Argos Christmas Return Policy (All You Need To Know)

Argos Christmas Return Policy

The UK-based retailer Argos has a fantastic return policy all throughout the year. Whenever holidays roll around, Argos offers an extended return policy to provide you and your loved ones a little extra time to receive the gift and decide if it is wanted.

To learn about the Argos regular and Christmas return policies, read on. This guide tells you everything you need to know about returning products to Argos.

Argos Christmas Return Policy

Argos has an extended return policy for holiday shopping. Per this policy, any items purchased between October 12th and December 25th have until January 24th for the items to be returned.

Just like with regular returns, items returned under the Christmas policy can be returned or exchanged for something else, as long as it is in their original packaging and in a resalable condition.

It’s important to note that the exact date of the Christmas return policy varies from year to year. Most years, it begins around October 12th, but it may be slightly different each year.

Almost every year, the holiday window is extended until the 25th of December and can be returned until January 24th. Still, you will want to double-check the exact dates every year.

Additionally, most of the stipulations regarding returns of the regular return policy apply to the Christmas return policy as well.

In other words, the regular policy’s requirements and stipulations apply to Christmas returns as well. The only difference between the Christmas return policy and the regular return policy is the extended return window.

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Argos Regular Return Policy

Because the stipulations of the regular return policy apply to the Christmas return policy, you want to know about the regular return policy whenever you are returning items during the holiday season.

Not to mention, knowing the regular return policy will help you out whenever you return items outside the holiday season.

Here is what you need to know:

Regular Return Window

Under the regular Argos return policy, all items need to be returned within 30 days of the original purchase.

This 30-day return window applies to online and in-store sales. It also applies to returns and exchanges.


In order for your return to be accepted, the item must meet Argos’ stipulations. It must be unused with all parts, in its original packaging, have tags if applicable, and be in a resalable condition.

If a free item was received with the purchase, you must return the free item. The original receipt or another proof of purchase is required too.

For all refunds, the refund will go straight to the original payment method. If you used a card, it can take seven days or more to appear in your account. If you use PayPal, refunds can take up to 30 days. Be patient but contact Argos if the refund does not hit.

Exchange vs Return

If you have all the requirements above, you have the option to exchange or return an item. Returning an item means that you want a refund for the product.

The refund will be issued to the original payment method within several business days.

You can also return items for an exchange instead of a refund. Exchanges will depend on the stock level.

If you cannot have an exchange due to stock levels, you’ll be issued a refund instead, as explained above.

Items Not Eligible for Return

Although Argos allows returns and exchanges for many of its products, certain items are not eligible for return.

Most importantly, undergarments, pierced jewelry, and food cannot be returned unless they are faulty due to a manufacturing error. All other items not eligible for return will be clearly marked.

CDs and DVDs are sometimes ineligible for return. Only discs that are still in their sealed packaging can be returned. Once you open the CD, DVD, or disc, you cannot return it any longer.

Faulty Items

In the case that the item you purchased is damaged or faulty due to a manufacturing error, Argos will rectify the issue if it is in warranty.

The length of the warranty will depend on the item that needs to be replaced. For example, Tu Clothing items have a warranty of 150 days.

Other Considerations

In the case that an item or its packaging is handled excessively and needs to be replaced, Argos returns the right to reduce the amount of money you are refunded.

Likewise, they have the right to refuse a return if the item does not meet the store’s requirements.

How to Return Things to Argos

Argos has multiple ways that you can return your items. You can return your items to an Argos store, collection point, post, or arrange a return via chat.

How you purchased the item will largely determine which return methods are available. Here is how you should return your item based on the purchase:

Purchase TypeReturn Options
Collection from an Argos StoreReturn to an Argos storeReturn to an Argos store in Sainsbury’s
Collection from Argos in Sainsbury’sReturn to an Argos storeReturn to an Argos store in Sainsbury’s
Collection from Sainsbury’s collection pointReturn to an Argos storeReturn to an Argos store in Sainsbury’sReturn to Sainsbury’s collection point
Small item home deliveryReturn to an Argos storeReturn to an Argos store in Sainsbury’sReturn by postArrange return via Live Chat
Large item home deliveryArrange return via live chat
Tu clothing collection or deliveryReturn to an Argos storeReturn to an Argos store in Sainsbury’sReturn by post 

Argos Return Policy FAQs

Does Argos have an extended Christmas return?

Yes. Argos has an extended Christmas return policy. Any items purchased within the holiday season, usually between October and December, have until the middle or end of January to return the products.

Can I return an item to Argos after 30 days?

Unless there is an extended return policy in place, you cannot return an item to Argos after 30 days. All items under the regular return policy must be returned within 30 days.

Can I return an item if I have opened it to Argos?

Yes, but you will need all of the original packaging and proof of purchase. The items also need to be in new condition.

What items cannot be returned to Argos?

Food, pierced jewelry, undergarments, and other similar items cannot be returned to Argos. Other items not eligible for return will be clearly marked.

Will Argos exchange without a receipt?

You need proof of purchase in order to exchange or refund a purchase through Argos. Your receipt is the easiest form, but Argos will accept other forms of proof.

You can use a confirmation e-mail for online purchases or a bank statement for in-store purchases.


The Argos Christmas return policy allows you to return the items in January instead of 30 days from the date of purchase.

That way, your loved one has plenty of time to open the gift and return it if need be.

The return window is the only difference between the Christmas return policy and the regular return policy.

All other requirements and stipulations per the regular return policy are applied to the Christmas policy.

So, double-check the regular return policy to make sure your Christmas item is covered.



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