How To Get a Title For a Camper Without Title In Kansas (Best Tips!)

How To Get a Title For a Camper Without Title In Kansas

Have you ever wondering how to get a title for a camper without title in Kansas? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

If you plan on hauling or driving a camper in Kansas, it is important to make sure you have it properly titled and registered.

This can save you time, hassle, and money, as you will not have to deal with fines and traffic stops.

If you have a camper that does not have a title, there are a few steps you can take to get a replacement title so you can get back on the road.

The type of title you will need to apply for will depend on the reason your camper does not have a title already.

What is a Vehicle Title?

A title is a legal document that records ownership of a vehicle or trailer. Titles can be applied to campers, trailers, cars, ATVs, and more. Generally, titles are issued through the Division of Motor Vehicles for each state.

Titles include information like the full name of the owner, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the address of the owner, and the history of the vehicle.

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What Types of Vehicle Title Are There?

Car titles can be “branded” into different categories based on the history and current state of the vehicle.

The main categories that will affect your camper are Clean, Clear, Salvaged and Rebuilt or Reconstructed.

The varying categories can account for the accident and sale history of your camper.

  • Clean Title: A clean title is granted to a car or camper that has never been totaled. It is in good, running condition, and lacking a need for any major repairs.
  • Clear Title: A clear title is granted to a car or a camper without any outstanding debts or liens. A title can be both clean and clear.
  • Salvage: A salvage title is given to a car or camper that has been totaled. Something important to remember is that it can be difficult or costly to insure a camper with a salvage title.
  • Rebuilt or Reconstructed: A rebuilt or reconstructed title is given to a vehicle that was previously totaled but has since been repaired and is now safe to drive. Usually, the vehicle must undergo a safety inspection before a rebuilt or reconstructed title will be issued.

Do Campers Need Titles in Kansas?

According to Kansas State law, all trailers, including campers need to be titled and registered. There are only three exceptions to this rule.

1. Agricultural trailers carrying less than 6,000 pounds. This 6,000-pound limit does not include the weight of the trailer.

2. Farming trailers that are designed for transporting hay and supplies on the farm, rarely to be driven on the highway.

3. A trailer that weighs less than 2,000 pounds when it is fully loaded. This means if you plan on not titling a camper that weighs less than 2,000 pounds, it must weigh less than 2,000 pounds with all of the food, bedding, and gear you plan to bring with it.

Even with these exemptions, you can expect that most campers need to be titled and registered. It is also wise to title and register your camper, even if it is exempt if you plan to travel out of state.

Not every state has the same titling rules, so it is always best to be prepared for the rules wherever you go.

How to Get a Replacement Title in Kansas?

There are several reasons that a camper may not have a title. Most of the common reasons for this can be resolved by obtaining a replacement title.

These standard reasons are generally if the title was lost or destroyed. Replacement titles must be obtained before the transfer of ownership, as if the owner has already transferred, the process for obtaining a title is different.

Missing or Destroyed Camper Title

If the title for your camper was destroyed in a fire or flood or lost during a move, you can apply for a replacement title. There are two different application processes that you must follow.

1. If there is a lien against your camper, you cannot obtain a duplicate title. If you need a replacement or duplicate title, you will need to get a lien release before you can apply for the duplicate title. Once you have obtained a lien release, you can follow the next steps to collect your duplicate title.

2. If there is no lien against your vehicle, you can apply for a replacement title. That application will need to be filled out at either the county treasurer’s motor vehicle office or via mail to the Titles and Registrations Bureau.

When filling out your application for a replacement title, do not forget to account for the fees associated with that title replacement. Duplicate or replacement titles cost $10.

Title Application Items

Before filling out your title application, it is a good idea to collect as much pertinent information as possible.

Do not guess on any of the items on your application, as this will slow down the processing time. You can find the application here.

To fill out your application, you will need to know:

  • Your Kansas State Driver’s license number
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • The year of your camper
  • The make of your camper
  • Your camper’s current license plate (if applicable)
  • The count the camper was originally titled in
  • Contact information for any lien holders, if applicable

Title Fees

Before applying for a replacement title, it is wise to make sure you have the proper funds available to pay the fees for your situation.

The following table shows fees required for certain title requests you can make on the application.

Title RequestCost
Replacement Title$10.00
Remove Lien$10.00
Add Lien$11.50
Replace and Remove Lien$20.00
Replace and Add Lien$21.50

What if My Camper Was Sold Without a Title?

Occasionally, people will sell a camper without a title. This is a situation that you should try to avoid.

If you purchase a camper that does not have a title, it can be difficult to prove the transfer of ownership from the previous owner to you. However, occasionally this may happen and, in those cases, Kansas State has methods in place to let you obtain a title.

If you need a title for a camper that does not have one, you can apply for a surety bonded title. A surety bonded title includes purchasing a bond to put up against the camper, in case another owner comes forward. There is an innate risk associated with these bonds.

Furthermore, these titles can be expensive as the bond amount is based largely on how good your credit is and how much the camper is worth.

If you think you will need a surety bond, you should contact the Titles and Bureau Register. They will help evaluate your camper and determine the amount you need to obtain for your bond.

Then, you can purchase a surety bond and apply for your title with the Titles and Bureau Register.

If you do obtain a surety bonded title, your title will be considered “branded.” After a waiting period of several years, you can apply to have the brand removed from your title.

This process can be costly and time-draining. If you are looking to purchase a camper from someone who does not have the title, it is better to ask them to delay the sale until they have obtained a replacement title than to obtain a bonded title.

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Do Camper Trailers Need License Plates in Kansas?

Camper trailers do need license plates in Kansas. You can obtain a license plate by registering your camper.

If you do not have a title for your camper, you should get a title before attempting to register your camper.

Furthermore, you should make sure that your camper has:

  • Functioning taillights
  • A white light illuminating the license plate
  • Mudflaps on the rear tires
  • Turn signals
  • Brake lights
  • Reflectors on the side and rear of the trailer

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Final Thoughts

If you lost the title for your camper, you are not out of luck. Kansas State has an application you can complete to receive a duplicate or replacement title.

The cost for this will likely be $10, unless you are missing any other items or if there is a lien against the camper.

If you purchased a camper that does not have a title, you can apply for a surety bonded title.

Whenever possible, it is best to get a replacement title rather than a surety bonded title as that process can be time-consuming and expensive.

Make sure to get your camper titled and registered and you can hit the road!

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