When Does Eastbay Restock Sizes? (Here Is What To Do)

When Does Eastbay Restock Sizes

When will my size be available again? Or when does Eastbay restock on shoes?

Eastbay is a great place to get athletic wear for sports or the street. They have everything for men, women, and children featuring brands like Adidas, Easton, Nike, ASICS and Converse, among many others. However, due to their popularity and the great deals they offer, they run out of stock often.

So, when does Eastbay restock sizes? The truth is they don’t have a set schedule. However, you can get notified by following them on places like Twitter and Instagram. Also, they have a “Release Calendar” page. Here, they put up dates in the near future for restocking items that have already launched and for upcoming releases of new stock.

While this may be something of a downer, you do have other options to find the shoe you’re looking for. So, don’t lose hope if they are out of your size.

What Is Eastbay?

Eastbay is a subsidiary of Foot Locker that supplies sporting goods for athletes between the ages of seven and 24 years old.

They started in 1980 in Wausau, Wisconsin selling running shoes. This eventually developed to encompass all kinds of sportswear for track and field, baseball, football and wrestling, among many others.

What Can You Do When Eastbay Is Out of Your Size?

Unfortunately, due to Eastbay’s popularity and great deals, they are often out of many sizes. When this happens, you have a few options available.

First, you can visit their “Release Calendar” page. This offers a mini calendar for upcoming launches and for restocking certain brands. They do not list specific sizes, however.

The other thing you can do is find them on social media, send their customer reps an email, contact them via live chat or call their 800 number.

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How Does Eastbay’s “Release Calendar” Page Work?

When you go to Eastbay’s website, you will see a menu option at the top of the page next to “Brands.” After clicking on that, you’ll go to the page.

Here, they indicate when they launch their items, which is 10 am (eastern standard time) / 9 am (central standard time) unless they note otherwise.

Then, below the time notification, there are two tabs, one says “upcoming” and the other says, “launched.” This latter tab is where you will find restocking items. For each one, there’s a date in the right hand corner.

If the date listed is the current day or earlier, you will be able to access the shoe or article of clothing.

Viewing Future Items

For dates set in the future, you can click on the item and it will show appear, but you won’t be able to buy or preorder. However, you’ll be able to see the price and a countdown timer for the release.

Any other details and information all potential customers need to know will display below the timer.

This will detail things like discount eligibility, purchasing limits, and other tips for a faster checkout experience. If Eastbay is about to release the merchandise within 24 hours, you could keep the webpage open to remind yourself about it. 

They do not have an email signup or any other method of notification. This means you’ll have to go elsewhere to get an update for new releases.

How Can You Find Out About Your Specific Size?

Whether what you’re looking for is in the Release Calendar or not, you may want to inquire about the specific size you want. This is because even if they do end up restocking the brand and style you’re looking for, doesn’t translate to supplying the size you’re hunting down.

So, you’ll have to contact customer service and speak with a rep about your particular style, brand and size.

They will be able to tell you if they plan to restock it any time soon, even if it’s not listed on the Release Calendar page.

You can do this via live chat, email, phone call, through the FLX App or via their social media pages.

How Can You See Updates about When Eastbay Restocks Sizes?

The best way to see updates about when Eastbay restocks sizes is to consistently check their Release Calendar page and contact their customer service.

However, you can also shoot them a message in a comment from something they post on places like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

What Can You Do If They Aren’t Going to Restock Your Size?

In the case you contact their Customer Care reps and they tell you they have no plans to restock the style or size you’re looking for, you can do an independent search online.

Using quotation marks (“”), input the brand and the name of the style. Usually a host of other places will come up and at least one of them should have your size.

Otherwise, you can contact the manufacturer directly and see if they have any options for you. Sometimes, places like Adidas or Nike will let you know where they have that particular item or you can buy it directly.

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Eastbay doesn’t have a regular schedule for restocking sizes that are out of their inventory.

But, they do have a “Release Calendar” you can check daily. If that doesn’t satisfy, you can attempt to contact them through a host of venues like the phone, email or social media.

Failing that, you can do an independent online search for the brand, style and size you need.





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