medical conditions and constrained dietary options. It also helps that there’s a variety of flavors and mixes, making you feel like you have a lot of options to choose from.

Along with all the pros, there are some cons to these cereals. Firstly, the tapioca flour used to make the cereal is not a keto approved ingredient, which raises concerns from the keto dieters as the cereal is branded to be keto-friendly.

The cereal also has less fat, so you need an extra source of it in breakfast to balance the carbs out.

Another concern raised was that, the stevia ingredient used for sweetening usually has a very bad aftertaste, the likes of normal sugars.

The sunflower oil, which contains linoleic acid, is also rumored to be the cause of inflammation in the body when used in baking, but fortunately, the sunflower oil used in this cereal has less linoleic acid.

The downside to the cereal being sugar free, carb free, gluten free and vegan is that it has to use a lot of alternating ingredients, the likes of which are not commonly available in the market and have to be specifically purchased.

As such, these ingredients (pea protein, monk fruit) also cost more, because of their specified uses and higher quality.



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