Is Starbucks Matcha Sweetened? (Is It Healthy?)

Is Starbucks Matcha Sweetened

Do you know if Starbucks Matcha is sweetened? is it healthy? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Yes, All Starbucks matcha drinks are automatically sweetened due to the use of sugar in making the matcha recipe. In fact, it is not possible to get matcha at Starbucks without getting it sweetened. Due to this, Starbucks matcha drinks are not considered to be the healthiest drinks available, yet they have become very popular over recent years.

In the rest of this article, we look in more detail at how Starbucks matcha is sweetened, and what it is that makes it this way.

Is Starbucks matcha sweetened?

Starbucks matcha is sweetened. The current method Starbucks uses to make their matcha drinks involves using a powder made from a combination of green tea and sugar.

Of these two main ingredients, sugar is the main ingredient, meaning Starbucks matcha is always going to be sweetened.

Unfortunately, all Starbucks matcha drinks are affected by this. Even if you order a matcha drink without any extra sweetener, you will still receive a sweetened drink automatically.

There is no way around this as sugar is vital to the composition of Starbucks matcha drinks and it cannot be removed.

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Is Starbucks matcha healthy?

Starbucks matcha is not necessarily considered to be healthy, mostly because of the excess sugar added to the matcha.

As we will discuss next, matcha on its own is fairly healthy. However, the amount of sugar that is added to it to make Starbucks matcha negates any healthiness that comes from the matcha. 

Matcha in itself is fairly healthy, in part because it is full of antioxidants, which are full of health benefits. It can be beneficial for health in a number of ways, including helping to lose weight, increasing alertness, and aiding in relaxation.

Unfortunately, the health benefits can be somewhat lessened when things like sugar are added.

What is matcha?

Matcha might be an incredibly popular drink to many people, but there are a lot of people who have no idea what it actually is.

Essentially, matcha is a high-grade, powdered green tea which is whisked in hot water, rather than steeped as most teas are. It has a long history of being a well-loved and widespread tea.

Matcha is an important ceremonial tea in Japan, where preparing and consuming the tea is considered a meditative act. Its early roots are in China, where the method of whipping the tea was invented.

Since this method was spread eight hundred years ago, matcha has only grown in popularity and remains a very popular drink today.

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How is Starbucks matcha different to regular matcha?

Starbucks uses a sweetened powdered matcha, purchased from Japan. Sugar is added to the powdered matcha to make the recipe they use in their drinks.

Regular matcha comes in a similar powdered form but does not contain any sugar and does not have sugar added to it later in the process.

Can you make Starbucks matcha healthier?

Starbucks matcha cannot be made any healthier by switching anything up, as the matcha itself is the source of the sugar that makes it unhealthy.

If you are looking to make it a little better for you, you could try switching up your milk option and stay away from any of the heavy cream toppings or sugary fillings. 

It is possible to DIY your own version of Starbucks matcha drinks fairly easily.

A quick search on the internet offers recipes for DIY Starbucks matcha drinks, most of which make the drink much healthier by altering how much sugar goes in.

If you love a Starbucks matcha but are wanting to be healthier, think about making some of your own.

What matcha drinks do Starbucks have?

Starbucks matcha drinks are very popular, but they only actually offer five matcha drinks. Luckily, the drinks are fairly varied, and so most people will find some matcha drink they are likely to enjoy.

Let’s look at the five matcha drinks Starbucks currently offers:

  • Matcha Creme Frappuccino,
  • Matcha Lemonade,
  • Iced Pineapple Matcha Drink,
  • Matcha Green Tea Latte,
  • Iced Matcha Tea Latte.

Where do Starbucks get their matcha from?

Starbucks matcha comes from Japan. It is bought in Japan in its original powder form and made into Starbucks’ own recipe once it is imported.

The exact brand of matcha Starbucks use is currently unknown, although it is thought to come from a company named Aiya, which produces matcha very similar to the one used by Starbucks. 

Are Starbucks matcha drinks popular?

Over recent years, matcha has seen a massive rise in popularity due to its beneficial properties. As it has grown in popularity, Starbucks matcha drinks have also become gradually more popular as well.

Due to this, Starbucks matcha drinks are among some of the most popular drinks sold in their coffeehouses. 

Many people love the unique taste of matcha. But for others, they are drawn to matcha because they believe it is healthier than other drinks at Starbucks.

Although this may be true, it’s important to remember that Starbucks matcha is different from regular matcha and is considered to be a little less healthy.

Final Thoughts

Starbucks matcha is automatically sweetened, as the matcha powder they use has sugar added in. This means that all Starbucks matcha drinks automatically contain sugar, meaning it is not possible to get an unsweetened Starbucks matcha drink.

Unfortunately, it also means that many of the health benefits of matcha are somewhat lessened.



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