Brilliant Earth Return Policy: 4 Reasons Why It Sucks & 4 Reasons Why It’s Great

Brilliant Earth Return Policy

Do you know what Brilliant Earth’s return policy is? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

The Brilliant Earth Jewelry company has a great reputation for its sustainably made, high-quality, and beautiful products.  But how do they hold up when it comes to customer satisfaction?

What is the Brilliant Earths Return policy like? Brilliant Earth offers customers a 30-day money-back guarantee on most of the items they sell. They also offer one complimentary re-sizing within 60-days.

While this time frame seems pretty basic and fair, there are some stipulations, exceptions, and “fine print” you need to know about.

Who is Brilliant Earth?

Before we get into the depths of the return policy put in place at Brilliant Earth, let’s talk about who they are and what they offer. 

Brilliant Earth is a jewelry and gemstone company established in 2005 by Beth Gerstine and co-founder Eric Grossberg. The business’s headquarters is located in San Fransico, California, and prides itself on its ethically sourced products. 

Not only does Brilliant Earth offer 100% recycled metals when manufacturing its goods. This company is also one of the first to utilize a program that allows each gem to be traced back to its origin.

This jewelry company is certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council and recognized for its contribution to the planet. 

Although they have opened a few brick-and-mortar locations across the US, their main market is in online sales.

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What is Brilliant Earth’s Return Policy?

The basic return policy for the Brilliant Earth jewelry company is your typical 30-day money-back guarantee.

While there are some exclusions to this policy, the majority of products are covered, and return shipping is free.

On top of the 30-day return window. Customers also have a 60-day free resizing guarantee. This means you have 60-day from the day your product ships to send it back if it doesn’t fit. 

You don’t have to have a specific reason as to why you are returning the item as long as when it goes back to the store; it is in the exact same condition it was when you first received it.

4 Reasons Why Brilliant Earths Return Policy Sucks

All return policies have their own “fine print,” making the returns or exchanges on items a lot more complicated than it really needs to be.

While Brilliant Earth seems to be a pretty great jewelry store, it still has its own set of flaws when it comes to taking back unwanted items.

1.    Not All Items Can Be Returned

True, companies have to protect themselves when accepting returns. They are in the business to make money.

However, that doesn’t mean customers should be happy to hear they are stuck with an experience piece of jewelry that they don’t want.

Here is a list of items Brilliant Earth will not take back.

  • Items that have been modified
  • Engraved or resized pieces
  • Previously exchanged items 
  • Layaway orders after 30 days from purchase (This one is just crazy, on layaway, the customer doesn’t have the time to decide how they feel about the physical piece.)
  • Custom-designed jewelry

We can’t figure out why previously exchanged items are on this list, nor do we really know what it means.

If someone else exchanged the item, the new owner can’t return it? That seems a little weird. 

It is also important to note that any Vintage rings and rings in the Extraordinary Collection are final sales if they are resized.

This does make sense since custom ring sizes make the piece harder to sell, and these specific rings can’t be resized more than once, or they can fall apart. 

2. Alterations Requested During Products Void Complimentary Return

Now, most companies will charge a fee for any alterations requested after the product has been designed, created, and shipped to the customers. However, alterations requested while the order is still in process shouldn’t be an issue.

In the Brilliant Earths return policy, it states that “alterations to orders currently in process void the complimentary resize, return and exchange policies.”

So, if you ask for an alteration while the item is still in production, you can’t send it back for a complimentary resize or return; you will be charged a fee.

3. Extremely High Fee For Missing Paperwork

When returning an item, all companies want the product back in the same condition it was in when first received.

This also includes all of the packaging and paperwork. If you forget to throw in the diamond certification slip, you will be charged $250. 

This extremely high fee seems a bit over the top since the chances are pretty high that the company has another copy. (Maybe they don’t want the slip falling into the wrong hands?)

4. The Return Period Starts the Day it Ships

The return period does not start the day the ring is received; it starts the moment the item ships out from the company.

This means you lose almost a week waiting for it to get to your home. It could be even longer if you are out of town, or you have a P.O Box you can’t get to frequently.

If you are picking your jewelry up from the store, the return time period starts the moment the item is available for pick up.

So, if you plan to go on a vacation or a business trip, make sure you can grab the product first or wait to purchase the item until after you return.

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4 Reasons Brilliant Earth’s Return Policy is Great

Not all of the return policy is bad; in fact, it has a lot of great parts to it as well. Let’s take a quick look at what makes Brilliant Earth’s return policy pretty remarkable.

1. Free Return Shipping and Insurance

When you purchase a piece of jewelry, it is a relief knowing it can be easily returned if it doesn’t fit, doesn’t look how you hoped or just isn’t for you. 

It’s even more of a relief knowing that you are not responsible for the shipping fee on your return.

If you don’t like your ring, you can send it back with a free FedEx return shipping label provided by Brilliant Earth.

You simply contact the company, double box the jewelry, and place the shipping label on the package.

You can track the shipment all the way back to the company online. 

2. Complimentary Resizing or Exchanges

Not only do you have the ability to send the ring back after 30-days, but you are also provided with complimentary resizing on all ring orders.

This means you can return the product up to 60-days after purchase and get it resized for free if it doesn’t fit. That includes free return shipping.

Do you love the ring but not the color? No worries, you have 30-days to exchange your ring if you want. Like returns, you have 30-days from the date of shipment to decide you want to exchange the item. In that time frame, the return shipping is free.

3. Quick Refunds

We have all had to deal with a slow refund at one time or another. This scenario is frustrating on so many levels. Luckily, when working with Brilliant Earth, the refunds are processed pretty quickly.

The refund process takes around five business days once the return reaches the company and the product is accepted back.

Note: Any products that were refused to deliver or do not have a return shipping authorization number will not be issued a refund.

4. Complimentary Jewelry Cleaner is Yours To Keep

Every product sold by the Brilliant Earth company comes with a complimentary jewelry cleaning product.

Even if you return the item you bought for a full refund, the company wants you to keep the cleaner free of charge.

While it may have something to do with health safety, or, they can’t re-sell used jewelry cleaner, it is still nice knowing you can keep this little gift, even if you don’t end up doing business with the company.

What About Brilliant Earths Returns on Items With a Warranty?

Brilliant Earth offers all customers a free lifetime warranty on all of their jewelry to protect you from a manufacturer error.

This means any type of damage or defect to the ring done during production is covered 100%.

The company has the final say in whether or not the damages are covered as well as how to provide the best solutions. If your piece is covered under warranty, the jewelry will either be repaired or replaced at no cost to you.

Vintage rings and rings in our Extraordinary Collection are not included in the lifetime warranty since they are not manufactured by the Brilliant Earth company.

Your warranty is void if you have the ring repaired by any other company. 

How to File a Claim

Before sending your ring back to Brilliant Earth, you will have to contact the company by phone.

This phone call will help them evaluate the piece and give you an idea of whether or not you are covered under warranty.

If you are covered, you must provide a $50 deposit. This deposit is returned once the piece is received, and the warranty claim is approved.

If your ring is not covered, the $50 is non-refundable as it is used for shipping fees and the evaluation process.

How To Return An Order With Brilliant Earth

Returning an order to Brilliant Earth is pretty straightforward and pretty similar to any other online return you have ever made in the past.  Here is how to do it.

  • Obtain the Return Shipping Authorization Code– Call the customer service number provided by the Brilliant Earth website and request a return shipping authorization code. This code must be easy to see on the outside of the package.
  • Print Your Return Label: Brilliant Earth will provide you with a free pre-paid package label; print this up and attach it to your return package.
  • Packing your order: Make sure all of the items you received are added to the return package. Also, include your invoice and any certificates that came with your jewelry to ensure you are not charged the $250 replacement certificate fee.
  • Shipment and Insurance: The insurance is only valid if the item is double boxed. This means placing the ring box inside a small secure box, then putting that smaller box inside a larger shipping box. Use the original packaging if possible.  

Remember: The return window is good from the date it is shipped and not from the date of purchase. Any items returned after the return window of 30-days is expired will not be accepted or refunded.

What if You Want to Return the Item Back Yourself?

If you prefer shipping the returned item back without the pre-paid shipping label offered by Brilliant Earth, you can do so.

Please opt for the insurance and tracking. Choosing to send it back by your own preferred method doesn’t insure you if something happens during transportation.

Can You Track Your Return With Brilliant Earth Products?

With all of the technology we have today, tracking packages is easier than ever.

Thankfully, Brilliant Earth is taking advantage of these technological advancements and offers all customers an easy way to watch their packages move from one place to the next.

Simply log onto the Brilliant Earth Website, click on the “track your order” tab, and enter your email address and order number when prompted. 

The system will pull up your shipping number and can let you know exactly where your return has been, where it currently sits, and where it is going in the near future.

It can also let you know once it arrives at the company.

Summing Things Up

There really isn’t anything special about Brilliant Earth’s return policy; it is very similar to that of many other jewelry companies online and in-stores.

If you have an item you want to return or exchange, make sure you get it done within the 30-day window from the moment the product ships, or else you will be out of luck.



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