This Is Why Your RV Toilet Has No Water Pressure (Solved!)

rv toilet has no water pressure

Have you ever wondered why your RV toilet has low or no water pressure? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

RV toilets don’t work like household toilets. Instead, they use pressurized water and gravity to bring new water into the bowl and flush out any waste.

Even though the contraptions of an RV toilet are different from a household toilet, you want them both to work equally as well.

So, why your RV toilet has no water pressure? If your RV toilet has low or no water pressure you need to check the following items listed below which include:

–           Pressurized mechanism is broken

–           Slide valve is damaged

–           There is a blockage

In this article, we are going to tell you why your RV toilet most likely does not have water pressure and what you can do about it.

Let’s get started.

How RV Toilets Work

Before diving into why your RV toilet has no water pressure, let’s first take a closer look at how RV toilets work. Understanding how these toilets work can help you diagnose the problem and fix it a bit easier.

Household toilets have a reservoir of water that enters the toilet bowl under the weight. RV toilets, however, use pressurized water.

The water can either be pressurized by a utility supplier or a 12-volt pump. This injects the water to the top of the bowl through several ports. Gravity, mixed with water pressure, pulls the water and waist downwards.

With this in mind, you need both gravity, which you can’t get rid of, and pressurized water in order for the toilet to work properly.

If the pressure stops working, you will quickly learn that your toilet isn’t functioning as it should.

TEACH ME RV! Proper RV toilet operation >> Check out the video below:

Did you know that your RV toilet isn’t quite the same as the one in your home?  You will need to add chemicals to break down the solid matter, kill odor & bacteria & help break down tissue as well. 

In this short video, we go over how to properly operate the toilet in your RV!

Why Your RV Toilet Has No Pressure

There are three main reasons why your RV toilet may not have any pressure or appear to not have any pressure. Let’s take a look at each of these possible reasons in more detail.

1.      Pressurized mechanism is broken.

The first reason why your RV toilet has no pressure is that the pressurized mechanism is broken or not connected.

As we explained above, water is pressurized through a utility supplier or pump. If the supplier is not connected or the pump is broken, the toilet will not have pressure.

2.      Slide valve is damaged.

Another possible reason that your RV toilet has no pressure is that the slide valve is broken. The point of the slide valve is to allow the waste to exit the toilet every time you press the flush pedal.

If the mechanism is broken, the waste will not be able to exit the bowl.

If the slide valve is damaged, there is actually no issue with the RV pressure system. Instead, another part is broken, preventing the pressurized mechanisms to do their job.

3.      There is a blockage.

Finally, the last reason why your RV toilet seems to have no pressure is that there is a blockage. Blockages can either happen in the tank, around the filter, or somewhere else in the pipe.

This will cause the water to not reach the toilet, even if the pressurized mechanism is working.

Like the option above, this is not an issue with the pressurized mechanism. Some blockages can be so extreme that the power of the pressurized water is not enough to bust through.

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What To Do About It

How to fix your pressure issue rests solely on what is causing your toilet to not have proper pressure. Let’s learn how to solve each one of these issues individually.

1.      How To Fix A Broken Pressurized Mechanism  

The pressurized mechanism is to blame if all of the outlets for the water are not working as they should.

In other words, faucets, the toilet, and the shower shall have low water pressure if the pressurized mechanism is to blame.

If the pressurized mechanism is broken, you will need to replace it. You can determine if the pressurized mechanism is faulty by learning whether or not pressurized water is exiting at all.

Do this by loosening the nut attaching the flexible hose to the vacuum breaker. Use a crescent wrench to do this.

If you notice that water is beading around the thread, the pressurized mechanism is not broken. Instead, you will need to replace the vacuum breaker for the pump.

Follow the installation instructions that come with your new mechanism.

Another way that you can check a broken pump or pressurized mechanism is by looking at the flow rate.

You want the RV water pump to have a flow rate of 3.5 or 5 GPM. If the flow rate for your toilet is much lower than this, the pressurized mechanism is to blame.

2.      How To Fix A Damaged Slide Valve

In the case that your toilet is the only area without pressure, the pressurized mechanism is likely not at fault.

You can begin to find other causes by starting with the slide valve. Most likely, a damaged slide valve will make it appear like there is no pressure in the toilet, even if there is.

“Begin by turning off the water supply and the pump. Step on the flush pedal. If the slide valve remains closed, the mechanism is broken.”

You will need to remove the toilet and replace the damaged part. Purchase a new part and replace it per the manufacturer’s instructions.

This will require a bit of work, but it isn’t that difficult to perform.

3.      How To Clear The Blockage

In the case that the pressure is not to blame, and the slide valve opens and closes as it should, there is a blockage. Blockages can be a bit tricky to find.

Most commonly, blockages for the toilet are found around the water filter. Water filters are necessary for RV living since clean water is less accessible while camping.

Disconnect the water line connected to the back of the toilet. You might be able to see the blockage. You can use long thin needle nose pliers to remove it.

If you don’t see any blockage and water is not coming out, backtrack through the hose until you are able to find the blockage.

“If you found that the water filter was to blame, you need to take more preventative steps in the future. Water filters need to be replaced every six months.”

It’s also a great idea to check it before you go camping every time to ensure proper water flow.

Troubleshooting an RV Toilet >> Check out the video below:

Final Thoughts

RV toilets rely on water pressure and gravity. If the water pressure is lacking, the toilet will not work as it should. Without water pressure, your toilet can easily turn your relaxing camping vacation into a nightmare.

Luckily, it is relatively easy to fix an RV toilet with no water pressure.

Most likely, a broken slide valve or blockage is to blame, but in both cases, the pressure isn’t the actual culprit.

Instead, it’s some other issue that is causing the pressure to not do its job. If there is no water pressure from any faucet in your RV, the pressurized mechanism may be broken.

Follow our advice above to determine the issue in your RV and learn how to fix it.


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