Are Vienna Beef Hot Dogs Gluten Free? (Yes But Read This!)

Are Vienna Beef Hot Dogs Gluten Free

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if Vienna Beef Hot Dogs are gluten free? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Gluten is a pesky ingredient that can be found in almost everything, including hot dogs. If you have a gluten allergy or intolerance, it’s important to find hot dogs that are certified gluten free.

That begs the question, are Vienna Beef Hot Dogs gluten free? Yes, Vienna Beef hot dogs are gluten free. Their Corned Beef, Polish Sausage, Beef Franks, Pastrami, and Bratwurst are all gluten free. Unfortunately, there is some risk regarding gluten cross-contamination when purchasing this brand.

Keep reading to learn more about Vienna Beef Hot Dogs and why they are gluten free.

Are Vienna Beef Hot Dogs Gluten Free?

Gluten free diets are becoming more and more common. As a result, the hot dog industry has adjusted its formulas so that many brands are gluten free. Vienna Beef is just one brand of hot dogs that are now gluten free.

Vienna Beef is so dedicated to providing gluten free hot dog options that they have even posted blogs about their gluten free options on National Gluten Free Day.

This shows that the company itself is trying to make a conscious effort to provide gluten free products for its buyers.

That being said, not all of these products are gluten free. Their buns and chips, for example, include gluten, but their Corned Beef, Polish Sausage, Beef Franks, Pastrami, and Bratwurst are gluten free.

In other words, you are safe to eat their hot dogs, but make sure to read the ingredients list before purchasing other Vienna Beef products since the brand itself isn’t exclusively gluten free.

More so, it is possible that their hot dogs have been exposed to gluten through cross-contamination. When you look at the “May Contain” section of the ingredients, you will see that wheat may be included.

This means that wheat may contaminate the hot dogs during processing times.

So, Vienna Beef Hot Dogs are gluten free in that they do not contain any gluten in the ingredients, but they may be exposed to gluten during the processing times.

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What Is In Vienna Beef Hot Dogs?

To further understand what you are eating whenever you purchase Vienna Beef Hot Dogs, let’s take a close look at each of the ingredients.

We are specifically looking at the ingredients in the Vienna Beef Franks Chicago hot dog pack.


As its name suggests, Vienna Beef Hot Dogs are made from high-quality beef. It does not include any other meat or protein source. The fact that these hot dogs are 100% beef makes them high quality.


There are quite a few spices in Vienna Beef Hot Dogs. The company specifically cites salt, sugar, mustard, and garlic juice. It also lists “flavorings and colorings,” but they do not specifically list which flavorings and colorings are used. We assume it is gluten free since the company lists the product as gluten free.


For preservatives, Vienna Beef Hot Dogs include a version of vitamin C and salt. Both of these ingredients are gluten free as well.

In comparison to other hot dogs, Vienna Beef Hot Dogs have way fewer preservatives than others.


There are no listed allergens used in the making of Vienna Beef Hot Dogs.


Just looking at the ingredients, no gluten is used in the production of Vienna Beef Hot Dogs. If you have a gluten intolerance, Vienna Beef Hot Dogs may be a great choice for you as a result.

However, those with serious gluten allergies should be cautious before purchasing this product.

The company reports that wheat may be used in the hot dogs, which means Vienna Beef Hot Dogs may be the victim of gluten cross-contamination.

What´s About Cross-Contamination?

As we’ve already learned, Vienna Beef Hot Dogs do not protect against cross-contamination. Although the company does provide gluten free ingredients, many of their hot dogs are produced in the same facility as their bread and chips.

As a result, the meat can come in contact with gluten through contamination.

Are All Vienna Beef Products Gluten Free?

Not all Vienna Beef products are gluten free. Both the corn dogs and pizza puffs contain gluten, and these products go into the fryer.

Anything else that goes into the fryer will have gluten contamination as well. In other words, these facilities are not dedicated gluten free locations.

Should I Eat Vienna Beef Hot Dogs If I Can’t Eat Gluten?

Whether you should eat Vienna Beef Hot Dogs depends on how severe your gluten allergy is. If you just cannot eat gluten but are not worried about gluten contamination, Vienna Beef Hot Dogs is a great product.

These products do not contain any gluten outright, and they are tasty.

Unfortunately, those with celiac disease and severe gluten allergies should not eat Vienna Beef Hot Dogs. Because the company is not a gluten free facility, you risk gluten contamination.

It’s best to select a hot dog brand that also protects against gluten contamination to ensure you are completely safe and healthy.


To recap, Vienna Beef Hot Dogs do not contain any gluten, but these hot dogs might not be ideal for everyone with a gluten sensitivity. The hot dogs themselves are delicious and gluten free, but the company is not a gluten free facility, meaning you risk gluten contamination when purchasing these hot dogs.

If you just have a gluten intolerance and are not worried about contamination, Vienna Beef Hot Dogs are a great pick for you.

They will help you get your hot dog fix without upsetting your stomach. On the flip side, those with severe allergies should avoid Vienna Beef Hot Dogs just to be safe.

Instead, look for hot dogs that are produced in gluten free facilities. These hot dogs will be gluten free and protected from gluten cross-contamination.

Going the extra mile to double-check that your hot dogs are protected against gluten contamination is the best way to ensure you are eating a healthy diet based on your needs.

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