How To Fix P0304 Code For Dodge (Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Repair Cost)

p0304 code dodge

The P0304 code for all Dodge vehicles is an indication that cylinder four is misfiring and the underlying cause needs to be addressed or it’s time to pay a visit to your local mechanic.

Getting it evaluated isn’t too costly, but fixing it certainly has the potential to be.

Fixing a p0304 code in a Dodge vehicle largely depends on what is the root cause behind the misfire. There are several things that can cause it, some far more expensive and complicated than others. 

If you get a check engine light, the first thing you should do is haul your Dodge down to your local or personal mechanic.

If that mechanic is you, hopefully, you have a diagnostic tool or OBD2 scanner at the ready. 

Diagnostic tools or OBD2 scanners save a lot of time and money by helping you diagnose the problem on your own, rather than paying a mechanic an automatic fee between $20 and $50 just to hook a computer to your ECM. 

P0304 Code Symptoms For Dodge

The most important thing to understand is that often, the only symptom you’re going to get is a check engine light.

Unless you enjoy riding around with that annoying, orange glare in your peripheral vision, you probably won’t experience much else from a misfire.

Less subtle symptoms of a misfiring cylinder occur when it’s happening more often than just once in blue moon. 

  • Hesitation on acceleration or noticeable, intermittent loss of power while cruising
  • Rough idling
  • Engine stalls when at a stoplight or at a stop sign
  • Difficulty during the ignition 

You may experience these as signs that your vehicle is getting older and it’s just the normal lay of the land when it comes to older vehicles—assuming you own an older Dodge.

If the check engine light is on, however, you need to get it checked. 

If you’re in a newer model Dodge, it’s imperative to check out why you’re having any of the above symptoms.

When it comes to the mechanical and electrical operation of any vehicle, a subtle problem can become a cascade event before you know what hit you.

P0304 misfire Quick Diagnosis with just CodeReader-no scan tool >> Check out the video below:

P0304 Code Causes For Dodge

As the symptoms above suggest, the causes can be numerous and disassociated from one another. If you have just a standard OBD2 scanner, all you’re going to get is the code generated from the PCM/ECM when the problem occurred.

If you have a fancy, far more sophisticated OBD2 scanning tool, you will hopefully have a more defined explanation of the cause for the misfire (or continued misfires). 

  • A bad crankshaft position sensor
  • A bad camshaft position sensor
  • Head gasket leak
  • The timing chain is off
  • Bad spark plug(s)
  • Bad distributor cap (older models)
  • Bad ignition coil

The sensors, ignition coils, and spark plugs are easy fixes, depending on where they’re located. Some vehicles have head-scratching features where you have to just stop and wonder what the engineers were thinking. 

If you’re looking at a timing chain or head gasket issue, get ready for a rough week. 

P0304 Code Repair Costs For Dodge 

If you browse the internet looking for price points on p0304 repairs, it would be understandable if you breathed a big sigh of relief. Unfortunately, an internet diagnosis is just that, an internet diagnosis. 

If your problem is nothing more than a bad sensor or a spark plug, you’re looking at $25 to $70 and a quick, DIY project.

If you’re looking at a bad timing chain, bad head gasket, or a bad distributor cap, you may get off lucky with the cap. 

A timing chain repair—just to adjust the thing—is going to close in on $1,000 in labor costs alone. Timing chains are notoriously difficult to reach and though the chain may be relatively inexpensive, the labor is not. 

The same can be said of a head gasket, depending on the severity. With a timing chain or head gasket, you can expect to shell out between $650 and $2,000.

It’s difficult to zero in on a definite number without going through an infinite list of possibilities and causes.

Ignition coils, depending on the Dodge vehicle in question, can cost between $100 and $200 apiece. It also depends on the model.

Some Dodge vehicles have single ignition coils, or one coil per two spark plug wires, or one coil-over-plug per cylinder. 

Cost is relative, however, and if you can DIY, by all means, do so. It’ll save you a lot of money in the long run.

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Final Word

A P0304 code thrown by a Dodge vehicle isn’t a reason to instantly panic. It is, however, something that should not be ignored for your own sake and the sake of your checking and savings account. 

It’s important to always get a check engine light diagnosed as soon as possible. It’s also advisable to pick up an OBD2 scanner. They’re not too expensive, especially considering the alternative at the mechanic.

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