Can You Sleep At Rest Stops In South Carolina? (Law & Rules)

Can You Sleep At Rest Stops In south carolina

Have you ever wondered if you can sleep at rest stops in South Carolina? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

South Carolina has some of the more complicated rules for whether you can sleep at rest stops or not.

This is because it seemingly is up to the people patrolling the rest stops to determine whether you are allowed to sleep there or not. It seems that everybody has their own individual experience with rest stops in the state.

Let us explain.

Can You Sleep at Rest Stops in South Carolina?

Can You Sleep at Rest Stops in South Carolina? I cannot say for certain that you will not be allowed to sleep at the rest stop. However, with how often the rest stops in South Carolina are patrolled, we can’t imagine that you would be allowed to sleep for all that long anyway.

These rest stops are designed for taking a small break here and there.

While you are allowed to park at a rest stop in South Carolina, a lot of people have discovered that if they fall asleep while at the rest stop, somebody knocks on their window to wake them up.

This means that sleeping must be against the rules.

How Long Can You Stay at Rest Stops in South Carolina?

Again, this is something that we are struggling to find information on. While you are allowed to stay at rest stops, there seems to be no posted time limit.

Some people have claimed that they have only been allowed to stay at a rest stop for a few hours, while others have said that they are moved on pretty quickly once they appear that they are not tired.

In our opinion, you probably shouldn’t be staying at a rest stop in South Carolina for more than an hour or two. If you are genuinely too tired to drive, then you should find a paid location where you are able to stay.

Are There Other Rules for Staying at Rest Stops in South Carolina?

The thing is that because you are going to be staying at a rest stop in South Carolina for such a little amount of time, there aren’t really any rules that you can break.

👉 It should probably go without saying that you can’t pitch a tent or pull the awning of your vehicle down. You cannot give the impression you are staying long-term.

You also shouldn’t make any noise or do anything that would indicate that you are doing something other than resting at the rest stop. 

👉 It doesn’t even seem that you are allowed to cook at rest stops. You may be able to use a gas cooker but, even then, there seems to be no information that this is allowed.

Your safest bet is that whenever you arrive at a new rest stop, you should always check the rules that have been posted. If you are unsure as to whether you can do something, then ask.

What Happens if You Break the Rules?

You will be asked to leave. If you refuse to leave, then you will receive a criminal citation for trespassing.

The thing is that the rules are also confusing here. 

👉 The people that are patrolling these rest stops are not harsh. They do not want to cause accidents.

Some people have claimed that if they sleep or stay for more than a few hours, they have been allowed to stay at the rest stop simply because they were too tired to drive.

👉 It really does depend on who you deal with at the rest stop. One would assume that you are more likely to be moved on if you are driving a recreational vehicle than a commercial vehicle.

This is because the latter has legally required breaks, whereas recreational driving does not.

Is Staying at a Rest Stop in South Carolina Safe?

It would appear to be fairly safe, yes.

Since South Carolina rest stops are regularly patrolled and used fairly often, they should be safe. However, as with all rest stops, you still need to keep an eye out for yourself.

Crime is always going to be a risk no matter where you are.

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Can You Rest Stop Hop in South Carolina?

There does not seem to be any rules that prohibit you from rest stop hopping. However, we can’t imagine that there would be any point to it.

Since you are not allowed to stay at a rest stop in the state for too long, you would be hopping from rest stop to rest stop every couple of hours. There are only so many rest stops that you can visit!

If you are rest stop hopping in a bid to avoid paying campsite fees, then we can promise you that it isn’t worth it.

The amount of cash that you spend on gas to rest stop hop would probably end up being higher than at a campsite. You probably wouldn’t even be getting a good night of rest.

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How Do You Find a Rest Stop in South Carolina?

All rest stops in South Carolina should be clearly signposted. They will be found along roads that are used commercially. It is rare to find a rest stop in South Carolina that is a bit off the beaten track.

Remember, do not assume that the information you find online is accurate.

Even this information. Rules can change at the drop of a hat, and thus it is always wise to read the posted rules for a rest stop when you arrive there.

Check out the rest areas in South Carolina here>>

Map Of Rest Areas Near Me

Just follow the link where you can find the map of rest areas in South Carolina >>

South Carolina Overnight Parking and Rest areas Rules

If you are interested in the overnight parking and rest areas rules in South Carolina then just follow the link to the Interstate Rest Areas Webpage where you can see the current status.

Are Rest Stops Patrolled?

Are Rest Stops Patrolled? It seems that all rest stops are patrolled, yes. In fact, the vast majority of rest stops in South Carolina will likely have staff there 24/7.

No matter what, we are fairly confident that if you stay at a rest stop anywhere in South Carolina, there will  always be somebody checking up on you ensuring that you are playing by the rules.

They won’t just be casually driving past you either. They may even look into the vehicle to ensure that you are not sleeping.

Where Can You Sleep in South Carolina?

If you are driving an RV, then you should go to an actual campsite in the state. There are plenty of them about. If you are looking for something a bit different, then motels will often have RV parking that is affordable.

Some Walmarts in the state will even allow you to stay overnight.

If you are a trucker, then you will likely be fine sleeping at a rest stop in South Carolina. This is because there is a requirement that you will have to at some stage.

However, you can also find plenty of paid stops throughout the state where you can also stay.

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You probably can’t sleep at a rest stop in South Carolina. You may not even be allowed to stay for more than a couple of hours at a time.

If you are tired of driving in the state, then we do think that you would probably have a far, far easier time finding a campsite in the state where you can sleep.

Nobody will bother you there. While there are some people that have managed to sleep at rest stops, far more people have claimed that they have not been able to do so.

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