How Much Does It Cost To Rent Portable Toilets? [Facts & Numbers]


Camping in an RV or Camper may seem amazing until you have to consider what you are going to do about a toilet. The most common solution is to look into portable toilets, and some even rent them.

How much does it cost to rent portable toilets? On average you could expect for a standard toilet between $75 – $175 per day for short-time use or on average $500 per month. However, the price will vary depending on the type of toilet you rent and the location. The biggest cost factor is the transport, site delivery, maintenance and the cleaning.

While renting is a good short term solution, many find purchasing smaller portable toilets are preferable over the larger porta potty option.

Renting A Portable Toilet

This may seem like the smartest option, especially considering rentals are usually cheaper and short term. However, there are several variables to consider the idea of renting a toilet. Mainly, the fact that portable rental toilets are usually stand-alone porta-potties.

If you are still interested in this option, then there are plenty of options to go about renting a porta-potty. There are also more varieties than you may think.

Things to Consider

Before you begin your search for a portable toilet to rent, there are a few factors to consider. This will help you narrow down what you’ll need, so you can communicate that to the rental company.

Having a list of exactly what you have in mind for portable toilet rental will also help narrow down the rental company.

1. Number of People

Knowing how many people will be using the toilet is important, so you can figure out what size you’ll need. If you’re going to be hosting multiple people in your RV or campsite, you might want to opt for a larger model, or even reserve two portable toilets

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2. Available Space

You’ll learn more about the space you’ll need for the portable toilet later, but the available space is what will ultimately dictate your choice. If you’re working with a large, flat space, you might be able to use a larger portable toilet model.

But, if the flat space is limited, then one of the more spacious models isn’t really an option.

Another element of this factor is what’s actually allowed in the space where you’re putting a portable toilet. If you’re using a commercial campground or are in a park, there are limitations to what you can put on the land.

Portable toilets generally aren’t allowed. Before you commit to a location, make sure that you can have a portable toilet.

3. Budget

Renting a portable toilet can be a hefty expense. Make sure to map out your budget and come up with a solid figure of what you’d like to spend.

rent portable toilets

Types of Portable Toilets

This may not be common knowledge, but there are different styles of porta potties that can be rented. The nicer versions are on, the more expensive side, but they come with many features that people appreciate.

1. Standard: Average Rental Cost $75 per day

This is the most popular version, the one you will see most often at fairgrounds or construction sites. This is usually a private structure with a toilet. They are very similar to how outhouses were designed, with the very basic necessities.

2. Deluxe: Average Rental Cost $150 per day

This one is not as common, but still not abnormal to see. These are the porta potties that include sinks and other such amenities that aren’t as popular. Some of these even have flushing capabilities.

3. High-Rise: Average Rental Cost $180 per day

This is the style that you may not even consider a portable toilet. However, for a longer-term solution, this may work best.

These have standing stalls and urinals as well. They are similar to a normal public restroom but are portable. The high-rise is the most expensive option, and would most likely not work well if you are planning on something for the weekend or short trips.

3 Rental Companies

After deciding on which style you may want, you will need to locate a rental company near you. The simplest way to do this is by googling porta potty rentals. You will be able to locate a company near you or near the location, you plan on being.

There are a few companies that are widespread, but usually, when searching, it will depend on your location. Plus, each one has different options and types to consider outside of what I listed.

VIP Restroom Trailers

This company is a great option if you’re setting up camp with multiple other families. Or, if you’re into more of a glamping style atmosphere. These trailers are just about as posh as it can get in the portable toilet department.

They’re a fully stocked, portable restroom, complete with a ladies’ room and a gentlemen’s room. Some models even have multiple bathrooms within the trailer.

All American Waste Services, Inc.

This rental company offers the most simple of portable toilets to larger options with showers. All of the rentals are the standard, heavy-duty plastic style, but that makes for easy cleaning.

ZTers Portable Toilet Rentals

This company offers the best of both worlds, so you can choose from luxury bathroom trailers or the more simple, standard portable toilets.

Setting Up Rental Toilets

The setup and location of a rental toilet are more important than you might think. Location is of the utmost importance when considering where you will be located and where you would like them placed.

1. Where To Set Up A Rental Toilet

Suppose you want to place this on fairgrounds or somewhere similar, then you should have no issue finding a flat surface. However, if you are setting up a toilet in an area that is less than flat, you will need to make sure to make the proper adjustments.

Specifically, they need a flat ground to work properly. You will not want your rental toilet to be sitting on a hill as they may have a chance of being tipped over. In which case, you will need to contact the rental service immediately.

2. How To Set Up A Rental Toilet

You will not need to set up the toilet yourself. Rental companies will drop off and pick up the toilet on the dates you specify. They will require you to find a suitable area, but the set up itself is usually done prior to arrival. The toilet will simply need to be dropped off.

3. How To Clean A Rental Toilet

The best part is that rental companies will take care of any cleanup. Often, they will include the price of sanitation in your fee and will send someone out weekly to take care of it.

4. Portable Toilet Maintenance

The rental company will be responsible for dropping off and picking up the portable toilet, but while it’s on-lend to you, the maintenance will be your responsibility. Keeping it clean is ultimately up to you. Maintaining a clean portable toilet isn’t just about being neat and tidy.

Sanitizing the portable toilet unit is important to reduce the risk of spreading germs, as well as an integral part of odor control. There is always some smell that comes along with a portable toilet, but this can be curbed by keeping the area clean.

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Final Thoughts

There are plenty of options for portable toilets, but none of them are cheap. It’s a fairly expensive route to go, so finding a campsite with public restrooms might be a better option.

However, if you do choose to rent a portable toilet or even a portable restroom, there’s one that will fit your RV and camper lifestyle needs.

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