Can You Return Opened Legos? (Target, Walmart, Amazon)

Can You Return Opened Legos

People also ask, can you return opened Legos to Target, Walmart, or Amazon? Well, we´ve got you covered.

One of the problems with returning an opened Lego set is the fact that there are generally going to be hundreds of pieces in a Lego box, many of which are probably very tiny.

How is the store that you’re returning it to know if all of the pieces are intact?

So, can you return opened Legos? Yes, you can return opened Legos. Lego itself will accept returns on opened Legos for up to 90 days or if even one of the Legos is defective in any way. In their words, “your order was damaged, incorrect, or incomplete.”

Your item needs to meet those two qualifications, so if you open up your Lego set and discover that one of the Legos is wrong, defective, or there is missing one, you need to get it returned within the 90-day period that Legos will accept returns. 

Stipulations on Lego Returns

Lego will not accept returns on items that are “customized” and they won’t accept returns on gift cards.

Yes, Lego does have gift cards and if you purchase one through them, Lego will not accept a return on the gift card. 

Fortunately, the Lego return options are par for the course at most retailers, however, most retailers also have their own return policies which encompass a lot of different things.

So, where the Lego policy applies, as far as Lego is concerned, you can return the opened item within 90 days.

So, if you run up on a conflicting return policy with whatever retailer you purchased the Lego from and the policy of that retailer is less than the one offered by Lego, simply deal with Lego instead of the retailer. 

Just because you purchased your Legos from Walmart, Amazon or Target, for instance, doesn’t mean that you can’t return the Legos directly to Lego. 

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How to Return Items to Lego

Of course, there isn’t a LEgo store on every corner like Walmart, so it’s not as if most people can go directly to a Lego retailer, which means that most of your correspondence will be over the phone, online, and through the mail.

Ultimately, you will have to return your item to Lego through the mail, unless you happen to have a Lego retailer right next door to you.

There are a number of steps you have to take first before you throw your Legos in a package and send them on their way. 

  • Go to the Lego Customer Service Page
  • Select the Problem with your Lego Product
  • Chat with a Lego Customer Support Representative
  • You can also call Lego Customer Service at 1-800-835-4386
  • You can call between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. EST on weekdays and 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekends

Once you speak to a representative and hash out the problem, you will have to package your item up and send it to Lego.

Fortunately, Lego will provide you with a return label so you won’t have to create your own and spend money on shipping costs. 

Once you have everything boxed up and adequately protected (you should wrap up the Lego box with bubble wrap before placing it in the mailing package) place your shipping label on the front of the box, along with one that contains your name and address. 

If you choose to send it on your own or communicate with Lego via the mail, you can send your Lego product or mail it to Lego’s address. 


P.O. Box 1138

Enfield, CT. 06083-1138

Another added benefit of using a Lego shipping label on your package is the fact that you can track the package. It’s not going to be a quick process and will probably take a week or so to arrive at the facility and be processed. 

Then you will have to wait for the replacement product to be packaged and dropped off at the local facility (to Lego) and mailed back to you.

Lego isn’t Amazon Prime. They’re not going to send you your replacement in two days. 

Fortunately, you can track the package on its way back to you as well, so you will be able to track both your return and the item on its way back to you from beginning to end. 

Lego’s Return Stipulations

Of course, there are caveats because there are always caveats and any time that you hear that something is too good to be true, that’s because it probably is.

That doesn’t mean that Lego’s return policy is deceptive because it’s not. It’s also a good return policy, with caveats

Anything that exceeds $200 cannot be returned to Lego. That means that there are a lot of Legos you’re not going to be able to return. If you haven’t noticed, Legos have gotten pretty expensive over the years. 

  • Sealed sets with no receipt (visit their customer service online or call)
  • Sealed sets paid for through PayPal will be refunded as a gift card
  • If you are supposed to ship it back and don’t do so within 30 days, Lego will charge your card for the replacement purchase

You can certainly return items to Lego without the original receipt, however, you’re going to have to jump through some hoops with Lego’s customer service department before you do so.

You can contact them in the ways listed above and get the process started. 

If you print up a shipping label with Lego’s customer service, to return a Lego product, you need to get it in the mail because Lego will charge you for the replacement if they don’t receive the returned product from you within a month’s time. 

Last but not least, PayPal payments can only be returned to you via gift card. PayPal isn’t a bank and Lego won’t refund your money that way.

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All Things Considered

Lego doesn’t have a problem with you returning items that have been opened. If you send it back to Lego, you had better believe that someone there is going to count and categorize every, single piece. 

Lego will also work with you better than most other retailers, so if you purchased from another retailer, you should deal directly with Lego if the return policy with the retailer in question is less than what Lego offers.

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