Are Effy Diamonds Certified? (All You Need to Know)

Are Effy Diamonds Certified

If you are buying diamonds for yourself or someone you love, you want to make sure you get the real deal. Certified diamonds can be purchased at most jewelry stores, but is Effy one of them?

All diamond jewelry made by Effy is certified. Effy only sources the best naturally occurring diamond and provides proof of certification for every diamond piece sold.

In this article, we will review who certifies Effy diamonds, if Effy uses real diamonds, and if they come with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, we will cover the kind of diamonds Effy uses as well as where their diamond jewelry is crafted.

Who Certifies Effy Diamonds?

The difference between buying jewelry with glass gemstones and real diamonds can be easily determined by a professional.

Effy uses renowned gemological institutes such as the International Gemological Institute and the Gemological Institute of America to certify every diamond used in their jewelry.

Gemologists from these facilities are trained in the art of identifying real diamonds from fake ones. Additionally, by looking at the cut, carat weight, color, and clarity of a diamond, gemologists can classify each diamond to add to the certification.

Every Effy piece of jewelry made with diamonds will come with a unique certification proving that your piece and the stones within it are one of a kind.

If you ever lose your certification, you can get your diamond recertified by either the International Gemological Institute or the Gemological Institute of America for a fee.

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Does Effy Use Real Diamonds?

Effy uses real diamonds in all of its jewelry pieces. One of the best ways to tell that Effy uses real diamonds is by the accompaniment of a gemologist’s certification with the purchase of any diamond piece.

There are no glass gemstones in Effy’s diamond jewelry pieces, although the diamonds used may be a combination of naturally sourced and lab created.

The creator of Effy jewelry not only takes pride in the art of jewelry making but also wants to ensure his customers receive the best quality of products. This is why only real diamonds are used in Effy pieces as well as high quality metals such as 14 or 18 karat gold.

No two pieces of Effy diamond jewelry are exactly alike because no two diamonds are alike. Since Effy only uses real diamonds, your piece is guaranteed to be absolutely unique even if you order the same piece as someone else.

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Does Effy Diamond Jewelry Come With a Lifetime Warranty?

Because Effy takes pride in the quality of its work and the materials used to make its creations, Effy offers a lifetime warranty on all diamond jewelry pieces.

If you purchase a piece of diamond jewelry from Effy that becomes damaged because of a manufacturing defect, Effy will replace or repair the piece according to what is required.

In order to claim your warranty service, you must provide proof of purchase so make sure to keep your original receipt.

There are several ways to void Effy’s lifetime warranty including having your diamond piece resize, repaired, or serviced in any way by a jewelry provider other than Effy.

Additionally, Effy’s lifetime warranty for diamond jewelry does not cover theft, wear and tear, physical abuse, or loss including lost pieces such as stones.

Effy’s lifetime warranty is meant to make sure you are satisfied with your diamond purchase for years and years without feeling the need to return or exchange it.

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What Kind of Diamonds Does Effy Use?

Effy only uses real diamonds in their jewelry. Some of the diamonds used are manufactured artificially in a lab setting while others are sourced from naturally occurring mining expeditions.

All of the natural diamonds Effy uses are considered ethical so there is no concern over purchasing a blood diamond from Effy.

Most of Effy’s diamond jewelry pieces are made with clear diamonds, although there are a few choices pieces that have colored diamonds such as cognac diamonds. Each piece is uniquely crafted, so the total carat weight of diamonds varies.

Most Effy diamond jewelry pieces have many small diamonds sometimes accompanied by one or two slightly larger stones.

Diamond jewelry from Effy ranges in total carat weight from less than a quarter of a carat to twelve carats.

Effy also selects only the best quality stones which are certified by gemologists so that you know you are getting what you pay for.

Where Is Effy Diamond Jewelry Manufactured?

Effy is a fairly young company, getting its start around 1980 in New York City. Since then, all of its diamond jewelry pieces are crafted and manufactured in the United States.

Effy takes pride in the unique handcrafted pieces that its artists design as well as its pledge to manufacture everything in America.

Within a few short decades, Effy has become a powerhouse for fashion and has diamond jewelry in stores located all over the United States and even some internationally.

Yet, the manufacturing of all the diamond jewelry remains in the U.S. The materials are sourced elsewhere, but the construction of each piece using a traditional wax working technique is maintained in the United States.

Effy’s headquarters remain where the company was founded in New York City, New York. In fact, most of the diamond jewelry is also manufactured in New York with a few other locations dabbled across the U. S.


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Effy jewelry uses real certified diamonds in their jewelry pieces. Certifications are conducted by gemologists from the International Gemological Institute and the Gemological Institute of America and are provided as proof with each diamond piece.

Effy sources its naturally occurring diamonds from ethical mining operations as well as artificial ones from laboratories.

Most of the diamonds used in Effy jewelry are small and clear, although there are some cognac diamonds available.

All Effy diamond jewelry pieces are made in the United States and come with a lifetime warranty for repairs and replacement on items that are damaged because of manufacturer’s defects.



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