Who Makes Magnum Boots? (Are they good? Reviews + More)

Who Makes Magnum Boots

People ask, who makes Magnum Boost?

For over 20 years, Magnum Boots has been a brand trusted for military personnel, tradesmen, police, and firefighters.

They produce durable footwear that’s comfortable, highly engineered, and made with the quality materials. But who makes Magnum Boots?

Who makes Magnum Boots? Magnum Boots is made by Magnum Boots Company. Magnum Boots is a subsidiary of Cherokee Global Brands which have their factories in China with their headquarters in the UK. But, in regards to manufacturing, everything comes from Wutang Town Hanjian District, Putian, Putian, Fujian, China.

For the record, however, they aren’t an American company. That said, they are a subsidiary of Apex Global Brands, Inc. with offices in Modesta, California, and Portland, Oregon.

So, it’s sort of a hodgepodge and homogenous association, supplying quality footwear all over the world.

How Did Magnum Boots Come to Produce Footwear Out of China?

Apex Global Brands, Inc., also known as Cherokee, Inc., is a world-famous clothing and apparel supplier. In 2016, they bought Hi-Tec, which had a partnership with Magnum Boots up until 2010.

However, both remain under the banner of Cherokee/Apex Global Brands. In 2015 production shifted over to China. 

Does Magnum Boots Make Custom Footwear?

Unfortunately, Magnum Boots doesn’t make custom footwear. This is a machine-based operation where they make footwear, apparel, and other tactical gear en masse.

 So, you cannot get a custom-made shoe, you have to buy one premade. These come from China and go to distribution centers in almost 100 countries.

What Kinds of Footwear Does Magnum Boots Manufacture?

Magnum Boots manufactures athletic-like utility boots for a wide range of purposes. They target those in the military, firefighting, rescue work, and police.

There are practical and formal shoes with a low ankle. But they have ones that can hug the ankle or go up to the lower calf.

They offer over 54 different types of boots for various jobs. They sort shoes in collections for military, fire and rescue, uniform, or work.

There are a number of lines worth noting for their durability, technology, and construction.


There are about 33 varieties of footwear specifically for those who wear a work uniform, such as police officers.

Their “Elite” line features waterproof, rust-free metals with vibram rubber on the outsoles. These all go up to the ankle or higher.

They have an “Active Duty” series where they are more like typical shoes that range from ones for athletics to glossy formal wear.

Plus, they have a huge array in their “Viper” and “Strike Force” lines coming in a range of materials, ankle heights, and sole grip designs.

Of course, they have classic Magnums, designed as the originals from when the company started in 1982. But they have a few selections from their “Boxer,” “Scorpion,” “Panther” and “Storm Trail” lines.

All of these have great features designed to be comfortable, functional, and dependable.


The military selection is smaller, with 10 types of shoes from which to choose. The star of the show is their “Raptor” series but they also have a few others from their “Spartan” collection.

Fire & Rescue

For fire and rescue workers, Magnum Boots offers six shoes. All of them come from their “Vulcan” line. The design and construction of the shoe lends itself to withstanding heat and electricity.

However, there are also a couple of shoes from their “Strike Force” line.


There are only five shoes in the Work collection, but they specifically gear toward hospital workers, plumbers, tradesman, and other similar jobs.

These come from their “Ringmaster,” “Roadmaster” and “Sitemaster” series. They appear more like regular shoes but remain intact through years of wear and tear.

What Other Apparel Does Magnum Boots Make?

Aside from shoes, there are also things like technical undergarments, jackets for all seasons, t-shirts, polos, shorts, pants, and zippered fleece.

Plus, they sell extra shoelaces and an array of bags. There are also typical items such as masks, sunglasses, socks, belts, and hats.

Where Can You Buy Magnum Boots?

You can find magnum boots at most police and military supply stores. However, they are available at Big 5 Sporting Goods and Amazon.

Otherwise, they have several locations all over the world in some 100 countries.

Does Magnum Manufacture Reliable Products?

Perusing the reviews for some of the shoes from Magnum Boots on Amazon, they get four out of five stars. On the whole, people seem to love their Magnums.

They’re impervious, lightweight, and can withstand some of the most extreme conditions.

They’re comfortable, very functional, and comprise quality materials. The average user attests to how you don’t need a new pair of shoes for at least 10 years.

However, there are some long-time users who notice a marked difference between the quality of Magnum Boots in the early 2000s versus the ones now.

The shoes seem to have a cheaper design with some reports saying comfort gives out within a few months. In the past, the comfort stayed until the shoes wore out completely.

So, there are a few people who express abject disappointment with the current variety Magnum Boots offers.

Final Thoughts

Magnum Boots makes their own shoes, but they do this out of their factory in China. They have a decades-long worldwide distribution and are a trusted brand for police, firefighters, and military personnel.

There is a huge array of shoes, apparel, and accessories for those in uniform, working in a hospital, or for a wide array of trades.





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