This Is Why Your RV Toilet Ball Is Sticking (Solved!)

rv toilet ball sticking

Have you ever wondered why your RV toilet ball is sticking? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

One of the biggest luxuries about RVs is that they give you comfortable beds and plumbing, much like a regular home.

These sorts of luxuries allow you to experience the great outdoors in luxury and comfort. When one of these features break, such as the toilet, it can really put a damper on your entire RV experience.

For example, it is common for RV toilet balls to stick. When this happens, you can get a foul odor that enters the RV or annoying bits of waste that do not flush properly.

Luckily, fixing a stuck toilet ball is relatively easy. You just have to know some simple tips and tricks to fix the issue and prevent it from happening again.

So, why your RV toilet ball is sticking? Most common signs that the toilet ball is sticking include the following:

•           Ball and seal do not perfectly seal

•           Waste coming back into the toilet

•           Foul odors emitting from the toilet

•           Problems with flushing

To fix sticking RV toilet ball you need to try the following:

–           Reseat The Ball

–           Lubricate The Toilet

–           Replace The Seal

Signs The Toilet Ball Is Sticking

Because a stuck toilet ball is not the most obvious issue for most RV owners, you might be confused about what is broken in your toilet.

Knowing some signs that the toilet ball is stuck can help you get to fixing the problem faster.

Some common signs that the toilet ball is sticking include the following:

  • Ball and seal do not perfectly seal
  • Waste coming back into the toilet
  • Foul odors emitting from the toilet
  • Problems with flushing

If your RV toilet is experiencing any of the previous symptoms, the toilet ball very well could be stuck. These issues are pretty obvious signs that the seal or ball is to blame for your toilet woes.

What You Can Do About It

In the case that your toilet seal or ball is to blame for the problems in your bathroom, there are some pretty simple things you can do about it.

Most notably, you can reseat the ball, replace the seal, and lubricate the toilet. Picking one or two of these options can help your toilet be back up and running in no time.

Reseat The Ball

The easiest fix for a sticking toilet ball is to simply reseat the ball. Sometimes, the ball gets out of whack, making it feel stuck. Reseating the ball allows it to fall in the correct position so that it properly seals the toilet.

To reseat the ball, you should follow the instructions in your RV’s user manual. Oftentimes, you will need to release the pedal and let the spring reseat the ball.

In the case that the ball simply fell off track, the toilet should seal properly once you reseat it and put the toilet pedal back in its resting position.

Lubricate The Toilet

In addition to reseating the ball, it is a good idea to try to lubricate the toilet. There are different RV toilet lubricants and conditioners that help unstick a stuck toilet ball.

Not only will lubricating the toilet help to solve the issue, but using the lubricant preventatively can fight this incident from occurring again.

There are multiple types of RV toilet lubricants that you can find online. One product that many RV owners recommend is the Thetford RV Toilet Seal Lube and Conditioner.

This lubricant is easy to find and easy to use. It lubricates the toilet to prevent sticking, leading to a smoother operation.

We also like this lubricant because it is the same brand as most RV toilets. Many RV bathrooms include the Thetford Aqua Magic toilet. Being made by the same brand, this lubricant works perfectly with most RV toilets.

All you need to do is pour a quarter of the bottle into your toilet when it is sticking. For preventative measures, pour one-quarter of the bottle in at the beginning of the camping season.

Additionally, pour a quarter of the bottle in the toilet twice during the season and at the end. Each time, let the liquid sit in the toilet for 8 hours.

Replace The Seal

If you try to reseat the ball and lubricate the toilet with no improvements, there is likely an issue with the seal. Simply reseating the ball will not do the trick since the seal is to blame.

You may need to replace the seal in this case.

In order to replace the seal, you will have to take the toilet apart. If you are not up for the task, you can call a plumber to do it for you.

For those who consider themselves a bit handy, you can do it yourself. Begin by selecting an RV toilet repair kit. Find a blade seal that matches your RV parts. This should cost between $15 and $25.

To complete the replacement process, begin by turning off the water and flushing the toilet so that all water and water pressure is removed from the bowl.

Then, remove the bolts that are holding the toilet to the floor. These bolts will be on the side of the toilet.

From there, disconnect the water pipe from the toilet and lift the toilet up. Place it somewhere aside so that it is safe. Stuff a dry rag into the waste hole to prevent odors from coming up into your RV.

Now, locate the seal. This should be a rubber ring. Simply remove it and replace it with your new model.

To insert the new seal, follow the seal’s instructions based on your RV’s toilet. Add some water to check if the new seal is working properly. From there, you can reinstall the toilet, hook it back up, and turn the water back on.

If the seal were to blame, the stuck ball should be working now.

RV Toilet Sticking? Try this! >> Check out the video below:

Troubleshooting an RV Toilet

While there’s not much that can go wrong with an RV toilet, there are a few things you should know about your appliance in order to properly fix the rare problems that may arise.

You’ll typically only have to worry about one key component of the RV toilet, and that’s the seal that separates the basin from the drain and retains water.

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Troubleshooting an RV Toilet >> Check out the video below:

Upgrading Your RV Toilet

In the case that none of these tips work and plumbers do not have any ideas for getting the toilet ball unstuck, it may be time to replace the toilet entirely.

There are a lot of RV toilets available, but most RVs are equipped with a Thetford Aqua Magic toilet. You can opt for this toilet or something else if you would like.

We recommend talking to your RV manufacturer to learn which toilets work best in your model.

They will give you tips about individual toilets and additional accessories for your needs.

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RV Toilet Ball Replacement

Dometic Toilet Flush Ball Replacement >> Check out the video below:

Final Thoughts

The toilet in your RV bathroom can make or break your camping experience. If the toilet ball inside your RV bathroom is sticking, it is important to fix the issue right away.

Luckily, it normally is relatively easy to get a stuck toilet ball working again.

In most cases, simply reseating the ball and adding a lubricant will do the trick. In a worst-case scenario, you may need to replace the seal or the entire toilet.

To keep the toilet working as it should, use our lubricant tip as a preventative measure as well.

Just by trying out these few tips, your RV toilet can be working as usual again. Just remember to consult your RV’s user guide before making any changes or decisions about your toilet.

After all, your user guide knows more about your individual RV than us. Good luck and happy camping!

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