Are ATVs Street Legal in Louisiana? (ATV + UTV Laws To Know)

are atvs street legal in louisiana

Have you ever wondered if ATVs are Street legal in Louisiana? Well, look no further because we have all the answers to your questions. So, let me get to the point.

ATVs are strictly forbidden from all public streets, roads, and highways in Louisiana, except for the purpose of farming within 5 miles from your residence. And in such situations, they are allowed to be driven only on the shoulder of parish and municipality roads.

While ATVs are not street legal in Louisiana, there are many other places where you can ride them. Though, certain conditions do apply. So, let’s go into more details about whats and hows.

Are ATVs Street legal in Louisiana?

As I’ve said above, in Louisiana ATVs are not allowed on any road, street, or highway. This makes them impossible to be made street legal in any way for recreational use. The only exception to this ban is when an ATV or OHV is used for agricultural work.

But, this exception also has certain limits. ATVs can be operated for farming-related activities only within a radius of five miles from the operator’s farm.

It can be done only from 30 minutes after sunrise to 30 minutes before sunset. ATV must be registered, or the operator must have a sworn affidavit attesting that he is engaged in farm-related activities.

Also, ATVs and other OHVs can be operated only on the shoulder of a parish or municipality road, streets and interstate highways are off-limits, except for the purpose f crossing them. And also, the operator must have a Louisiana a state class E driver’s license and personal liability insurance policy.

While the above rules apply to the whole of the state of Louisiana, they do not to the Orleans Parish. Where the ATVs are not allowed on any streets, roads, or highways; within its boundaries, in any way, or for any purpose. Except for the use by law enforcement and other agencies.

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Can I ride an ATV on public lands in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, you can ride an ATV on public lands where they are specifically allowed. But, only if such vehicle is properly registered.

In most state parks in Louisiana, you can find many ATV trails that you are allowed to drive on. All are properly marked, and you should not wander off them, except to areas that are marked as permitted. In the state parks, you should stay on roads, lanes, and byways set for off-road use.

The Wildlife Management Areas, which are also public lands and arguably places where you can enjoy the most in the nature of Louisiana, are required by law to have at least one ATV trail.

Such trail must be opened year-round, except in situations when dues to weather or some other circumstance it is not safe to use it.

To be able to access any WMA, you will need to purchase a Wild Louisiana Stamp, which cost $9.50 and is valid until the next June 30, whenever it was purchased. Or a $2 1-day Wild Louisiana Stamp.

Can I ride an ATV on private lands in Louisiana?

Riding an ATV on private property in Louisiana is for all intents and purposes unregulated. The laws that regulate ATV and other OHV use and ownership do not impose any regulations or limits when they are used on private lands.

The only exception is that all ATVs and OHVs must be registered and a registration decal placed on them.

But, there are private off-road trails and parks, where the management regulations do apply. And you should properly inform yourself about them and strictly abide.

Depending on the particular establishment, there are limits on the age of the rider but also safety gear requirements.

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Do I have to register or title an ATV in Louisiana?

Yes, every ATV in Louisiana must be titled and registered with the Office of Motor Vehicles.

Registering an ATV in Louisiana is a very straightforward process.

You will need:

  • filled out form DPSMV 1799,
  • Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin for a new vehicle, or existing title for a used vehicle,
  • $12 dollars registration fee

Registration is valid for four years and must be done within 40 days after the purchase of the ATV. Once you have titled and registered your vehicle, you have a 30 days period to install the decal on it.

Do I need a driver’s license to operate an ATV in Louisiana?

To be able to operate an ATV on the shoulder of public roads for the purpose of farming-related activities, you need to have a Louisiana state class E driver’s license. But only if you are 17 years of age or older.

For persons that are 12 to 16 years of age, it is allowed by law to operate farming equipment on the shoulder of roads. And they do not require any type of license or permit.

Because ATVs are allowed on the shoulders of parish and municipality roads only as farming equipment, they can ride them too.

Are helmets mandatory in Louisiana?

For riding ATVs on the shoulders of public roads, where they are allowed, helmets are not mandatory. But, state parks and private management of ATV trails have the right to mandate the use of any or all protective gear. And some private establishments do require the use of both helmets and goggles.


Louisiana is one of the states where ATVs are not allowed on public roads but can be driven on the shoulder of public roads when used for farming. In reality, this means that they can’t be made street legal.

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