Windish RV / 8 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know (Updated)


If you have been searching for a widest selection of excellent quality RVs, at low prices, you have likely come across the Windish RV company.

When you’re on the hunt for a motorhome, you may feel overwhelmed by all the options you have available.

A new (or used) RV is a big investment, so it’s important that you take the decision seriously and choose an RV that’s right for you and your budget.

One RV company you may have heard mentioned in your search is Windish RV. This is a very popular RV company with a very wide selection. While you may find yourself interested in their selection, you probably want to know more about them before committing to a purchase.

To help you decide if this company is right for you or not, we’ve come up with 8 facts about Windish RV that you should know.

When you know more about the company you plan to buy from, it makes it easier to decide if they have the right RV and services for you/

Luxury RVs With A Guaranteed Warranty

Before investing in an RV, you need to know it will hold up. A warranty is the manufacturer’s guarantee that their product will work as expected during that warrantied timeframe.

If any repairs or servicing is needed, it will be covered under a warranty. 

Windish RV is a dealership that works with several different RV manufacturers. They believe in quality over quantity and only do business with the most dependable RV manufacturers in the industry.

Every RV from their dealership comes with industry-competitive warranty coverage.

8 Facts About Windish RV

Windish RV has become one of the most popular RV companies around. Before making a purchase from them, you may want to know more about the company and what they offer.

They are one of the top US RV dealerships for a reason. Here are 8 facts that every RV buyer should know:

  1. Where Is Windish RV Located?
  2. What Type Of RVs Are Available At Windish RV?
  3. Does Windish RV Offer Financing?
  4. What Is The Most Popular RV At Windish RV?
  5. Where Can Windish RVs Be Serviced?
  6. What Are The Pros Of Buying An RV From Windish RV?
  7. What Are The Cons Of Buying An RV From Windish RV?
  8. What Resources Are Available For Windish RV Customers?

Find out why Windish RV is Colorado’s number 1 towable dealer. We offer the nation’s best RV brands at the best prices including Grand Design RVs, Keystone RVs, nuCamp RVs, Jayco RVs, Stryker RVs, Flagstaff RVs, Rockwood RVs, and Airstreams.

Fact #1: Where Is Windish RV Located?

Windish RV is a Colorado-based company that has been in operations for over 50 years. They have 3 locations in Colorado in Colorado Springs, Longmont, and Lakewood/ Denver.

This is a family-owned business that appreciates the values of a small town. They pride themselves on selling affordable RVs so families can make memories together.

“Whether they want to see more of Colorado or travel across the country, the team at Windish RV wants to help people all across the state of Colorado find the right  RV for them.”

They offer a wide range of new and used RVs, with something for everyone’s budget. 

Windish RV Longmont and the other two locations are open from Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 5 pm. However, the company’s president encourages their customers to call any location whenever they have a question or concern related to their RVs. 

Fact #2: What Type Of RVs Are Available At Windish RV?

At Windish RV, they may not have the biggest selection but they definitely have one of the best. This is because they don’t have time to waste on manufacturers that aren’t up to code.

The team at Windish RV only makes time for experienced manufacturers that focus on quality construction. This way they can guarantee their customers a quality motorhome.

Actually, there are many manufacturers that Windish RV won’t allow on their lot because they don’t believe in wasting their customer’s time or money on a poorly made model.

Some of the manufacturers that you can expect to find at Windish RV locations are:

  • Keystone
  • Jayco
  • Airstream
  • Cruiser
  • Forest River
  • Grand Design
  • NuCamp

Windish RV also supplies many different types of RVs because they know that every family has different needs.

That is why they pride themselves on finding the best quality selection. Some of the RVs they sell include:

  • Motorhomes
  • Travel Trailers
  • Fifth Wheel
  • Toy Haulers
  • Airstreams

Fact #3: Does Windish RV Offer Financing?

Windish RV is committed to helping its customers save time and money, while also getting them on the road faster. Each location offers in-house financing that customers can apply for directly online.

They are able to do this efficiently because Windish RV has a finance team that has decades of experience.

The finance team specializes in determining the best financial packages for interested buyers. They have been able to partner with some of the top lenders in the industry.

They know how to pull the strings behind the scenes and are even able to come up with financing packages for buyers who may have a less than impressive credit score.

Many people who compared different financing plans at RV dealerships across Colorado believed that RV Windish was able to offer them a package with the lowest interest rates and best loan terms.

There are even financing packages that can be spread out over 20 years, making it easier for everyone to afford an RV.  

 Fact #4: What Is The Most Popular RV At Windish RV?

This summer, the popular seller at Windish RV is the 2021 Dutchmen RV Colorado. This top-of-the-line model is incredibly spacious and can sleep up to 7 people.

It has all the luxuries of the home, including a queen-sized bed, double-sized bunk beds, and a 7-foot fridge. Many reviewers are claiming this is the most comfortable RV they have ever traveled in.

The interior is very stylish and almost feels more like the inside of a cottage than a trailer. This RV is just over 23 feet in length, giving people plenty of room to get cozy.

One of the best features is the pass-through storage, which allows extra room for things like fold-up chairs or beach toys.

To make sure you get the most comfortable sleep, this RV has blackout shade throughout every window. 

Fact #5: Where Can Windish RVs Be Serviced?

All 3 Windish RV locations in Colorado also have a body shop on-site for parts and service. The body shops are open Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm.

To make life easier, appointments can be booked directly online from the Windish RV website. 

When it comes to RV servicing, it’s important to know that Windish RV is only covered to service the manufacturers that they do business with.

Even though they are a professional RV dealership, they are not covered to work on all brands of RVs. Windish RV can only do servicing on the following makes:

  • Forest River
  • Dutchman
  • Airstream
  • Suburban
  • Norcold
  • Grand Design
  • Atwood
  • Keystone
  • Jayco
  • Heartland
  • Crossroads

 Fact #6: What Are The Pros Of Buying An RV From Windish RV?

Windish RV has made a good reputation for themselves based on the way they treat their customers. When customer commitment is a company’s main priority, the rest all seems to fall in line.

That is what has helped Windish RV become as successful as it is today.

Their dedication to meeting their customer’s satisfaction has helped them create lifelong customer relationships.

Customers love that the team at Windish RV is always willing to work with them. This makes it easier for everyone to find an RV that matches their needs and budget.

So many people don’t get the opportunity to travel because they believe they will never find a quality RV within their budget.

To make things easier for every, Windish RV has a great selection of used RVs for under $10,000. They make it a priority to find ways for all of their customers to afford a quality RV.

Fact #7: What Are The Cons Of Buying An RV From Windish RV?

While Windish RV is always able to offer their customers a great deal on their RV, some customers were unsatisfied by the wait times when their RV needs servicing. Sometimes Windish RV will have to get a particular part through special order.

When this happens it often takes a little bit longer for the part to arrive at the shop, meaning the customer will be without their RV for longer.”

Many customers have also commented that the body repair shop takes longer to service and repair their RVs when brought in. It’s important to remember that the team at Windish RV is very particular about quality.

Their servicing work may take a little bit longer, but they pay close attention to every detail so you won’t have to bring that RV back anytime soon.

Fact #8: What Resources Are Available For Windish RV Customers?

There’s a lot that goes into owning an RV, and it can feel overwhelming for customers. To make sure everyone feels confident in their purchase, the team at Windish RV is always available to pick up the phone and speak to customers about their purchase and how to make the best of it.

They want to make sure their customers are all happy campers, so they have provided an online video library with videos from each RV manufacturer.

There is even a selection of RV comparison videos to make it easier for customers to decide on an RV. 

Of course, there can never be enough resources to help customers. Whenever you have an RV-related question, you can text the preferred Windish RV location directly from the website.

A qualified team member will get back to you as soon as possible. They want you to have all the information you need to make an informed purchase. 

Who Did Better?

Having trouble deciding on what RV to buy? There are so many different features to take into consideration, so we want to make the decision as easy as possible.

Windish RV’s Travis Wing and John Bueler compare the Grand Design Imagine 2800BH to the Jayco Jay Feather 27BHB in a head-to-head competition.

Both give quick walkthroughs on their unit in an effort to help you decide on your perfect travel trailer.

Grand Design or Jayco RVs? | Imagine 2800BH vs. Jay Feather 27BHB Head-to-Head Comparison >> Check out the video below:

Final Thoughts

Are you in the market to buy a new (or used) RV this season? If you’re in Colorado then Windish RV is one of the best dealerships to check out.

They are very selective about which manufacturers are allowed on their lot, so customers can trust that this RV dealership will only work with the best quality RVs in the industry. That’s why they are rated the best in state.

Customers can feel confident leaving the dealership and hitting the road for a vacation after buying an RV from Windish RV.

All of their RVs come with an industry-standard warranty to guarantee they will last. Windish RV is one place that is dedicated to getting their customers the best rates on quality RVs that have all the comforts of home. 

When you’re ready for a new RV, the team at Windish RV is always ready to help.


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