How Long Do I Cook a 7lb Chicken in a Slow Cooker (NEW TIPS)

how long to cook a 7lb chicken in slow cooker

Do you know how long you need to cook a 7lb chicken in a slow cooker?

Cook for 3-4 hours on high, or 8 hours on a low setting. The temperature at the thickest part of the thigh should register 165℉ to be considered safe to eat. Make sure you let your chicken rest for around 20 minutes after cooking as well.

You may not know this, but you can make a delicious chicken just like those rotisserie chickens you bring home from the grocery store, right in your own home. 

And, even better, you can set a chicken in the crock pot in the morning and come home to a delicious meal at night without too much prep or too many additional steps. 

Figuring out how long to cook a 7lb chicken (or larger bird) can be a little daunting, but rest assured you can create a delicious chicken dinner with minimal prep and work. 

How Long Does a 7lb Chicken Take in a Slow Cooker?

Cooking chicken in a slow cooker can seem a little daunting, because you don’t want to overcook and end up with rubbery chicken. However, if you cook the bird on a low setting, you will avoid most of the problems with rubbery chicken and skin and have a delicious well-cooked dinner. 

If you want to cook your chicken on the high setting only, it will take between 3 and 4 hours. On the low setting, it will probably take around 8 hours. Many chefs recommend putting your bird on the high setting for the first hour and then reducing to low for food safety reasons. 

It is important to test the chicken for doneness, even when using the slow cooker. Insert a thermometer into the thickest part of the chicken thigh.

Temp should be no lower than 165℉. Make sure all the juices are running clear and not pink or red. 

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How Do I Cook a 7lb Chicken in a Slow Cooker?

First, make sure your slow cooker is big enough for your chicken. You will want the chicken to be able to lay in the cooker without being crammed up against the sides or having to sit on either end. 

Once you are sure your bird fits, you will want to devise a way to keep it off the bottom of the crock. The best way to do this is probably to put a ring of rolled up tin foil under the chicken so that it is suspended off the bottom of the slow cooker.

If you have metal canning lids, those will work too. You can also use chunky veggies such as carrots or potatoes, which you could then use for soup. Propping up your chicken will ensure more even cooking and keep it from boiling in juices. 

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How Do I Prepare a Slow Cooker Chicken?

You will want to dry your chicken thoroughly with paper towels and then season it with salt and pepper or any assortment of seasonings you desire.

You can also put lemons in the cavity of the bird (make sure you remove any cut parts that are included there). 

Cut the skin between each thigh and the backbone of the chicken in order to let the juices flow out. 

Do not add water to the crock pot, as this will make the chicken stringy and bland. It will cook perfectly well with its own liquid. 

How Do I Brown a Slow Cooker Chicken?

At the end of the cooking time, you will have a beautifully cooked and very delicous-smelling chicken! But you may want to crisp up the skin a little to make it look nice and to add a little crunch. 

After your chicken is fully-cooked, take it out of the crock pot and put it under your broiler for 5 minutes or so to crisp up the skin. Make sure you keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn!

Adding paprika to your spice mix will help improve the color of your roasted bird as well (and tastes delicious).

How Do I Serve a Slow Cooker Chicken?

You will need to be careful when removing your chicken from the slow cooker. Make sure you have your platter ready, and insert tongs into the cavity. Then use a spatula to lift the entire chicken out of the slow cooker. 

If you want to add sauce (such as BBQ), you can add it to the chicken after you remove it from the pot. Brush it on the bird and then let it sit for around 10 minutes. 

Any juices that are left in the bottom of your crock pot can be used for broth or soup later on (and don’t forget you can make stock from the carcass of your bird if you so desire). Or, make up some gravy to serve with your chicken. 

Depending on your number of diners, a large 7lb bird might even leave you with leftovers the next day. Roast chicken makes wonderful chicken salad or can be added to soup. 

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You can certainly cook any size chicken in your slow cooker, provided it will fit inside without resting on the bottom.

Figuring out how long you should cook a 7lb chicken in the slow cooker may take a little time; just make sure you test the bird at the end of the cooking time to make sure it complies with food safety requirements. 



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