Are Kirkland Eggs Good? (My Review)

Are Kirkland Eggs Good

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if Kirkland eggs are good? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Yes, Kirkland eggs are generally thought to be good quality eggs. As the main brand of eggs sold at Costco, they come in at a good price compared with other egg brands, are high in protein, and are organic. They are also Certified Humane, meaning they are raised cage- and antibiotic-free, which is a step in the right direction to improving the lives of farm animals.

In the following article, we look at the quality of Kirkland eggs, some of the details behind their production, and the pros and cons of Kirkland eggs.

Are Kirkland eggs good – Review

Kirkland eggs are considered by many Costco customers to be good quality eggs.

As the primary brand of eggs sold at Costco, Kirkland eggs are popular with many shoppers for their low price, organic status, and the fact that they are part of Costco’s pledge to sell only cage-free eggs.

One of the major advantages of Kirkland eggs is that they are organic and Certified Humane.

This means birds used in their production are raised free from cages and without antibiotics and hormones, which can be harmful to both the chicken and the egg, are considered unhealthy for consumers, and should be avoided where possible.

As we will see further on, the Certified Humane status is only the beginning when it comes to ensuring farm animals are protected and cared for when it comes to food production.

However, many see it as a step in the right direction that big companies like Costco are beginning to pay attention to the welfare of farm animals.

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Where do Kirkland eggs come from?

Many of the eggs sold by Costco, including those sold under the Kirkland brand, come from Wilcox Farms, a Washington-based farm who has a longstanding relationship with Costco and provide much of the produce sold in stores in the Pacific Northwest.

Much of Costco’s other produce, including other brands of eggs, are sourced from other farms across the country, many of which are family-owned and run.

These farms supply eggs and other produce to Costco to be sold in their stores under their own brand names.

As more and more stores turn toward cage-free egg production, Costco have pledged to do the same and is currently on their way to using only 100% cage-free egg production.

Although the process of converting to entirely cage-free eggs is likely to take a few years, the opening of a facility in China means they are on their way to achieving this aim.

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What does Certified Humane mean?

We have discussed that Kirkland eggs are ‘Certified Humane’, but what does this mean? Briefly, it means that birds are raised free from cages and antibiotics, both are which are issues in the process of food production using animals.

The label is one means of testing whether animals are being kept in standards of living that are acceptable and healthy. 

The Certified Humane label is given by the Humane Farm Animal Care, a non-profit dedicated to ensuring farm animals involved in food production are cared for throughout the process.

As more companies are turning toward humane methods of production, certification is becoming more important to ensure it is done correctly.

So, what does it mean for eggs? It means that the birds involved in their production must have been raised in a suitable environment.

It covers different areas of the birds’ lives, including their diet, the space they allowed to roam and preen, how many birds are kept in one space, and whether they have perches and nests to retreat to when nesting and laying.

Pros and cons of Kirkland eggs


  • Many people love Costco for its low prices and Kirkland eggs are included in this. For anyone with a big family and a small budget, it’s important that everyday essentials like eggs are reasonably priced and Kirkland eggs are definitely one of the more budget-friendly options compared with other egg brands.
  • Kirkland eggs are produced using birds raised to meet the requirements of the Humane Farm Animal Care. This means birds are kept in conditions far better than caged birds are, with more space and access to better food. This is important to many people and makes Kirkland eggs a better choice than others.


  • On the other hand, although it is a great step in the right direction, the Certified Humane status does not ensure that birds are raised in perfect conditions. Often, farms do not provide birds with enough space and they can be given very little access to the outdoors. It’s important to remember that there is still some way to go.
  • Another downside to Kirkland eggs is that you often get more than you need, and there is little opportunity to change this. Despite their low price, Kirkland eggs often come in quantities far larger than is necessary and it can be hard to use them all up if you don’t have the need for them. This can create waste that is hard to avoid.

Final Thoughts

Kirkland eggs are typically considered to be good quality, combining low prices, an organic status, and the beginnings of a change in attitude in how farm animals are used in food production.

Although birds are unlikely to be raised in perfect conditions, the Certified Humane status of Kirkland eggs is a good step in the right direction and reflects their quality.

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