Adidas Christmas Return Policy (All You Need to Know)

Adidas Christmas Return Policy

Christmas return policies are typically different than stores’ regular return policies. That’s because gifts are sometimes purchased far in advance of when they’re received.

The Adidas Christmas return policy gives customers and gift recipients more time to get a refund or process an exchange. Any items purchased between the middle of November through the middle of January are accepted as returns for up to 60 days after the date of purchase or delivery.

We’re heading toward the holiday season. It’s good to know what the store return policies are at the places you’re buying gifts. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about the Adidas Christmas return policy.

What Is the Adidas Christmas Return Policy?

Customers and gift recipients have up to 60 days to return any unwanted items in-store or through the mail. The 60 days start from either the day of purchase or the day of delivery if an item was ordered.

The normal return policy is only up to 30 days out from the date of purchase. You can return items or exchange them at any point in that time period.

When Does the Adidas Christmas Return Policy Start?

The Christmas return policy applies to purchases made from about mid-November to mid-January. The idea is to give people time to give and receive any gifts and decide if they’re going to keep them. 

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How Do You Return Items to Adidas?

If you purchased items at a physical Adidas store location, you can easily go back in and return what you don’t want to get a full refund. 

You’ll need to take your receipt if you want the money refunded to your original method of payment account. You can make an exchange without your receipt, but it doesn’t hurt to take it with you if you still have it. 

What If You Don’t Have Your Receipt?

You can typically still return items without a receipt. You won’t get the refund back to your original method of payment, though. 

The receipt provides proof that you purchased the item from an Adidas store location or from the Adidas website. When you don’t have a receipt, the company will issue you a store credit, usually in the form of a gift card.

Online orders are packed with invoices and you’ll receive an email receipt and confirmation. You can also use those as proof of purchase for a full refund back to your account.

The other piece of this is you may not get the same amount back that you paid for the items without a receipt.

If that same item has gone on sale, you’ll get the amount of the sale price credited to you. This is because there’s nothing to prove when the item was purchased.

Can You Return Items Ordered Online to a Store Location?

You may return items ordered from to any brick-and-mortar location. You’ll need your email receipt or invoice to get a full refund. 

The items must be ordered from the Adidas website only. You cannot return Adidas merchandise purchased from a third party vendor.

For instance, if you purchase Adidas clothing from a department store, you are not able to return that to the Adidas store locations or back through the website.

Can You Return Items with Your Own Shipping Label?

You cannot use your own shipping label to send items back to Adidas. If you’re mailing in a return, you must print a return shipping label from the company website. 

The labels generated when you start a return on the Adidas website are FedEx labels that the company can track.

It sends information to the warehouse about items that are coming back so employees know what they’re looking for.

The label you print is prepaid and automatically addressed to the warehouse. All you have to do is secure it to the package and drop it off at any FedEx location.

How Long Does a Refund Take?

Adidas asks that you allow up to 21 business days to receive your refund. The 21-day period doesn’t start until the items are received in the warehouse. 

It doesn’t always take the full 21 business days, however, it can. The company will start the refund on their end.

Then, the transaction has to go through the issuing bank of your credit or debit card. Adidas has no control over that part of the process, so they’ve chosen a timeframe that encompasses most banking organizations.

Can You Exchange Items through the Adidas Website?

Adidas does also offer exchanges. You can exchange items in-store or through the website. There is a selection to do an exchange on the website. 

Exchanges work a little differently. When you select the exchange option, you’ll be notified you have a 7-day window to get your item shipped to the warehouse. At the same time, the new size you selected is placed on hold. The hold will only last for 10 days. 

Adidas only allows exchanges through the website for the same item in a different size. You cannot exchange one item for a completely different item. 

If your returned item doesn’t make it back to the warehouse within the 10-day hold period, your item gets processed like a regular return and you receive a refund, instead. 

Can You Get a Refund if You Pay with a Gift Card?

Customers who pay for items using a gift card can return merchandise just the same. You will get a new gift card issued electronically to your associated email account. 

Should you make a purchase with a gift card as partial payment and pay the balance with a credit card, you’ll get the gift card balance refunded first and the rest credited back to your bank card.

Does Adidas Do Christmas Sales?

Adidas does Christmas sales like most retailers. They participate in the Black Friday events, as well. 

You’ll find items on sale throughout the rest of the year, also. 

Does Adidas Offer Military Discounts?

Adidas is highly supportive of the military forces. They also support educators.

Military members, along with teachers, get a 30% discount on items ordered from the website. 

The discount is 20% when shopping at physical retail locations and outlet stores.

Can You Return Adidas Shoes After Wearing Them?

You cannot return shoes after you’ve worn them, in most cases. So, what do we mean by this?

Let’s look at an example.

You buy shoes in the right size with the colors you love. You wear them out for a get-together. The shoes look amazing, but they rub on the back of your foot and cause a blister. You decide to take them back for a refund.

This scenario does not qualify for a refund because you have worn the shoes and there’s nothing wrong with the product.

Now, let’s say it’s the same scenario, but while you’re out that night, one of the eyeholes where the lace goes through loses its metal bracket.

You decide to take the shoes back for a refund. This situation does qualify for a refund because there’s a defect with the product within the first 30 days. 

Customers may bring items back for a refund when there’s a manufacturer defect, even if they’ve already worn them.

What Items Are Not Returnable?

There is a small list of non-returnable items. These include:

  • Facemasks
  • Adidas merchandise purchased from third parties
  • Personalized items

Wrap Up

The Adidas Christmas return policy gives you time to get a refund or exchange items that were bought as gifts.

You’ll have 60 days to return items purchased during the holiday season, rather than the standard 30 days Adidas normally allows.

You can return to a store location or generate a return on the website and mail the item back to the warehouse.

As long as the labels are intact, the packaging is included, and the item is in the same condition in which you received it, you can get a full refund.



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