Cat And Jack Return Policy Without Receipt

cat and jack return policy without receipt

It can feel like you’re always buying new children’s clothes and returning ones that didn’t fit the bill. If you’re thinking of shopping at Target, then you will want to know, what is the Cat and Jack return policy without a receipt?

For almost all Cat and Jack products at Target, you have one year to make a return. If you do not have a receipt the return can be limited, but there are a number of ways to show proof of purchase.

Read ahead to find out exactly what options you have!

What Is Cat And Jack?

Before we get into the specifics of the return policy that you get with Cat and Jack items, we should delve a little deeper into the brand itself, and exactly what it is.

Cat and Jack (or Cat & Jack) is a Target Owned Brand that makes children’s clothing exclusively for Target stores. It was launched in July 2016 and is a line of apparel and accessories for kids and babies. The ethos of the brand is to deliver high-quality clothes for any occasion at an affordable price.

As the seventh largest retailer in the United States, Target operates nearly 2,000 stores across North America and reported revenue of $107 billion in 2021. At Target, you can buy everything from appliances to food to clothing – and they are very well known for offering low-cost alternatives to premium branded goods.

Cat and Jack is just one of many brands that are exclusive to Target, but what do they actually make and how tricky is it to return their products with no receipt?

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What Does Cat And Jack Make?

If you’re trying to fill up a wardrobe for a child of almost any age, Cat and Jack definitely have options for you.

Their selection is absolutely vast, and they cover pretty much anything you could imagine. They offer clothing for babies from newborn to 24 months, all toddler sizes, boys’ sizes 4-18, and girls’ sizes 4-20.

In terms of what you will actually find on the shelves or online, you can get your hands on:

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Shoes
  • Dresses and jumpsuits
  • Clothing Sets
  • Swimsuits and cover ups
  • Hats, gloves, and scarves
  • Underwear
  • Bags, luggage, and accessories
  • Belts and ties
  • Jewelry
  • Eyewear
  • And more besides…

Cat and Jack is just another example of what makes Target such a one-stop shop, but it is not just the selection on offer that makes this brand appealing.

They also have an incredibly generous return policy, that is even flexible when it comes to proof of purchase.

What Is The Cat And Jack Return Policy?

As a Target Owned Brand, you get an extended time period for getting a refund or exchange on almost any Cat and Jack products.

You have one year to return Cat and Jack products, although they do prefer you to bring or send your original receipt if possible.

Don’t worry too much if you don’t have the physical receipt anymore, though, you have a lot of alternative options as well.

What Is The Cat And Jack Return Policy With No Receipt?

If you do not have the receipt, there are other ways to find proof of purchase for your Cat and Jack items. Some of the different options that you have are:

  • You can use your Target account to find a return barcode or receipt (if the purchase was made using your account)
  • You can use delivery or shipping confirmation emails for online purchases
  • Target can try to look up receipts for in-store or online purchases on their system, if you bring the item, payment method, and an ID to Guest Services.

They will usually be able to find a receipt, especially if you paid using a Target RedCard, a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover credit card.

If you do not manage to find any kind of proof of purchase, you’re still not completely out of luck; you might just receive your refund in the form of a merchandise return card instead.

These cards are available for use on any merchandise or services at Target stores (apart from gift cards and prepaid cards), but they cannot be used online.

You will need a valid ID in order to receive one of these cards, but you do not need proof of purchase.

How Do You Return Cat And Jack Products?

Actually making a return of any Cat and Jack products is very simple.

You can take anything purchased in-store back to any Target location. Simply bring it to the Guest Services desk with any proof of purchase that you have and the original payment method if needed.

For items purchased online, you can also bring them to a store in the same way or you can start a return online and mail them with a free return mailing label. It is easiest to use the website or the Target app and start the return process from the Purchases or Orders section.

Refunds will be made to the same payment method that was used for the purchase, and replacements and exchanges are subject to availability.

What Is The Standard Target Return Policy?

The return policy that you get with Cat and Jack items is actually a lot more generous than the standard policy at Target, which is a massive bonus when you’re shopping for children’s clothing.

The general Target return policy allows you to bring back almost any item within 90 days, as long as it is unopened and in new condition.

Are There Exceptions To The Target Return Policy?

There are actually quite a few exceptions to the basic Target returns and exchange policy, besides Cat and Jack, and many of them give you additional time and/or flexibility.

  • All Target Owned Brand items have the same one-year return window
  • Target RedCard purchases have an extra 30 days to return

Of course, there are other purchases you can make at Target that have more limited return options, and some items that cannot be returned at all.

  • Open collectibles, personalized items, opened/unsealed breast pumps, and specialty gift cards cannot be returned
  • Music, movies, video games, software, and airbeds can only be exchanged if opened
  • Electronics and entertainment items must be returned within 30 days
  • Apple products must be returned within 15 days
  • Mobile phones must be returned within 14 days

What Other Target Owned Brands Are There?

Cat and Jack is not the only brand under the Target umbrella. There are a large number of other names that you might recognize that are also covered by the very generous one-year period for getting a refund or an exchange.

The Target Owned Brands include:

  • All in Motion
  • Made By Design
  • Auden
  • Mondo Llama
  • JoyLab
  • Wondershop
  • up & up
  • Heyday
  • Good & Gather
  • Smartly
  • Embark
  • Casaluna
  • Bullseye’s Playground
  • And much more…

If you want to have the reassurance of a long and generous return policy, you can find almost any product that you could imagine under one or other of the dozens of Target brands.

For the full list of Target Owned Brands, you can visit their website.


So, what is the Cat and Jack return policy with no receipt? Well, the window and the overall policy are pretty generous. Although there aren’t any guarantees if you don’t have your receipt, you will normally get some kind of refund or exchange regardless.

There are several ways that you can find proof of purchase even if you have lost the receipt, including from your Target account, delivery or shipping confirmation emails, and in-store lookup.

You are likely to get a refund in the form of a merchandise return card, even without proof of purchase at all!



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