Who Makes Wegmans Seltzer? (Quality, Reviews + More)

Who Makes Wegmans Seltzer

Wegmans Food Market is a top grocery and meal delivery service. One of their more popular products is the Wegmans seltzer. With over a dozen flavors and delicious carbonation, many people love Wegmans seltzer products.

So, who makes Wegmans seltzer? Wegmans seltzer is manufactured by Thomas Kemper, a subsidiary of Big Red, Inc. This company has been responsible for manufacturing the drink for a decade now, and they are a big player in the carbonated beverage industry.

To learn more about who makes Wegmans seltzer, keep reading. This article takes a close look at Thomas Kemper and their seltzer. Let’s dive right in.

Who Makes Wegmans Seltzer?

Wegmans seltzer is the private label sparkling water sold at Wegmans Grocery Store. Even though this soda is a private label, it is produced by a big-name soda company that produces name-brand products. This is a normal occurrence for private label brands.

Wegmans Seltzer is made by Thomas Kemper Soda. Thomas Kemper Soda is a subsidiary of Big Red, Inc., and it became a part of the Wegmans team back in 2012.

They are responsible for producing most Wegmans soda products, with seltzer being just one of them.

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About Thomas Kemper Soda

Thomas Kemper Soda Co. was formally owned by Pyramid Breweries, Inc. It was sold back in 2007, and now it is a subsidiary of Big Red, Inc.

The history of Thomas Kemper is long, and the manufacturing of the Wegmans seltzer is just the most recent addition to their lineup.


Thomas Kemper began in the 1980s as a microbrewery. It was ahead of the game in terms of approaching brewing as an art form.

The drinks were sold as local brands in the Pacific Northwest, and the beer and soda lines were kept separate.

Since the 1980s, Thomas Kemper has been sold a few times. In 2007, Thomas Kemper was sold by Pyramid, and it was sold to Big Red, Inc. in 2011. Since then, Thomas Kemper has been a major subsidiary of the Big Red brand.


Thomas Kemper began in Seattle, Washington. Today, the company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

Because of its Northwestern location, Thomas Kemper mainly only produces and manufactures products for the Northwestern and Western United States, but it is spreading to the rest of the US and Canada.

Thomas Kemper’s Wegmans Seltzer

Big Red, Inc. and Thomas Kemper became involved with Wegmans in 2012. In this year, the company began producing Wegmans brand products, including seltzer.

At the same time, Wegmans stocked name brand Big Red, Inc. products.

Other Products

Thomas Kemper is responsible for producing a number of products.  This subsidiary focuses on soda products and carbonated beverages.

Some products include Thomas Kemper Soda products, such as Ginger Ale and Vanilla Cream Soda.

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Is Wegmans Seltzer Any Good?

Because Wegmans Seltzer is produced by Thomas Kemper, it’s no shock that the drink is a favorite among seltzer lovers.

Many people who love Wegmans seltzer argue that Wegman’s seltzer is the best for its flavor, lineup, and airy texture.


Flavor-wise, people love the Wegmans seltzer. There are many flavors to choose from, and these flavors are packed full of punch. Most people rank these drinks highly in terms of flavor intensity, flavor quality, and trueness of flavor.

Most flavors rank highly in these three respects.

The flavor is paired with airy carbonation that is delicious to taste. Though some flavors are loved more than others, they are all tasty.


For off-brand sparkling water, Wegmans has some of the extensive lineups. At the moment, there are 21 flavors available.

This lineup features many flavors, including lime mint, watermelon, and orange pineapple. In other words, you are guaranteed to find a Wegmans seltzer flavor to love.


The price of Wegmans seltzer is fantastic, especially whenever you consider the delicious flavor and extensive lineup. A 12 pack costs about $3.50, which is about $0.02 per fl oz.

That’s a great deal! In comparison, a 12 pack of Bubly costs about $3.68 or $0.038 per fl oz. This number shows Wegmans Seltzer being a great price.

Our Verdict

Overall, we love the Wegmans seltzer. The Wegmans Grocery Store seltzer is a great alternative to big-name seltzer products.

It can help you save some money, but it is delicious too. In other words, Wegmans seltzer is a great pick for those who want delicious seltzer but don’t want to spend a fortune.

The only downside to Wegmans seltzer is that you won’t be able to find it everywhere. Wegmans Grocery Store is not a national entity just yet.

They are only in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

If you are outside of these locations, you will not be able to find Wegmans seltzer, unfortunately. Luckily, you probably have a Wegmans in your area if you are searching for who makes Wegmans seltzer.

Just keep in mind you won’t have access to your seltzer of choice on your travels.

Final Thoughts

Wegmans is a top sparkling water brand. It is known for having bold flavors, many options, and fair prices.

Part of the reason these drinks are loved is that they are produced by Thomas Kemper, a subsidiary of Big Red, Inc. This subsidiary is beloved for creating delicious, carbonated beverages that sparkling water lovers adore.

Now that you know who makes Wegmans seltzer, go pick up and pack and figure out which flavor is your favorite!

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