VVS Diamonds Chain Price (All You Need To Know)

VVS Diamonds Chain Price

Buying an individual diamond is always going to be a pretty expensive purchase, but things get even more complicated when you are talking about a full chain.

Each stone would have a value of its own depending on its characteristics, and this will affect the price of the overall piece as well.

You will generally see very expensive prices for VVS diamond chains. This level of clarity is almost the highest you can find, which is reflected in the price tag.

Read on to find out more about VVS diamond chains and necklaces.

What Is A VVS Diamond?

The term “VVS” is one of several grading measurements for diamonds that are attributed to individual stones. They are used to help you understand the quality and characteristics that each stone has.

There are four major features that are measured on diamonds, and these are known as the Four Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.

VVS is a category within the clarity grading system, and it is nearly the highest that a stone can achieve. It stands for Very Very Slightly Included, which means that the stone is incredibly clear and has practically no visible inclusions.

The terminology that you might see alongside diamond jewelry or loose gemstones is usually referring to one of the Four C features.

It is important to understand what these different grades and categorizations mean so that you know how valuable the stone that you are thinking of buying actually is.

  • Clarity: The clarity measurement is a way of assessing exactly how clear and pristine a stone is. It describes how many blemishes or inclusions can be seen under high magnification. This grade is given as letters ranging from F to S (often accompanied by qualifying numbers).
  • Color: The color measurement tells you how visible any coloration is within the stone. For colorless diamonds, this is measured from D (completely colorless) to Z (slightly yellow). Fancy color diamonds will be given a descriptor for how vivid and intense the color is.
  • Cut: The cut measurement indicates the quality of the shaping that has been done and the facets that have been cut into the diamond. This ranges from Excellent to Poor.
  • Carat: The simplest measurement is the carat. This tells you how much the stone weighs. 1 carat is the same as 0.2 grams.

Through all of these different grades combined, you can start to get a picture of how much a diamond is actually worth and what you might expect to pay for it.

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VVS Diamonds Chain Price

So, how much might you actually find yourself spending on a VVS diamond necklace, complete with a chain?

Well, there is a huge amount of variety. You need to consider the cut, color, and carat of the diamonds included, the origin of the stones, the metals that are used, the style, and much more besides.

With that being said, we can take a look at the general cost of some of the VVS diamond chains that are on the market today.

Necklace StyleApproximate Price
1.50 Carat VVS Pendant on Chain$11,000
9ct VVS Tennis Necklace in Gold$13,000
11.5ct VVS Tennis Necklace in 14k Gold$19,000
16ct VVS Tennis Necklace in Silver$35,000
15ct VVS Tennis Necklace in 14k Gold$35,000
26ct VVS Tennis Necklace in Silver$60,000

Usually, necklaces that are made up of a series of diamonds in a full chain (like tennis necklaces) are the most expensive – and their value typically comes down to carat weight, if all of the stones are of the same clarity grade.

VVS Diamond Price

Clarity GradeAverage Price Per Carat
VVS$11,000 – $15,000
VS$9,000 – $12,000
S$6,000 – $8,000

Clearly, they are much more expensive to buy, but are they actually worth the extra price?

What matters is what you want from your diamonds, and this is even more true when you are considering a necklace or a chain.

If your greatest concern is how beautiful the piece looks, then you might want to consider a lower clarity grade.

VVS, VS, and some S grade diamonds are generally identical to the naked eye, and even professionals require magnification to tell them apart. What you really want to find, in this case, is eye-clear diamonds.

These are any stones that appear completely clean to look at, and many lower-clarity stones will be given this descriptor.

If, however, the value of the piece is what is most important to you, then VVS diamonds will certainly be a better choice. They come with a larger price tag, and they are likely to hold their value over time as well.

How Does A Diamond Achieve A VVS Grade?

Within the clarity grading system, there are very strict rules that dictate which level each stone will be assessed at.

To achieve a VVS grade, a diamond has to have almost no inclusions at all. The inclusions that are present must only be visible through a 10X microscope, and they should be difficult for even a professional to identify.

In comparison, VS  diamonds (Very Slightly Included) might have a few more inclusions within the stone, or the inclusions might be slightly easier for an expert to see under the microscope.

All of the different clarity categories are as follows:

  • F – Flawless: No inclusions or blemishes at all.
  • IF – Internally Flawless: No inclusions within the stone.
  • VVS – Very Very Slightly Included: Inclusions are only visible to an experienced professional under 10X magnification.
  • VS – Very Slightly Included: Inclusions are difficult to see under 10X magnification.
  • S – Slightly Included: Inclusions are relatively noticeable to a professional under 10X magnification.
  • I – Included: Inclusions are easy for a professional to see and can even make a difference to the overall transparency and brilliance of the stone.

Is It Worth Buying VVS Diamonds?

When you are shopping around for diamonds, you will find quite a few that have been given a VVS grade. They are certainly rare and valuable, but they do still come up for sale with relative regularity.

With that being said, they are generally much more expensive than lower-clarity stones. To understand the difference that this kind of clarity makes to the price, we can compare their general value to those of diamonds that are assessed as VS or S grade.

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What Kind of Diamond Necklaces Can You Buy?

Of course, before we look at how much VVS diamonds go for within a necklace or chain, we need to talk about the different types and styles that you can choose from.

There are many kinds of diamond jewelry out there and generally speaking, the more stones are included the more complicated it becomes to determine their value.

When you’re deciding between necklaces, there are a few main styles to choose from:

  • Solitaire Necklace: A classic pendant style that is usually based around a single stone set on a chain. These are generally designed to highlight one specific diamond.
  • Floating Diamond Necklace: Similar to a solitaire necklace, often having one stone suspended on a chain with a bit more freedom and space around it.
  • Heart Necklace: This style is based around the famous symbol of love, usually with the heart shape formed from a series of smaller diamonds attached to a chain.
  • Three-Stone Necklace: This style incorporates three stones that are suspended from the chain, either in a row or dangling vertically.
  • Tennis Necklace: For this necklace, the entire chain is made up of individual diamonds, making it a highly valuable and eye-catching piece.
  • Choker Necklace: Quite modern and tight-fitting, this style hugs much close to the neck than a tennis necklace but is also made up of a chain of individual diamonds.

Of course, each necklace can utilize different metals and craftsmanship as well as different diamonds themselves, which will greatly influence the actual price that you end up paying.

There are also different settings to consider, including the “prong” setting that contains the diamond in a wire basket, the “bezel” setting where the metal completely surrounds the stone, and the “halo” setting, with smaller diamonds around a larger central stone.


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So, what is the price of a VVS diamond chain? It really does depend on a number of different factors. The most expensive style is typically a tennis necklace, which has diamonds all along the length of the chain, and these become more valuable depending on the size of the stone and the kind of metal that is used.

You can get more affordable diamond chains that only utilize a single stone on a pendant, or set within the chain itself, and these can also have a much lower price if the diamond itself is significantly smaller.




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