Are Kirkland Hot Dogs Healthy? (The Truth!)

Are Kirkland Hot Dogs Healthy

Do you know if Kirkland Hot Dogs are healthy? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

As with most foods, everything in moderation is key. But feeling guilty for indulging in this inexpensive hot dog after browsing the aisles of Costco will not completely shatter your diet.

So, are Kirkland Hot Dogs Healthy? Indulging in the ever-popular Kirkland hot dog from Costco isn’t as unhealthy of an option as you might think. They are closer to a natural food product compared to other hot dogs with only a few nutritional areas of concern. 

Taking a deeper look at the journey of the Kirkland hot dog, you might be surprised at what you learn. 

The History Of The Famous Kirkland Hot Dog 

Before the Costco food court, there was a food cart. The Kirkland hot dog became a staple for Costco in 1984, when a hot dog cart was set up in front of one of its stores in San Diego.

The service was an instant hit.

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The Costco Hot Dog Wasn’t Always Kirkland

For many years, Costco served Hebrew National hot dogs. While the reason was never made clear, they ended up switching to Kirkland beef hot dogs in 2009 after Hebrew National possibly cut their supply.

The new hot dogs are much bigger and contain all beef, which wasn’t the case before.

How The Kirkland Dog Compares To Hebrew National

Many customers loved the Hebrew National hot dogs because they were kosher. The Kirkland hot dog is not; however, the Kirkland hot dog is comparatively much healthier than the previous offering.

They are also 10 per cent bigger than the previous hot dog, and don’t have all of the additives usually seen in hot dogs. 

The Nutrition Facts 

The Kirkland hot dog is quite low in calories on its own, coming in at 170 calories per weiner. It is higher in fat and sodium and adding the bun and toppings can up its calorie count.

However, you’ll be happy to know the hot dog doesn’t contain any animal by-products, corn syrup, or fillers, and it is 100% gluten-free. 

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What Ingredients Are In The Kirkland Hot Dog 

The list of ingredients in the Kirkland hot dog is much smaller and possibly much cleaner than you might expect. The hot dog contains: 

  • 100% Beef
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Spices
  • Dextrose
  • Sodium Lactate
  • Garlic
  • Sodium Diacetate
  • Sodium Erythorbate
  • Sodium Nitrite
  • Paprika

While sodium isn’t ideal, the rest of the ingredients are fairly simple and common.

How They Compare To Other Hot Dogs

Considering how questionable some of the things found in hot dogs can be, the Kirkland hot dog actually contains a lot fewer ingredients and additives comparatively.

Considering their size and affordability, this surprising fact makes them one of the more healthier hot dog options on the market. As healthy as hot dogs can be, that is. 

What The Experts Might Say

If you only eat a Kirkland hot dog occasionally, you’ll be fine.

However, since they are so high in saturated fat, and hot dogs, in general, are quite processed, it’s important to not eat too many too often.

High amounts of saturated fat have been linked to heart problems such as heart disease. 

The Good Parts Of The Hot Dog

Being a 100% beef hot dog, the Kirkland dog is a decent source of protein and iron, which are two important parts of any balanced diet.

Using vegetables as toppings can up the health factor slightly, as could skipping the bun sometimes. 

Consider The Output Before The Input

Most people enjoy a Kirkland hot dog while shopping at Costco. Since it’s such a big store, you’re walking around a lot and expending a lot of energy and calories.

While you might not burn off the entire hot dog right away, it’s good to know you’ll burn some of it off. 

Costco Controls The Process

Since switching to their own Kirkland brand hot dogs for the food court, and selling them in store, Costco gained complete control over the process of manufacturing the wieners.

They are able to ensure nothing nasty makes it in the hot dogs. 

The Iconic Low Price  

Right now, you can enjoy a Kirkland hot dog and fountain drink for $1.50. The price has stayed the same since 1994, and will continue to stay that way.

Costco believes keeping their food at a low price encourages more people to come and shop. 

Making Money But Losing Profit

Costco will not budge on the price of their Kirkland hot dogs in the food court, even though they know they don’t make a profit.

However, they do know that they draw customers into the store, where they will be more inclined to spend more money shopping in the aisles. 

A Funny Anecdote

When asked by the CEO of Costco why they don’t raise the price of their hot dog, Costco founder Jim Sinegal allegedly told him that if they raise the price of the hot dog, he would kill him. 



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