Can Freezer Paper Go in the Microwave? (All You Need to Know)

Can Freezer Paper Go in the Microwave

While microwaves are the perfect, convenient way to reheat your food, not everything can go into them. For example, if you have something frozen wrapped in tin foil or freezer paper, you may wonder if it is safe to defrost it in the microwave.

So, can freezer paper go in the microwave? Unfortunately, the answer is no. This is for a few reasons. The freezer paper may catch on fire, or the wax coating on the inside of the paper may melt, leeching chemicals into your food and damaging your appliances. If you want to use paper in the microwave, freezer paper is not your best bet.

The rest of this article is going to detail just what freezer paper is meant for, why you should not put it in the microwave, and what else you may use instead.

Can freezer paper go in the microwave?

No, freezer paper should not go in the microwave. Although it may seem convenient to put your food that is wrapped in freezer paper directly into the microwave, this is a bad idea for a number of reasons.

Using freezer paper in the microwave may result in damage to your appliances or even your home if the paper catches on fire inside the microwave. The wax coating on the paper may also melt as it heats up, contaminating your food with wax and chemicals.

You should always remove the freezer paper from your food before placing it in the microwave.

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What is freezer paper for?

Freezer paper is mostly intended for wrapping meat and seafood. Since the inside of the paper has a wax coating, it prevents moisture loss and keeps the juices from the meat from spilling out through the paper.

Since the outside of the freezer paper is normal paper, you may write on it to keep note of what is wrapped inside the paper. You can use this paper to wrap your food before placing it in the freezer.

Sometimes freezer paper is also used for wrapping things that are not going to go into the freezer, such as cheese. It is a versatile tool in the kitchen which allows for many uses.

Unfortunately, one of these uses is not in the microwave!

Is freezer paper heat resistant?

No, freezer paper is not heat resistant. Unlike other papers like baking paper or parchment paper, freezer paper is meant for cold temperatures. The paper and wax that make up freezer paper are not created to tolerate high temperatures, and they will quickly break down in the heat.

This is why you cannot use freezer paper in the microwave. Even if it does not catch on fire, the wax coating will melt, contaminating your food and your microwave.

You should also never use freezer paper in the oven for the same reasons that you should not use it in the microwave.

Its lack of heat resistance means that it will not serve the purpose you want it to, and will only ruin your food—and potentially your appliances as well.

Can freezer paper damage my microwave?

Yes, if you use freezer paper in the microwave, it can damage your appliance. We have already mentioned that freezer paper carries the risk of catching on fire, which can cause damage to much more than just your microwave or your food—a large enough fire also puts your house and family at risk.

Once again, freezer paper also has a layer of wax on one side of it. Wax is obviously not heat resistant, and it is guaranteed to melt when exposed to high temperatures.

Aside from contaminating your food, this coating can also get onto your microwave. Once it cools down and re-hardens, it can be nearly impossible to remove.

If this melted waxy material gets into different parts of your microwave or your oven, it can also release toxic chemicals that are not meant to be consumed. So, it is best to avoid using freezer paper in the microwave or oven altogether.

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What can I use instead of freezer paper?

If you need to use some sort of paper in your microwave or your oven, you should definitely not use freezer paper. However, there are some alternatives you can utilize instead.

One of the most obvious papers you can use is baking paper, also known as parchment paper. This paper is a staple when it comes to baking, which is how it gets its name! Unlike freezer paper, it is made for heat resistance.

The coating on parchment paper is silicone rather than wax, meaning that it will not melt at high temperatures.

Parchment paper can tolerate temperatures of up to 450º degrees Fahrenheit. So, it will be totally safe in your microwave.

You can also use paper towels in your microwave when it comes to wrapping food, such as frozen breakfast sandwiches or similar food items, that you wish to defrost.


So, can freezer paper go in the microwave? The answer to this question is no. Freezer paper is not heat resistant, and the wax coating on one side of it will easily melt at high temperatures.

Although it is useful for storing food in the freezer, you should always remove it before placing food into the microwave.

Using freezer paper in the microwave can result in a fire, damage to your appliances, or contamination of your food.

You can use parchment paper or paper towels to wrap your food in the microwave instead.



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