How Long Does It Take To Get a Duplicate Title In NY (Real FACTS)


Have you ever wondered how long does it take to get a duplicate title in NY? Well, look no more. We´ve got you covered.

If your original vehicle title is lost or damaged, you should ensure you receive a duplicate title. Certificates of Title are essential should you wish to sell your vehicle, or someone steals your car.

New York state allows applicants to apply for their duplicate titles online, by mail, and in-person at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV.)

So, how long does it take to get a duplicate title in New York (NY)? The NY DMV will mail your duplicate title on the second business day after application if you apply online. Mail applications take longer due to the added time of your postal delivery to the DMV. If you apply in person, the title will be processed 72 hours after application and then mailed to you.

NY DMV allows for express mail applications, but this will not reduce the processing time for your duplicate title application; it merely expedites the mailing time.

If you have a lost or damaged vehicle title, here’s what you need to know about how to replace a title certificate in NY 

What is a Vehicle Title? 

In the United States, a car title certificate is a legal form issued to the person or business to prove legal ownership of a particular vehicle. It is often called a car title or automobile title or a pink slip after the California certificates of ownership pre-1988, which were pink in color.

Vehicle titles are issued by the state department of motor vehicles or DMV at the time of the vehicle sale. Each state in the US has its own specific rules and process for a Certificate of Title.

It is essential to ensure that you are up to date with the DMV procedures in your particular state before applying for your duplicate title.

In New York State, Certificates of Title are referred to as the or MV-999. 

Typically, a car title includes pertinent information such as:

  • Owners name and address
  • The VIN or vehicle identification number
  • Odometer reading at the time of purchase
  • The vehicles weight class, make, and model
  • Lienholders information if the car is financed
  • The seller’s information address and signature.

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Why Do I Need a Duplicate Title?

Your title is a legal document that proves that you are the legal owner of your vehicle. If your car is lost or stolen, a title is a crucial piece of documentation that proves your ownership of the car.

If your original title is lost, stolen, or damaged, you will not be able to sell your vehicle or transfer the ownership into another person’s name. 

Do I Need a Vehicle Title in NY?

New York is one of the nine title holding states; the other 41 states are issued to your vehicle’s lien holder until the potential owner fully pays off the loan.

Because New York is a title-holding state, the DMV will issue a title to the car owner and supply the lienholder with a separate document.

Vehicle titles provide security should your car be lost or stolen and allow you the legal right to sell or transfer your vehicle ownership legally into someone else’s name. Unless of course, your vehicle model is pre-1972.

Is a Title the Same as Registration?

A Car title and registration serve different purposes when it comes to car ownership. While titles from proof of ownership between persons or businesses and a particular vehicle, registration serves a different function.

“Registtration is a process whereby your state´s tax office validates your car in their cataloging system and records your vehicle´s roadworthiness.”

Just because your car is registered does not necessarily mean that you own the vehicle. Registration means you have complied with your state’s tax laws and accepted responsibility for your car’s operation on public roads.

Vehicle registration requires renewal every year or so, while car owners need not renew their titles. 

What Vehicles Need a Title in NY?

NY DMV offers certificates of title to specific types of vehicles, including motorboats and mobile homes.

However, not all vehicles are eligible for title duplicates, and you should ensure that your vehicle fulfills the following specifications:

  • Your motor vehicle is a 1973 model or newer
  • Your motorboat is 14 feet or longer is a 1987 model or newer
  • Your manufactured home of 8 feet and over and covers more than 320 square feet are 1995 models or more recent models.

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NY DMV will not issue titles or duplicate titles to the following vehicles:

  • Any motor vehicle manufactured in 1972 or older
  • Travel or utility trailers less than 1000lbs
  • Limited used motorcycles or mopeds.

What Do I Need to Replace My Title Online in NY?

NY DMV allows for online duplicate title applications if your original title is lost or damaged or stolen. 

Applicants should keep in mind that there must be no change of address when requesting a duplicate title. NY DMV also requires the following requirements for your title application:

  • You must be the legal owner of the car or boat
  • Your address must be the current US address on the DMV files
  • Your vehicle is registered and titled in New York State
  • There are no changes to the information listed on your original title certificate.

When Can I Not Order My Duplicate Title Online?

You can’t apply for a new title if the DMV processed your title certificate within the last 15 days. You may not apply for your duplicate title if your title certificate is:

  • A duplicate title that requires a lien removal
  • An original or amended title 
  • In the name of an owner who has passed away
  • If your certificate is ordered by power of attorney.  

Duplicate Title Online in NY 

To receive a duplicate title online, you will need to fill an online form on the DMV site.

Applicants must submit their online form before 8 pm, where they will print it the following day and mail and your duplicate title 2 full working days after application. 

Duplicate Title Applications by Mail NY

You may apply for a duplicate title via mail, taking into consideration the added time for your mail to reach the DMV.

Applicants should note that all previous duplicate or original titles are no longer valid once the DMV issues a duplicate title. Documentation should include:

  • A correctly filled mv-902 or Application for Duplicate Title (PDF)
  • Proof of your identity includes your NY Drivers license or copy of the license, valid passport, or valid non-driver ID documentation found here.
  • A personal check or money order of $20 made out to the “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles at the following address:

The Title Bureau

New York State DMV

PO Box 2750


New York 


Expedited Mail Orders for Duplicate Titles

Applicants may request express mail for a replacement title at an extra cost. Express mail is not available between Friday at 8 pm and Sunday at 8:30 pm.

Sending an express application will not reduce the processing time for your application, only the mail delivery once the DMV has approved the application. 

Requests for express mail may be se= to the following address:

Duplicate Title Certificates

New York State DMV

6 Empire State Plaza


New York  


Duplicate Title in Person 

If you apply in person, you will need to submit an Application For Duplicate Certificate Of Title (PDF) (MV-902) along with proof of identity and proof of current address.

The duplication fee is $20, and the DMV will process your application within 72 hours and then mailed it to your physical address.

 Applicants should note that the DMV prints all title certificates at a secure facility in Albany. You will not receive a certificate while you wait if you choose to visit the DMV.

By restrictions on official documentation printing, the DMV protects your private information and your property.

Can I check My Duplicate Title Status Online?

You may visit the DMV website to find out the status of your duplicate certificate online. In order to access the information, you need to provide the following particulars. 

  • Your motor vehicle registration number (VIN)
  • The model year of your vehicle
  • The make of your car. 

Please keep in mind the DMV office Visit Covid-19 Changes, where the applicant will need to make appointments for in-person visits to the NY DMV. You may access the online appointment portal on the DMV site. 

Alternatively, you may contact the DMV Call Center with your local areas code at the: 

Title Services Bureau


To inquire about the status of your duplicate title via email, choose the “Register and Title” option in the drop-down menu, then the “Where is my Title” Option.

You will need to provide the VIN of your vehicle in the space provided on the online portal. 


If you need a replacement title for your vehicle, the New York DMV allows several application avenues.

Unfortunately, the NY DMV does not offer same-day duplicate certification as some other states offer, such as Illinois.

To ensure your application goes through smoothly, ensure your documentation is correct and you have filled in the right forms. The biggest delay might just be a rejected application. 


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