Is Goya Coconut Milk Sweetened? (Is It Healthy?)

Is Goya Coconut Milk Sweetened

Do you know if Goya Coconut milk is sweetened? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Goya coconut milk is unsweetened, as many canned coconut milk are. The best-selling coconut milk currently sold in the US, it is made with ripe coconuts and has no added sugars or sweeteners. However, as Goya coconut milk also contains preservatives, it is not considered to be as healthy as it could be. 

In the following article, we cover everything you need to know about whether Goya coconut milk is sweetened, and whether it is healthy.

Is Goya coconut milk sweetened?

Similar to many other canned coconut milks, Goya coconut milk is unsweetened. Made from the ripe meat of the coconut, it does not contain any added sugar or sweetener.

Instead, Goya coconut milk relies on the naturally sugary taste of the coconut to provide its sweet flavour.

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Is Goya coconut milk healthy?

Goya coconut milk is considered to be fairly healthy, particularly as it is unsweetened. The very low amount of sugar and lack of sweetener makes it better than many other sweetened milk alternatives. It is also lactose-free and low in carbs, meaning many people feel it is a healthy milk alternative. 

However, Goya coconut milk is also a processed product. It contains preservative sulfite, which many people actively avoid as it can be potentially harmful to health.

Processed foods containing preservatives are naturally going to be less healthy and beneficial than foods that are organic and do not need preservatives.

Coconut milk in general is considered to provide a lot of health benefits.

As an alternative to dairy milk, it is very versatile and can make for a healthy addition to many recipes, particularly when unprocessed and without preservatives.

Depending on how it is used and how often you consume it, coconut milk can help to aid weight loss and lower cholesterol.

Is Goya coconut milk healthier than regular milk?

When it comes to nutrients, coconut milk is considered a little less healthy than dairy milk. Coconut milk contains fewer nutrients than cow’s milk, meaning it is not providing the same health benefits.

Although coconut milk has nutrients, these are all added into the milk as they are not naturally present in the coconut.

Coconut milk is often considered unhealthy due to its typically high fat content, particularly when compared with dairy milk.

The fatty meat of the coconut does raise the fat content of coconut milk a considerable amount. However, compared with skimmed milk, the fat content of coconut milk is much smaller.

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What are the benefits of unsweetened coconut milk?

As with any food or drink, coconut milk is much better for us when it is unsweetened. But why exactly is it so beneficial to drink and use unsweetened coconut milk?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of coconut milk, especially when it is unsweetened:

  • It is rich in electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous. These are essential for ensuring muscles, bones, and the immune system are as healthy and active as possible. The addition of sugar can interfere with this and may make it less effective over time.
  • Coconut milk can help to maintain healthy hair and skin when applied topically, helping to hydrate the scalp and hair and promote elasticity in the skin. When sugar is added, the hair and skin benefits of coconut milk can be made less effective and can instead cause irritation.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties which can help to relieve inflammation and pain in the joints and muscles. This means it can be great for anyone who suffers from pain in these areas. The addition of sugar can prevent this occurring, as it is known to promote inflammation.
  • Finally, coconut milk can be used to promote and maintain gastrointestinal health, particularly for anyone who suffers with lactose intolerance or is otherwise unable to tolerate dairy milk. The presence of sugar can be harmful to this, making sweetened coconut milk unsuitable for anyone who cannot tolerate lactose.

Is all coconut milk unsweetened?

Due to the fact that coconut milk is typically naturally quite sweet, it may come as a surprise to some that it can also be sweetened.

However, sweetened coconut milk is not only widely available, but it is also very popular.

Despite the benefits of unsweetened coconut milk, many people prefer the added sweetness of sweetened coconut milk. 

Some people prefer the taste of sweet coconut milk, despite its natural sweetness. Due to this, there are many recipes online demonstrating how to sweeten coconut milk.

As all it takes is the addition of sugar to make unsweetened coconut milk sweet, it is very easy to do and doesn’t take much time at all.

What is Goya coconut milk made from?

Goya’s coconut milk is made using the natural milk drawn from the fatty, ripe meat of the coconut.

According to Goya, the only other ingredient in their coconut milk is the preservative sulfite, which is listed as water potassium metabisulfite.

This is included in order to protect the coconut milk and prevent it from curdling.

Final Thoughts

Goya’s coconut milk is unsweetened, as it does not contain any added sugar or sweeteners. Made using the meat of the coconut, it relies on the sweetness of this to add flavour rather than using added sweeteners.

However, it is quite high in fat and contains preservatives, so while it isn’t sweetened, it also isn’t considered to be very healthy.         



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