Buy Buy Baby Return Policy (Full Guide)

Buy Buy Baby Return Policy

Do you know what Buy Buy baby return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Buy Buy Baby will accept returns for most products within 90 days of purchase, so long as the item is unused and unopened. Some items may have longer or shorter return periods and other items are ineligible to be returned at all. In most cases, a receipt is required in order to access a full refund, although other forms of proof may also be accepted. 

In the following article, we look at everything you need to know about Buy Buy Baby’s return policy, including what is covered, exceptions to the policy, pros and cons, and some frequently asked questions.

What is Buy Buy Baby’s return policy?

Buy Buy Baby will accept returns of unused and unopened products within a designated time period, which may differ depending on what the item is. Some items have shorter return periods while others have up to a year to be returned. 

In most cases, eligible items will be fully refunded when returned alongside a receipt. In some cases, there will be allowances made and a receipt may not be necessary, but it is typically easier when a receipt is available.

Returns can be made by taking the item to any Buy Buy Baby store open to the public or by going online and arranging a mail return.

Items can also be returned to Bed Bath and Beyond if the store carries the particular item you are returning.

Most items are eligible to be refunded or exchanged, with just a few exceptions for certain products. In order to be eligible, items must be new, in a saleable condition, and with the original tags still attached.

How long do you have to make a return?

For many items sold by Buy Buy Baby, you are given 90 days from the date of purchase in which you are able to make a return for a refund or exchange. Let’s take a look at some of the items with a 90-day return period:

  • Breast pumps,
  • Car seats,
  • Strollers,
  • Chairs,
  • Seats,
  • Walkers,
  • Swings,
  • Clothes. 

However, there are some exceptions to this policy and some products have longer or shorter return periods.

Some have only 30 days to be returned, while others have up to a year. Let’s take a look at the exceptions to the 90-day return period:

  • Air mattresses (new and unopened): 30 days,
  • Smart home technology: 30 days,
  • Seasonal and holiday items: 30 days,
  • Electronic devices: 60 days,
  • Adult-sized mattresses: 120 days,
  • Gift registry items: 365 days.

Any product which is returned after its designated return period is unlikely to be accepted and you are likely to be denied a refund or exchange.

So it’s important that you are clear on when your return has to be made by and try to make the return by then.

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Will Truck Delivery items be accepted for return?

Items delivered by Truck Delivery, usually large items, are eligible for return within 30 days of purchase as long as they are in the same condition and packaging as they were delivered in. 

Custom-made items, personalized, monogrammed, and special-order deliveries are unable to returned.

You may be charged a fee to return a Truck Delivery item, which usually covers shipping, storage, and other miscellaneous charges.

Is anything not covered in the policy?

Buy Buy Baby’s return policy covers most of the products available to purchase, but there are a few exceptions.

Some items are not protected in the policy and therefore cannot be returned at any point. These items include:

  • Gift cards,
  • Items bought ‘as-is’,
  • Personalized, custom-made, monogrammed, or special orders. 

These products are likely to be ineligible for return as they are unable to be resold once they have been bought by you.

You should be notified of this when you make your purchase, particularly for items that have been personalised in any way.

Can you return items purchased online in store?

Buy Buy Baby will allow you to return an item purchased online either in store or via an online return. Not only can returns be made to Buy Buy Baby, but also to Bed Bath and Beyond stores where the item is available.

To make a return to store, simply take your return to your local store along with any proof of purchase you need. A staff member will be able to help you get your refund or arrange an exchange.

This is not something that is offered by every retailer but is a great advantage of Buy Buy Baby. It makes returning an item much more convenient for many people who need more options when it comes to making a return.

Buy Buy Baby Return Policy without a Receipt?

You can make returns to Buy Buy Baby without a receipt, although gaining a refund is much simpler if you can provide the receipt.

However, if you do make a return without a receipt, you will be reimbursed in the form of either an exchange or merchandise credit worth 20% less than the selling price of the item.

There are other ways for Buy Buy Baby to verify a purchase, so a receipt may not always be necessary.

Staff members should be able to track your purchase via order number, credit or debit card details, or registry number. 

If you can provide valid identification, you are able to make unlimited no-receipt returns per year, otherwise you are restricted to five returns every year. As with all retailers, Buy Buy Baby can deny a no-receipt return at any point, at their discretion.

Do you need to present ID to make a return?

Even in cases where proof of purchase can be provided, a valid identification may still be required to access a return.

This will usually be the case for returns where a refund is given as Merchandise Credit or when a credit or debit card is used to verify a purchase.

Identification may be used in cases where Buy Buy Baby suspects fraud or abuse of the returns policy, such as frequent returns without a receipt. If abuse is suspected, they may limit the use of the returns system.

The following forms of identification will be accepted:

  • U.S. or Canadian driver’s license,
  • U.S. State ID,
  • Canadian Providence ID,
  • Passport,
  • U.S. Military ID,
  • Matricula Consular,
  • Mexican DL,
  • Mexican Voter Registration Card. 

Buy Buy Baby Return Policy for opened Box

Buy Buy Baby will only accept opened items for return if they are presented alongside a valid receipt. In this case, you should be offered a full refund for items. This is useful for anyone purchasing items that need to be opened in order to test.

Unfortunately, if a receipt cannot be provided alongside the product, Buy Buy Baby is likely to deny the returns request and you will not be offered a refund or exchange.

This is likely to protect against fraud or abuse of the returns system.

How do you make a return to Buy Buy Baby?

To begin the process of making a return to Buy Buy Baby, simply go to the website and navigate to the ‘Returns’ page. On this page, you will be asked to fill out a form with the details of your order.

You should have been sent a shipping label, but you can reprint a new one by choosing ‘Reprint Shipping Label’. Attach this to your parcel and wait for a confirmation email from the store before you make your return.

To return your item to the store, all you have to do is take the item to your local Buy Buy Baby or Bed Bath and Beyond and hand it over to a staff member.

You will be asked to provide any additional documents as proof of purchase, and your return will be processed.

Buy Buy Baby Return Policy for Damaged Item

Damaged items can be returned to Buy Buy Baby within the designated return period you are allowed for the product.

If your item is damaged or faulty, you can request to either receive a replacement or get your money refunded.

If you request a replacement and the item is not in stock or unavailable in your local store, you have the option to either instead receive a full refund or to put in a replacement order for eligible items.

How long does the returns process take?

The process of returning your product should be fairly quick. It is usually just a case of handing over the item or putting it in the mail. However, receiving your refund should also be processed and arrive fairly quickly.

For a cash purchase, the refund should be automatic, as it is simply a case of handing over the money. For card purchases, it may take a few days for the refund to be processed and arrive back in your account.

Pros and Cons of Buy Buy Baby’s return policy


  • Not only is making a return to Buy Buy Baby fairly simple, but it is also usually entirely free. Compared with other retailers, this is a great advantage of making a return to Buy Buy Baby, making it a more accessible returns system than many others.
  • When returning a product to Buy Buy Baby, customers have the ability to return products to the store or online via mail. Either method is accepted and a full refund will be given no matter which method of return is chosen. Compared with some other retailers, this makes Buy Buy Baby very convenient.
  • Products bought from Buy Buy Baby can also be returned to Bed Bath and Beyond so long as the store carries the item you are returning. This makes returning your product even more convenient, especially for people who don’t have a local Buy Buy Baby store nearby.


  • Despite having a ninety-day policy for most returns, many items have different return periods. Some have a longer time, but others have as little as thirty days to be returned. This is less convenient than having one blanket return period for all products and makes it a little more complicated to make a return.
  • Items must be unused and unopened in order to be accepted for a full refund. Unfortunately, this means you cannot test a product to see if it is the right item for you, and instead have to rely on appearance. This is particularly hard when it comes to shopping for baby products, as many items are reliant on size or fit.
  • Returns without a receipt are worth 20% less than selling price and can be in the form of a merchandise credit. This means you won’t get the full amount of your money back, which can be a big downside if you have spent a lot of money. It also puts anyone who has misplaced their receipt at an automatic disadvantage.

Buy Buy Baby Return Policy FAQs

Are returns to Buy Buy Baby free?

Returns to Buy Buy Baby are free in most cases. A pre-paid shipping label should be sent to you alongside your package or emailed to you when you arrange your return, which means you don’t have to pay for shipping costs.

Most items also do not require the payment of a restocking fee, which usually applies for items that are intended to be resold. Some larger items may incur a restocking fee, but smaller everyday items are unlikely to.

For some large items like mattresses, a processing or pick up fee may apply. For an adult-sized mattress, a $99 fee will be charged when you make a return. Delivery fees will also not be refunded. 

Can items from a Gift Registry be returned?

Gift Registry items can be returned within 365 days from the date of purchase, so long as they are new and have not been opened.

Although these items are not eligible for refund, they can be exchanged or reimbursed in the form of Merchandise Credit.

This is a great option for anyone who receives an unwanted or incorrect gift, or anyone who accidentally makes the wrong purchase for someone else.

When purchasing for babies or new mothers, this is a particularly good part of shopping at Buy Buy Baby. 

Can items bought through delivery websites be returned?

You can return items purchased through third-party delivery parties, but the method of doing so is slightly different from usual returns.

To make a return to Shipt, contact them directly by email, live chat in-app, or by phone at (205) 502-2500.

For purchases bought through Instacart, Door Dash, or Uber, you have 90 days to make a return for exchange or refund.

You will need the Carrier receipt and a form of Photo ID and will receive your refund in the form of a merchandise credit.

Can marketplace items be returned?

Marketplace items can be returned to Buy Buy Baby. Currently, marketplace items are only able to be returned by mail.

To do so, use the pre-paid shipping label you should have received via email or included with your item.

In order to receive help with a Marketplace purchase, log in to your account and contact the seller. For Kroger Marketplace returns and assistance, contact Krogers at 1-800-KRO-GERS rather than Buy Buy Baby.

Will delivery costs be refunded?

Buy Buy Baby are not clear on whether delivery and shipping costs will be refunded when you make a return. However, they are unlikely to refund these costs as the item has been delivered, therefore meaning you have already paid for the service.

For larger items, Buy Buy Baby is clear that delivery fees will not be refunded. This is likely so that the company doesn’t lose out on the costs that come with shipping and delivering large items.

Final Thoughts

Most items can be returned to Buy Buy Baby within ninety days of purchase, either via mail or in store.

For some items, a shorter or longer return period is offered. Returns should be made alongside a receipt in order to receive a full refund, but other forms of proof of purchase may also be accepted in some cases.



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