Who Makes Powerbase Lawn Mowers? (Are They Good?)

Who Makes Powerbase Lawn Mowers

Do you know who makes Powerbase lawn mowers? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Lawn mowers are essential for property owners with a significant amount of grass to cut. It’s important to know that you can trust the mower you purchase to keep your lawn looking good. Powerbase is a reliable brand of lawn mower, but who actually makes them?

Powerbase lawn mowers are made by Homebase, a garden and home store based in the United Kingdom that has been in business since 1979.

In this article, we will review if Powerbase lawn mowers are good quality as well as what reviews they get from customers. Additionally, we will cover who sells Powerbase lawn mowers, how much they cost, and where they are manufactured.

Are Powerbase Lawn Mowers Good Quality?

The aim of Powerbase is to provide its customers with lawn mowers that are excellent quality, easy to use, and inexpensive.

The design of Powerbase lawn mowers is catered to those who are not professional lawn caretakers. These mowers are easy to use and convenient for storage with folding handles.

There are several different cutting heights that are easily adjusted by one lever and each of the pieces that make up the mower are built to standard. Powerbase lawn mowers are lightweight, but they do an excellent job of holding up over time.

There are cordless varieties meant for lawns that are smaller so that the battery can remain functional for the time you need to mow.

Powerbase lawn mowers have won awards for their functionality including the BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine award for Best Buy on a budget.

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What Do Customers Have to Say About Powerbase Lawn Mowers?

Powerbase lawn mowers come highly recommended, especially their cordless battery-powered models.

Some of the bonuses that attract customers to Powerbase’s range of lawn mowers are the extra features that can be hard to find with other lawn mower brands.

For example, the electric mower by Powerbase has a metal base instead of a plastic one which makes it more durable and feel more high quality compared to other brands.

It also comes as a self-propelled unit which is a difficult feature to find in electric lawn mowers.

Most customers appreciate that Powerbase offers lawn mowers in a variety of sizes and each mower comes equipped to cut several different heights.

One of the complaints with Powerbase is that it may be a little bit louder than other lawn mowers, but overall is a good buy.

The reviews say it all with Powerbase lawn mowers make the list of best lawn mowers from some of the top lawn and garden gear reviewers.

Who Sells Powerbase Lawn Mowers?

Homebase sells Powerbase lawn mowers since it is their brand of lawn equipment. Homebase stores are located in the United Kingdom and Ireland with over one hundred and fifty physical store locations.

Homebase also has an online shopping website where Powerbase lawn mowers can be purchased and shipped right to your home.

You can also find Powerbase lawn mowers available on eBay and other resale websites for those who are looking to get rid of the lawn mowers they have.

Additionally, if you need to find parts for your Powerbase lawn mower, ALM Manufacturing engineers and sells a range of different parts for Powerbase lawn mowers.

Powerbase lawn mowers are hard to find used since so many customers are satisfied with their purchase.

However, if you are interested in buying one, talk to your neighbors or look on Facebook Marketplace to see if you can find one in good condition for a price that’s less than the cost of a new one.

How Much Do Powerbase Lawn Mowers Cost?

Depending on the model you choose, Powerbase lawn mowers can cost anywhere from £50 to £350 ($60 to $420).

The electric and cordless push lawn mowers are the least expensive while the self-propelled electric and petrol motored lawn mowers are the most expensive.

Used lawn mowers will sell for cheaper on resale websites and Homebase does run sales on some of its products including Powerbase lawn mowers.

Oftentimes, if there is no discount on the lawn mower itself, Homebase may throw in a free extra battery for the electric models.

Compared to other comparable lawn mowers brands like Bosch, Powerbase is much more budget friendly and especially good for smaller lawns like those in the city and suburbs.

Where Are Powerbase Lawn Mowers Made?

It is unclear where Powerbase lawn mowers are manufactured, but the parent company Homebase is located in the United Kingdom, so some manufacturing and assembly most likely take place there.

There are manufacturer’s based in the United Kingdom like ALM Manufacturing who provide replacement parts for Powerbase lawn mowers and may also make the original parts as well.

A British made lawn mower is something to take pride in and Powerbase most likely joins these ranks along with its top competitors such as Bosch and Hayter.

The revolutionary metal body of Powerbase lawn mowers set it apart from other brands that are made of plastic and indicate the level of quality and pride that Powerbase puts into their products.

Regardless of where Powerbase lawn mowers are manufactured, Homebase ensures its customers a guaranteed product that will perform exceptionally and last for years to come.


Powerbase lawn mowers are made by the British home and garden store Homebase.

Homebase proudly sells a line of several different models that include cordless electric, push mowers, self-propelled models, and petrol fueled lawn mowers.

These lawn mowers are budget friendly and high quality. Some of their bonus features such as the metal bodies and self-propelling capabilities for the electric cordless versions get rave reviews from customers.

Powerbase lawn mowers have made several best lawn mower lists and are particularly favored for those with small lawns.

Overall, Powerbase lawn mowers provide a cheap, easy to use, and high quality product to keep your grass cut the way you like it. If you’re in the UK, pick up one today!




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