What does SV Mean on a Nissan Maxima (S, SV, SL, SR, Platinum)

What does SV Mean on a Nissan Maxima

Each make and model of Nissan Maxima has its allocated label to help potential buyers understand what pre-selected features are offered in a particular model.

The Nissan Maxima has several trim options at different price levels, of which the Nissan Maxima SV is the first upgrade from the entry-level (S) standard model. 

So, what does SV mean on a Nissan Maxima? The SV on a Nissan Maxima stands for Standard Value and offers a selection of features not found on the entry-level Nissan Maxima S trim package. The SV provides intelligent cruise control and traffic sign recognition and fog lights, heated outside mirrors and seats and front and rear parking sensors.

If you are thinking of buying a Nissan and are unsure what the trims entail, here’s what the SV means on your Nissan Maxima explained

What Are Nissan Maxima Trim Levels?

The Nissan Maxima range comes with a selection of several trims or trim packages. A trim level is a version of a particular car model that comes with various manufacturer’s preselected features.

The higher the tri-level, the better or more features and usually accompanied by a higher price tag.

Nissan differentiated between their tri packages by adding a code after the model name. The new Nissan Maxima’s has five trim levels, which range from:

  • Nissan Maxima Standard (S)
  • Nissan Maxima Standard Value (SV)
  • Nissan Maxima Sport Rally (SR)
  • Nissan Maxima Standard Luxury (SL)
  • Nissan Maxima Platinum.

Nissan Maxima Standard (S) 

The Standard Nissan Maxima offers the basic trims and are standard features throughout the higher trim levels, such as the Standard Value (SV.)

The standard maxima version can be viewed as the base model of the Maxima range and the entry-level priced option but still offers plenty of features.

Nissan S Features Include:

  • 18-inch alloy wheels 
  • Fog lights with short angled beams for improved road visibility
  • LED daytime running lights that emit light whenever the engine is running for heightened visibility
  • Automatic headlights that respond to light conditions without manual operation
  • Automatic dual-zone climate control which controls two separate sections of the vehicle for different preferred temperatures 
  • Keyless entry and start allow drivers to open the car doors and start the engine via the remote keypad.
  • Power seat for both the driver and passengers allowing occupants to adjust the seat to various dimensions for added comfort and proper seat belt positioning.
  • Auto-Dimming mirror system that responds to bright light conditions by initiating a dimming feature.
  • The Nissan Navigation system comes with a GPS built directly into your dashboard with visual and voice navigation prompts. 
  • A Rearview camera provides drivers with a visual aid in backing up and alleviates the rear blind spot. 
  • An upgraded infotainment system comes with an 8-inch touchscreen display, eight speakers, HD radio, dual USB ports and Bluetooth, satellite tuner and Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™.
  • A 300-hp 3.5-liter DOHC 24-valve V6 engine
  • Automatic Emergency Braking that proves an emergency braking system when it detects a potential collision. 
  • Pedestrian Detection alerts the driver and automatically responds to vehicles or pedestrians in front of the car by applying brakes. 

The Nissan Maxima Standard Value (SV) Explained

The Nissan Maxima SV includes most of the Maxima S features but offers additional trims not included in the standard model. These features include:

  • The SV offers Heated outside mirrors that allow drivers to defrost their mirrors quickly, removing frost, fog or rain that may obscure their view.
  • LED turn indicators provide brighter signals and enhance visibility to other motorists 
  • Heated front seats provide comfort, relaxation and aid in ease muscle and joint tensions.
  • Leather-appointed seat for greater luxury.
  • The Nissan Navigation System provides detailed real-time traffic information, 3D building graphics and turn by turn directions with a companion app that includes walking directions from your Nissan.
  • Premium Traffic brings the latest traffic updates about congestion and lane closures, and accidents.
  • Intelligent Cruise Control measures the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead and automatically accelerates or decelerates to maintain a sutav=ble following distance.
  • Traffic sign Recognition Technology notified the driver of speed limit signs or traffic signs in the vicinity, alerting the driver to important road information. 

What is the Difference Between the Nissan Maxima Standard value (SV) and the Standard Luxury (SL) Model? 

The Nissan Maxima SL has many of the Sv features but comes equipped with these added features:

  • A Dual-panel panoramic moonroof with a one-touch operation 
  • That slides between the roof and roof liner, allowing sunlight to enter your vehicle without opening the roof.
  • A front and rear sonar system uses an ultrasonic sensor at the rear and front of the vehicle that judges distance and position and gauges information regarding obstacles around the car and gives the drivers a warning. 
  • Front and passenger seat powerlifters allow you to adapt to your favoured driving position effortlessly.
  • A heated steering wheel for colder weather
  • Adjustable ambient LED lighting lets drivers adjust not only the lighting but the ambient mood of their drive.
  • The Nissan Homelink Universal receiver allows you to integrate your smart home systems such as your lights, garage door and security system at the touch of a button.
  • The Nissan Maxima SL offers enhanced sound with their Bose Premium Audio System with ii integrated speakers and advanced surround sound Centerpoint 2 Technology.
  • The SL offersTwo USB and two USB-C ports.

What is the Difference Between the Nissan Maxima Standard value (SV) and the Nissan Maxima Sports Rally( SR)?

SR Maxima is the sportier version of the maxima, which includes much of the SL features but provides additional features such as:

  • A sport-tuned suspension system improves steering stability and greater control at higher speeds with retuned dampers, stiffer springs and a larger front stabilizer bar. 
  • The wheels are upgraded to a 19-inch Aluminium Alloy in Gloss Black finish,
  • A memory system records your preferred seat position and your outside mirror positions.
  • Ascot leather-wrapped steering wheel with Alacantara insert that provides a better grip and moisture control.
  • Drivers side mirror automatic dimming sensor technology cuts back on glare.
  • The outside mirrors on the SR have a reverse tilt-down function for heightened visibility.
  • Special aluminium sports pedal provides for the best balance of strength, flexibility, and castability.
  • A stylish charcoal grey headliner and dark satin chrome faceted interior add to the overall vehicle aesthetic.
  • A specialized sport spoiler controls the dynamics of handling and improves the drag coefficient of the vehicle body at higher speeds. 
  • Active noise cancellation removes a substantial percentage of unwanted noises across a broad spectrum, reducing driver fatigue and increasing driving comfort. 

What is the Difference Between the Nissan Maxima Standard value (SV) and the Nissan Maxima Platinum Trim?

The Nissan Maxima Platinum incorporates most of the standard and SR features but offers these additional benefits:

  • Enhanced 19-inch machine-finished aluminium alloy wheels 
  • Windscreen wipers with speed-sensing variable intermittent technology
  • A stylish Satin Birdseye Maple Wood interior trim for sophisticated style.
  • An Ascot leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • SiriusXM satellite radio with NissanConnect technology allows drivers remote access vehicle functions and keyless operation.


The SV has upgraded features from the standard entry-level S, and there is only a $2,000 difference between the two MSRPs making it a solid choice.

If luxury is your top choice, then the SL and Platinum trims are the best options. If speed is your preference, the SR is right up your alley. 

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